#Cubs Schwarb: “It’s a playoff game every game”

Maybe the key to the Cubs’ success is that the kids are so young and naive, they don’t know about the so-called pressure they should be dealing with.

“What I can appreciate is how well these guys are acclimating themselves to this kind of competition so quickly,” Jake Arrieta said of the young Cubs. “That’s the most exciting part for me about our team is how they’re able to make adjustments so quickly and be successful on a ballclub that is however many games over .500 and playing extremely well and being a huge part of what we’re doing here. I don’t think they put much thought into it, which is exactly the way they should be approaching it. Having that mindset allows them to come here and not necessarily feel pressure but come out here and play.”

Kyle Schwarber is a good example. The rookie hit a three-run homer on Tuesday in the Cubs’ 8-5 win over the Giants, and is the first Cubs player in the modern era (since 1900) to hit 12 homers in his first 42 games.

“We’re so young, we really don’t know what we’re doing,” Schwarber said. “Right now, it feels like we’re in a playoff game every game. You saw it when Jon [Lester] was pitching against [the Indians’ Corey] Kluber. I felt it was a playoff game. Like today, we’re winning 8-1, and [the Giants] make that push back and things start getting tight again. We’re trying to maintain focus throughout the game and keep that playoff mentality.”

So, just enjoy the ride.

“That’s probably the biggest part,” Schwarber said. “Just stay in the moment and enjoy it and have fun and take care of business at the same time. If you put too much pressure on yourself, bad things will happen. Just enjoy the moment. Keep that mindset.”

— Carrie Muskat


I`ve heard it said Schwarbs leads the NL in rbi during this month of August with 23. Notice that Joc Pederson has been benched by the Dodgers after `tearing it up` in the first half and looked like a `shoo in` for Rookie of Year honors. As one of the Giants broadcasters pointed out last night, that`s because the league has `figured out` Pederson and has exploited his weaknesses, and Joc has failed to adjust. Bryant went through a spell where he `hit a wall` after his initial impressive start. But Bryant did make the adjustments and he is a force again. The league is going to try to identify Kyle`s vulnerabilities too. You can `book it.` Perhaps he has none. Or if he does, can he adjust to what pitchers attack in his swing? Will be fun to watch.

Aloha jhosk! I will be st tonight’s game too, by the Schwarber area! Yes, good pitching makes adjustments and good hitters do too. Schwarber could end up Roy but Bryant is coming back too. I hope to see Addison back in the lineup but wish him well on the birth of his child. Take care. Mahalo!

I think that’s happening right now. Since August 11, Schwarber is only hitting .157 with a .279 OBP. His slugging however, is .510, which means he’s hitting mistake pitches and not much else (of his 8 hits over this time, 6 are homers). Let’s hope he is able to adjust like Kris Bryant and not fizzle out like Joc Pederson.

Schwarber is going through his rough patch right now… he’s k’ing way more than he historically has and his average has dipped significantly. He will hopefully adjust and get back to destroying more pitches.
Also Joc Pederson NEVER in his best minor league days had the slash line he had in the first half of the season. It was unrealistic to think he had miraculously gained those abilities.
ROY still goes to Bryant at this point IMO…. if Schwarber has a great last 38 games he could surpass Bryant but also Matt Duffy is playing real well. I hope Bryant and Schwarber don’t steal votes from each other.
when was the last time a team has swept all end of year awards? ROY, MVP, Cy Young, and MOY? I really don’t know and can’t seem to find the right spot to look.

Aloha Petrey, yes I have felt the edge at this point goes to Duffy, who is also playing well in the field. Bryant is looking better and if he stays on this course could very well be ROY. Thanks Doug for the current stats for Schwarber. Bid game today. Mahalo.

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We had better win this Wednesday night game, and at the moment, it is dicey. I say that because we have to face MadBum tomorrow. MadBum is my favorite major league player, bar none. I wish he were a Chicago Cub, but that`s unrealistic to ponder. He is a stellar pitcher, no doubt. But he also rakes. He`s a complete baseball player. That`s why I admire his game. I wish the Cubs signed him rather than the Giants. If he can be cloned, I hope the Cubs can sign all those clones. I do know the Kansas City Royals would be the current `World Series Champions` if not for Madison Bumgarner. He was a `one man wrecking crew` in the 2014 World Series. Perhaps the Cubs will have a shot at signing MadBum when he becomes a free agent. But I doubt the Giants will be foolish enough to permit him to flee the way Panda did. I`m a `die hard` Cubs` fan since 1961, but I have to say we have a tremendous challenge if we expect to defeat the Giants and MadBum tomorrow afternoon.

Aloha jhosk- I am with you, I know you really like MadBum. Last night’s game was hard to watch. I know it is not a season ending game but I agree with you, I think they lineup should have been packed against Peavy knowing Madison pitches today. I like that Maddon gives his folks some days off and I know he is picking the games right now so that they can be ready for the long stretch. The team is going to have to strike early today and the pitching and defense has to hold up. This is a great test because in order for this team to get to the next level they have to be able to beat elite pitchers consistently. The other thing that this young Cub team is dealing with is a stronger “strength of schedule” than say the Pirates. I take nothing away from Pittsburgh, they are a very good team. They are enjoying a streak of playing weaker teams whereas the Cubs have had to endure a schedule that is tougher, which will make this team stronger. Let us hope for the best today! Mahalo!

I do know Dan Heren needs to give us his best effort Thursday. His performances with our Cubs to date have been `mixed,` to put it politely. If we expect to overcome MadBum and the GIants, we need nothing less than excellence from Dan Heren. Give us that, Dan.

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