#Cubs Fowler day to day

Cubs outfielder Dexter Fowler said he may borrow catcher Miguel Montero’s gear to protect himself in his next at-bat. In three games over three days, Fowler has taken a foul ball off his right hand, his left elbow and his right shin, and he did not start Thursday in the series finale against the Giants.

X-rays of Fowler’s shin on Wednesday were negative, and his status for the upcoming series against the Dodgers is questionable.

“I’m not 100 percent sure yet [if he’ll play Friday],” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said of Fowler. “He’s still pretty sore. There’s a shot at it, yes.”

Maddon overloaded the outfield with right-handed hitters Thursday against Giants lefty Madison Bumgarner, which included moving Kris Bryant from third to right field for his first start there. Bryant has made one start each in center and in left.

“I know [Bryant] has not played there a lot but he’s very comfortable out there and I’m very comfortable with him being there,” Maddon said. “I know it looks awkward from a distance but internally it’s not that bad.”

Fowler planned on being better prepared for his next game.

“I’m just going to go up there with catching gear on,” Fowler said.

— Carrie Muskat


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Fowler must be hurting, that plus losing Soler has given the nod to Sczuzr the outfielder instead of Olt the third/fist baseman, who would have started at 3B today…right? Too bad, this line up vs. Bumgarner exposes the Cubs a little bit. More luck than talent and we may pull this one out of the hat. Can Sczurzr have a big day when we need it? Maybe….

Well, apparently it won’t matter who is in CF and who is at 3B when Haren pitches…we are no better off than running out a minor leaguer of the day. These are the games that can quickly ground one’s enthusiasm and make one realize the Cubs are still a work in progress to a degree. David Price in 2016 anybody?? They rolled the dice on Haren with little to lose, applaud the lukewarm effort of shoring up the rotation but the outcome of the Haren acquisition is not at all surprising. Well this game is entirely in the hands of luck now…

Aloha Fonzie, I am sure the FO is not pleased if the July pickups. In all fairness, it is a rolling of the dice. The Giants did well in picking up Leake. At this point they gave Arrieta, Lester and Hammel. I think if Wada were ready bring him up and try Richard again as a starter. Hendricks and Haren to the bullpen. This was a tough series and now to LA who has very good starting pitching. Hang in now. Mahalo!

Fonzie5430, very well put and, unfortunately, totally accurate. 9-1. Ugh. Changing gears, here’s an idea for Cubs fans’ opinions: Cut two games off the regular season and then make the wild card “play-in” best-of-three — with all games in the No. 1 wild card team’s park. Seems fairer than the current system.

It appears to me if the Cubs are going to make any serious noise in the post season, they will have to pick up a starter by the August 31 deadline. Two starters isn’t enough by a long shot.

First off, what quality starter is still lying around waiting to be traded? All of the aces who were on bad teams waiting to be dealt were dealt before the deadline. There was no ace on a bad team nearing the end of their deal that was expected to be traded and ended up staying put. Second, since players have to pass through waivers to be dealt now, that means only the ones with big/bad contacts or who aren’t very good to begin with will be able to pass through waivers unclaimed. Third, the Cubs also have to keep in mind what they plan on doing this offseason, where a number of ace-quality arms will be available. If they go after a James Shields now, that would hurt their chances of getting David Price or one of the other big arms this offseason. Remember, in 2016 they will be paying Lester a lot, Arrieta will no doubt get a big raise in either a contract extension or through arbitration, and Edwin Jackson will still be on the payroll. As it stands, they could probably go after David Price and offer a competitive amount, but if they add say James Shields now, then that would cut into what they could offer Price and another large market team could easily jump in and give him a better offer than the Cubs can afford. And lastly, Hammel isn’t that much worse that any of the #3 starters for the other playoff teams. The Mets have Syndergaard/Niese, the Cardinals have Lackey/Martinez, the Pirates have Happ/Burnett/Locke, and the mighty Dodgers pitching has a pretty steep dropoff after their two aces: Brett Anderson/Alex Wood. I don’t think Hammel is overmatched by any of those pitchers. So I disagree that the Cubs need to get another starter right now in order to compete in the playoffs. In the offseason, they can add someone like David Price and have a pretty dominant pitching staff next season, but for now I think they’re in decent shape when the playoff pitching matchups come out.

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