#Cubs Joe and #Dodgers Mr. Scully

When Vin Scully calls, Joe Maddon not only listens, but makes the trek from the clubhouse to the press box to meet with the Dodgers legendary broadcaster. Scully, 87, asked if Maddon would meet with him prior to Friday’s Cubs-Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium to go over some of the broadcaster’s notes and to say hello to the manager’s mother, Beanie.

“The one thing he really wanted to make sure of was to send his regards to Beanie,” said Maddon, who sent text messages to his family to pass that on to his mother.

“He’s got all this information, some of the different quotes,” Maddon said of Scully. “It was pretty impressive. I’ve never asked for my photograph to be taken with anybody but we did, and I’ll keep that one.”

Maddon said Scully was very much aware of the young Cubs and wanted to know something about the players.

“It was a nice meeting, I’m very honored, but to get my photograph taken with him is very special,” Maddon said.



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They look “positively” radiant! True gentlemen to be sure. Not a mean bone in those two!

Everybody Needs to OWN that —-WOW that is VIN…
With Theo as R Leader we may never reach the NLCS…

Beautiful story! People, people.

It doesn`t get any better. My favorite manager and broadcaster together, captured for perpetuity. Both men exude integrity `in spades.` Mr. Scully began his career covering the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950. Is nothing short of incredible he`s still performing his craft. He`s covered `the greats,` and is one of the `greats.` He`s a `world class thinker,` when it comes to the subject of baseball, and a `national treasure.`

Aloha Folks- neat shot! I hope Scully continues. God Speed! Mahalo!

Aloha k.g. Agreed re: Vin Scully. Hope he never retires. Is excellent possibility it`s Japan vs. Pennsylvania for tomorrow`s LLWS championship in Williamsport.

Aloha jhosk! That is cool! One of the Giants broadcasters was on assignment out your way for the LLWS and has just returned. Scully is a treasure, so even and objective as a broadcaster, of course he is loyal to his Dodgers but again a class act. Mahalo!

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