#Cubs expected to call up Baez Tuesday

The Cubs were expected to call up infielder Javier Baez on Tuesday when Major League teams can expand their rosters. Baez was batting .316 in 67 games at Triple-A Iowa.

“I would say he’s probably sooner rather than later, probably a first wave kind of guy because there’s a lot things he can do to help you win right now,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said of Baez, who missed the first month following the death of his sister, and was sidelined for another month because of a finger injury.

“He’s playing well and moving all over the place,” Maddon said of the Cubs’ 2011 No. 1 Draft pick. “He’s had good at-bats, more consistent at-bats, more under control. He’s been doing well.”

Baez struck out 130 times in 104 games last season at Iowa, and then fanned 95 times in 213 at-bats over 52 games with the Cubs after he was called up in early August.

Others expected to be added in the first wave on Sept. 1 include Quintin Berry and Emilio Bonifacio, who were both signed to Minor League contracts, and will be considered as options on the bench as pinch-runners. Iowa’s season ends Sept. 7, and the Cubs will add a few more players after that, Maddon said.

One option the Cubs are considering, Maddon said, is right-handed reliever Carl Edwards Jr., 23, who has a 3.03 ERA in 21 relief appearances at Iowa. Edwards was ranked No. 3 by MLB.com on the list of top 20 Cubs prospects.

“‘CJ’ is an interesting guy and I’m not exactly sure if and when, but I know [the front office] like him a lot, too, so I know that’s a possibility,” Maddon said.

—  Carrie Muskat


This, I don’t understand. Why not bring Baez up Monday the 31st. Maddon loves the kid, he looks to have solidified his game all around. If he goes on a tear or even holds his own, you have the option to keep him on the playoff roster. My understanding is if he comes up Sept 1st, he’s not eligible for playoffs. Probably would need to send someone down, but, oh well.

I don’t understand why they would bring him up with IA going to the Playoffs? Leave him there to finish the season and maybe take them to the Championship. The Cubs are doing just fine.

Baez being called up to the big league team helps the big league team get to the playoffs, regardless if Baez is eligible to be in the playoffs. I think getting the ML club to the playoffs is the organization’s priority and not the minor league team’s post season success. Iowa’s post season chance of success is reduced but the ML team’s chance of getting to the post season is increased. I do not see a reason to question the call up other than hurting Iowa? Not a huge concern for the FO as the minor league club is looked upon a breeding ground for the major league’s club success by the FO and justifiably so. As for not calling him up earlier to qualify for a play off roster spot one might remember the jury is still out on Baez and although he may help the cubs get to the post season if by just allowing the regulars to rest more often and be a luxurious defensive option for Maddon, Baez may not be quite ready to be counted on during a crucial playoff game. This experience will go a long way however in determining what the kid is made of and if he rebounds from his first call up. Next year he may find himself an integral player in a crucial playoff game, due to this seaon’s call up just to lend a hand. It’s all good, gonna kick back and watch the kid help out some….without nary a concern if Iowa captures a title or not….

We disagree there fonzie5430, going to state my opinion. No reason to get defensive, its the way I see it.
Your probably right, they may call him up.
My opinion: (1) we do not know, that he will help the Cubs.
(2) They sent him back to AAA to get him back in the Baez groove.
(3) He has been gone twice this year, death in the family & a injury.
(4) He has helped IA get to where they are at now. Not the ML team.
(5) I think the Playoff experience would not hurt and help him in the future.
Right or wrong, it don’t matter! Its my opinion.

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