#Cubs Rizzo asks kids for autographs

Anthony Rizzo stoopped by Lurie Children’s Hospital on Tuesday to see patients. It’s also fitting because September is
Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. Rizzo brought teddy bears and hats, signed autographs and posed for photos. He also has ARLCH9105started a new tradition, asking the children he visits to sign his jersey. Someday, he’ll get it framed.


Class Act!

What a great thing to do! These kids will never ever forget that they were important enough for a big baseball player to their autograph. God bless them and help them to a full recovery.

Here! Here! Rizzo’s on field talent is dwarfed by his heartfelt sincerity to these children. Grown men playing a game some children will never be able to do….so glad to see Rizzo give his time and encouragement.

I endorse what those posters above have suggested. Baseball is just a game played by millionaires and funded by owners who are incredibly wealthy. The game is unimportant in the big picture. What is important is children`s lives and fighting lethal diseases which threaten to cut those precious lives short.

Anthony Rizzo, a great baseball player but an even better person. Wise beyond his years to take time to recognize these children to be the real heroes. My thoughts and prayers are with all of these MVP’s (Most Valuable Patients). No on field moment by Anthony will ever say more about him than the picture above! Thank You Mr. Rizzo.

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