#Cubs to add Baez, Berry & more today

The Cubs will call up four players from Triple-A Iowa on Tuesday when rosters expand, including Javier Baez, Quintin Berry, Trevor Cahill and Tsuyoshi Wada. New outfielder Austin Jackson also was expected to be at Wrigley Field in time for the game against the Reds.

Neither Cahill nor Berry are on the Cubs’ 40-man roster, so they must make room on Tuesday.

Cahill, 27, has pitched for the Athletics and Braves, and was 0-3 in 15 games, including three starts, with Atlanta this
season. The right-hander appeared in five games with Triple-A Iowa, and gave up five hits and walked three over 7 2/3
scoreless innings. At the Dodgers’ Triple-A Oklahoma City team this year, he was 1-3 with a 6.28 ERA in six starts, walking
14 and giving up 32 hits over 28 2/3 innings.

A left-handed hitter, Berry, 30, hit .228 in 106 games at Triple-A Pawtucket with 35 stolen bases, and in five games at
Iowa, was 2-for-14.

Wada, 34, was 4-5 with a 3.95 ERA in 16 starts at Iowa, striking out 62 over 86 2/3 innings.  The lefty made seven starts with the Cubs, and was 1-1 with a 3.73 ERA in those games, which included seven shutout innings on June 17 against the Indians.

Baez, 22, batted .324 in 70 games at Iowa with 13 home runs, 14 doubles, two triples and 61 RBIs. He struck out 76 times,
and drew 21 walks.

— Carrie Muskat


First let me say. I trust this management. But, they are sure confusing me.
If your going to bring up Baez, why not when Soler went on the DL? The bat of Baez would be much more intimidating in that 6th or 7th spot than, La Stella, Castro or Denorfia.
Then if you do bring up Baez, he is probably at 2B and you can leave Castro on the bench.
Next IA is going to the Playoffs, so you trade for Jackson, ” I like this trade” but you need a Roster spot, so you drop Olt off the 40 man Roster. Cool, then announce your bringing up Baez. So that’s two of IA’s biggest Bats gone from the Playoffs. What does that tell that fan base?
Arietta pitches a No Hitter, Maddon after game remarks include Grimm, not knowing what happened? Kidding of course, but how did Grimm take that joke on National Television? Well a game later, it didn’t look like he took the comedy at his expense too well, did it Joe?
Now they are calling up Cahill and Berry who are not on the 40 man Roster. That means two more players must be dropped. Cahill may really help, but his STATS don’t indicate it. He may be a great pickup for next year. Berry, where and when will he play? There is now Fowler, Jackson and Berry all CF’s. Sure they can play other positions in the OF, but it looks like Management is shopping for their CF next year.
Sorry K g., but Wada, at least he will do as good as Harren, we know he can pitch 4 to 6 innings per start.
This is one confused fan. but, Management may have found a decent starter and CF for next year.

Berry is purely a runner. Cahill has been dominant in his short stints with Iowa- if he can pitch one important inning he is worth it. Why not bring a long guy up in Wada? Mix with TWood… All it is is extra resources for Maddon. My guess is Herrera gets DFA’d. The other one is up in the air. Soriano? Hopefully not Jokisch or Beeler.

Lots to digest here. First off, Iowa is not going to the playoffs, at least not yet. They’re currently 3 games out of first place in their division with 6 games to go after today.
Second, the Cubs number one priority should be their Major League club. If they make moves (or don’t make a move) based on what’s best for their AAA club, then they either aren’t doing a very good job, or this is the 2012 season.
As for Baez, I was wondering why they didn’t call him up a few days ago too. The only thing I could think of is maybe they wanted to give LaStella more big league at bats because he’s missed most of the season and they want as much of an opportunity to see if he deserves one of the bench spots on the playoff roster. And Baez might not be considered for the playoff roster at the moment (he’ll have to hit his way on there much like Geo Soto did in 2007), but they want to see if he at least can handle big league pitching better than last season and put him in the mix for the starting job in 2016.
Cahill and Berry are simply September call-ups with a specific purpose that you can’t take up a roster spot for when you only have a 25 player limit. Cahill will be the guy they bring in when the starting pitcher gets knocked out early, when a long rain delay forces him out of the game, or when a game goes into extras and you don’t want to extend any of your regular bullpen arms more than you have to. I doubt they will be bringing him into a 3-3 game in the 8th inning to get out of a 2nd & 3rd with 1 out jam. And Berry’s job will be to take over for the slower guys on the team in the late innings in a close game. So if Miguel Montero singles to lead off the 9th inning in a tie game, out he goes and in comes Berry to try to steal 2nd and then score on any hit. He won’t be in the starting lineup much if at all. I’d be shocked if he gets more than 10 at bats for the rest of the season (not counting the final few games where the Cubs might have already clinched the 2nd Wild Card spot and they start resting their regulars).
And I doubt either one will have any sort of guarantee that they will come back next season. Unlike the last few years, these September callups are mostly to help the Cubs right now, not to see what they might have in the mix for future seasons. And I believe that Jackson is a free agent at the end of the year, so while they could maybe try to bring him back for 2016, he’ll probably hit the open market and once that happens, there’s no guarantees as to him coming back or not.

Very nice Doug. Well thought and laid out. I commented a similar remark regarding how the FO views their minor league teams. The ML club is their priority and what they are telling the Iowa Cubs fans is exactly that. I think the FO will try to bring back Jackson for 2016 but on their terms and not over extend an offer. Should he opt for FA? As you said, no guarantees and so be it. But I see him in the mix should Fowler not return.

Very nice Doug and appreciated. I may be very wrong and you may be correct, but I thought I read where IA was already in their Division Playoff’s? If I mis-read, that’s my bad.
Of course the Cubs are priority and I agree. That comment was based on two parts. Thinking the IA Cubs were going to the Playoffs and the timing of the Baez call up.
Berry I have no idea why he is on the Roster, it could be they just want to give him another month towards compensation after baseball. They may think he is good enough for CF until Almora/McKinney are ready next year?
Cahill is only what, 27 or 28? Past success, maybe hoping Bosio can correct some flaws? Worth a gamble, why not?
As you say Jackson is a FA after the year. So I guess Management gave up a PTBNL and Future considerations for some speed of the bench.

I told you, Berry is on the roster to increase the team’s speed, such as in a situation where a slow player (ie. Montero) reaches base in the late innings and Berry could be a threat on the basepaths. They didn’t pick him up so he can be a pinch-hitter with a game on the line and they didn’t pick him up so they can try him out for 2016. Again, unlike recent years, these September call-ups were mostly called up with the purpose of making the team better for the rest of this season, not for looking ahead to next season already. If they Cubs were 20 games out of first right now, Berry probably wouldn’t be here! As for Cahill, sure, he could be a diamond in the rough reclamation project, but he’s here now as insurance against all of the scenarios I mentioned where you unexpectedly need innings and throwing your setup men and closer for more than an inning is not desirable. As for next season, he could stick around with the Cubs and try to work his way into the rotation mix. Then again, if another team comes around and offers him a better chance at making their rotation, then who’s to say he won’t take that better opportunity instead of toil away at Iowa until the time comes that he’s needed in Chicago, if that time ever even comes.

Aloha jasper – none offense taken. I am a little confused like you too. I have been very happy with the FO and them staying their course. It is hard for an organization that has not been to the WS since the 1940’s and over 100yrs in terms of winning it, to keep the focus on the goal when it seems “so close.” I like you am very happy with this year. I said it at the end of last year and the beginning of this year that I would be happy with them if they are .500 or above, especially after all the re-working over the past 3+ years. Some have said this team has arrived a year early, that maybe true. I have also talked a lot about team chemistry, dynamics and how veterans help to mentor the younger players. Maddon has done a great job stepping into a situation such as this. Having said that, I felt if the FO makes a move before say the July 31st deadline, it should be an impact move. Because throughout the year there have been these “take a chance and roll the dice” pickups with folks like Soriano. They also picked up Richard as well. Then of course you have the 8/31 deadline. The Cubs could have had a Leake and/or Byrd too but did not. That is fine with me if as the FO you are thinking, we go as far as we can with the group that we currently have knowing that in the off-season we are going after a Price (for example) and a closer. But to give away some folks for the rolling of the dice again: Hunter, Haren. Then to let Olt go for Jackson. I think it would have been better to have moved folks from in-house; ie: Baez come up earlier as we know he can play multiple positions like the outfield as well as the infield. If his hitting comes around then no need for a Jackson and giving up some picks and cash. I know Wada may not be what he was last year but I cannot see him doing any worse than Haren? And since he is in your system you are not giving away anything for the short-term lease same with Hunter. The only impact trade I thought the FO might have done is to after Kimbrel from the Padres but in that scenario what would be given up to get him? The starting pitching is Ok and possibly a Richard or Wada could fill in from time to time there. The bullpen is another story and I bet we see a lot of new faces come the beginning of next season. I am just glad that the team was able to pull it out today against the Reds. Hope Hammel is on tomorrow. The good hitting Diamond Backs come into town next! Mahalo!

K. g., you mention many observations that the average excited fan forget. The huge example is 2015 and getting to .500. Now that the Cubs have exceeded expectations, the average fan expects and demands more. Like you, I am very happy with the record this year and every win after 82 is a huge bonus. Should they hold on to the Wild Card, huge bonus. Make the Playoffs, huge Bonus and so forth.
Hopefully one day Epstein or Hoyer will write a book detailing their thinking the last 4 years. The job and Organization they have put together is amazing.
Like any fan, I too question. Some of the recent transactions have me confused. Harren is an example and few things come to mind: (1) They of course were looking for a Starting Pitcher down the stretch, this must of been the best they could do without giving up much. (2) If that was the case, did Management feel pressured or desperate to make that trade? (3) I too think they had just as good in Wada, Richard or possibly Wood.
Harren has not done well getting to 6 IP and quality Starts, could Wada, Richard or Wood have done just as well?
Questionable Transactions of late, of course if the Cubs win, everyone forgets:
Medina for (C) Castillo
Harren for (P) Pineyro & (SS) Soto. Both were at AA.
Hunter for (OF) JR Lake
Rodney from Seattle for Who Knows
Jackson from Seattle for a PTBNL and Future considerations.
As Fans we have no idea what Seattle is going to get in return for Rodney and Jackson, but whatever it is, I don’t see the Cubs coming out on those two. By trading for Jackson, that already cost Olt. Olt would never have been a regular for the Cubs. With so many players that can play 3B, I don’t even think he would have been a backup. But he may be a backup 1B/3B for another ML team.
Myself, I thought the Cubs were doing just fine without Hunter, Medina, Harren, Rodney and Jackson.

Sure you can question, but the moves you mention are not major franchise changing moves. If you want to question a first round draft pick choice (Almora), a major free agent signing (Lester, Edwin Jackson), or a major trade (Valbuena for Fowler) then fair enough. But questioning a back-of-the-rotation and middle relievers for nothing prospects, a guy without a firm roster spot and a little cash seems kind of petty and nitpicking to me. You might as well voice your concern over why they used a Rule 5 pick on Lendy Castillo while you’re at it! Don’t get me wrong, Haren hasn’t exactly been good since he arrived, but you gave up two nothing prospects to get him, and the internal options weren’t exactly compelling either. I mean, if you honestly thought that Travis Wood, Tsuyoshi Wada, Clayton Richard, Dallas Beeler, or Donn Roach were guys who could start meaningful games in September against the Cardinals, Pirates, and Royals, then you’re probably those players’ #1 fan. And Mike Olt, we should file him under the category Guy Who Is Good At Doing One Thing On The Field, joining Darwin Barney in the “Recent Cubs” subfolder. Heck, if you combine Olt and Barney, then you’ll have a plus defender who can hit homers, and you’ll be 2/5 of the way to a 5-tool player! But really, none of these moves were meant to make the Cubs the odds-on favorite at winning the World Series this year. They were just meant to tweak the roster, give the Cubs a little more speed here, a little more bench depth there, increase big-game experience on a young roster, give Maddon a little more flexibility with his bullpen, and stabilize the back-end of the rotation for the playoff push. If you think the Cubs should have gone big by acquiring Price and Cespedes then fine, but that’s another conversation for another time.🙂

Kudos again to Doug, very well reasoned. The Cubs adding players this late in the season with the SOLE purpose of helping down the stretch (stolen bases, resting regulars etc. as Doug has pointed out) during a playoff run(!) may be too new a concept for some people to digest…leaving them somewhat confused. But Doug has done a fine job. There should be no confusion regarding the Doug coined “non-major franchise changing moves”. This is all about support for this season, not beyond… with the possible exception of Jackson….??

Well I do get into it, maybe too much. Especially wondering what Management will do next? What are they thinking? So on?
So really when I question on here, is to get others opinions on why or what, you know, kinda what others are thinking? Not so much that I want to be schooled to think or agree with their opinion or thoughts, just discuss.
Just because you told me Berry was on the team for his speed, does not mean I agree with you. A discussion would be, maybe explaining why you think that? Myself, I think that’s the reason for the Jackson trade.
I understand your opinion on Cahill and agree. I might add, that the end of this year, mop up duty and so on will also, give Bosio a chance to see if he can help make him that diamond in the rough.
Of course I understand that these moves are made to try to make the Club better in SEP. We have chatted enough on here that we both know each other is aware of that. I question, for conversation these moves, as I don’t see any of the moves improving this team?
As far as what Harren has done thus far, I do believe that Wood or Richard could go 4 or 5 innings and do as well as Harren.
Which leads to another question to you Doug. When you base a thought on a nothing prospect, say like Pineyro: why do you think there is no potential for improvement?

In a situation like this, I like to use Tom Brady as an example. The Patriots selected Tom Brady in the 6th Round of the NFL Draft and he is now a sure Football Hall-of-Famer. This does not mean that all quarterbacks selected in the 6th Round of the NFL Draft have the potential to be Football Hall-of-Famers. Nor does this mean that any QB the Patriots select in the 6th Round will become Hall-of-Famers. In this situation, I play the percentages and say there’s a pretty good chance that Ivan Pineyro will not become a player the Cubs will regret giving up. Now since I’ve never seen Pineyro pitch, I base this opinion on scouting reports and the general expert consensus. In this case, Pineyro didn’t really rank as one of the top Cubs prospects. When he joined the Marlins, he became their 27th top prospect according to mlb.com. The experts’ general consensus on him is that his ceiling is a 4 or 5 starter at best, most likely a middle reliever, does not have a plus pitch, can struggle with his command, and has durability issues. While it’s possible he could overcome all of that, I would much rather take my chances in trading him for something that the team currently needs in a season where the team can actually go somewhere, than hold on to him and hope he defies the odds and becomes better than all the scouts and experts think. In the end, you won’t lose any sleep over not having Ivan Pineyro in the organization. Now giving away Addison Russell for essentially Marcus Semien and Josh Phegley, that’s a trade for an organization to scrutinize! Ivan Pineyro and Eliot Soto for Dan Haren… even if Haren stinks for the rest of the year, I will play the percentages and say the 2018 Cubs won’t be kicking themselves for not having either one on their team.

You’re on fire Doug…all day…

Doug, that was an awesome response. Should one agree or not, you based it on Scouting, STATS and logic.
I like to think that sometimes, a prospect like Pineyro, just wakes up one day and gets it.
Myself, knowing your correct in your reasoning, I would still disagree trading for Haren. My reasoning, fly ball pitcher. Bringing him to Wrigley Field, in the situation the Cubs are in. I understand they are and were pretty desperate for a starter, I just did not think at the time, nor do I now, he was going to help.
Hoping I am wrong of course.

joey, can you hold off while Doug and I discuss adult baseball? I will get back to you in the kids chat later.

Rare internet failure here, mid-game, and I missed Schwarber’s homer. Caught it on SportsCenter, via satellite TV, at 2 a.m. local and then saw game review Wednesday morning on MLB.com when the ADSL line came back. I must say I really appreciate the intelligent, well-thought-out comments from all you folks on this blog page. Let’s hold on for that one-gamer against the Pirates.

Or…overtake them?

You were up until the wee hours, Bruce. Luckily, you are retired and can be flexible with your sleep patterns. I wonder if you saw Rondon pound his chest after fanning the last batter to close out the game. I did not know `it was about him.` He did his job. That is what he`s supposed to do. And he did it vs. one of the `bottom feeders.` I do not recall seeing Bryant pound his chest after his big hit, or Schwarber after his clutch and decisive long ball. To me, Rondon is `showing up` the opposition with his vociferous gesticulation. I don`t buy it. I`ll be more impressed when Carlos `closes` future games vs. the Cardinals and Pirates in a like manner to the way he performed vs. the lowly Redlegs last night. I`ll find his `chest thumping` more palatable if and when we see that come to pass.

How many relievers out there show no emotion after a Save?
First I remember to display their emotion was Tug McGraw, that was as far back as the mid 70’s. Maybe sooner, maybe later?

I intended to type `Hector` in the above, not `Carlos.` Yes, jasper, but it`s my recollection that Tug celebrated in a manner which did not `show up` the opposition. Btw, I met Tug McGraw in Williamsport at the LLWS many years ago. He was covering the tournament for a media outlet in Philadelphia at the time. It was the same LLWS in which a former major league player`s son starred for a California team. That little league player went on to become a professional baseball player with the San Diego Padres, and played third base at the major league level for a spell. The father was a home run hitter who achieved much success in the majors. Texas was one of the teams for whom he toiled.Those father and son names are on the tip of my tongue. I plan to let you know when their names come to me.

It just came to me. Sean Burroughs was the little leaguer and his daddy is Jeff Burroughs.

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