#Cubs Hammel closes series vs Reds

Jason Hammel gets the start Wednesday in the Cubs series finale against the Reds. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber LF

Coghlan RF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Montero C

Russell SS

Hammel P

La Stella 2B

In his last start, Hammel took the loss against the Dodgers, giving up three runs over five innings. This will be his seventh start against the Reds. He’s faced them twice this year, and has not gotten a decision in either game. Hammel has a 3.52 ERA in 13 home starts so far.


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Did I mention I loved when one of the intelligent posters on here suggested Jon Lester is `high maintenance`? That is one of the most accurate and cogent descriptions of one of our players I have ever seen on this blog.

Good thing Ross was signed to take care of him.πŸ™‚

Jasper, what do you think the FO has up their sleeve for 2017? At this point it does not seem likely that Schwarber can fill the role Ross plays for Lester. Do you see another catcher on the horizon from another organization that can the Cubs get the best out of the very good but somewhat needy pitcher Lester has proven himself to be? I believe we will need to go outside the organization for the 2017 “Jon Lester” catcher, don’t you?

Joey, what I see ahead for Lester is becoming a 3rd or 4th starter. If by that time, he cannot get on board with either Schwarber or Contreras, whoever is the #1 Catcher. He will have no choice but to pitch too whatever Catcher is in the lineup.

What is with the Joey? I no gets Jasper…???

Contreras led the Southern League with a .331 average and a .415 on-base percentage. He was named Offensive Player of the Week (last month). He converted from 3B and outfield to catcher so he may well be on his way to the Cubs for 2017 (in some capacity) being 23 years old already. Here’s hoping he develops into a nice catching option while Schwarber patrols LF. Sounds like a nice way to keep young catchers well rested throughout the season.

Thank you jhosk!

Hi jhosk. Another term for Lester could be “spoiled brat”. On the other hand Arrieta quietly goes to the mound and pitches a no-hitter. No demands – just goes out there and gets the job done. His modesty is refreshing!

Here the Cubs are in a Playoff run and the die hard Cub fans in Carries chat room, are only critical of certain players that have them where they are now.
Lester and Ross seem to be the two most are critical of. Myself, it would be Castro and Castro only. I don’t understand the trade for Harren, but then again, it hasn’t worked out to my personal liking thus far. Didn’t understand the timing of the Baez call up, but hope he helps.
Just hard for some people to be happy, not me, love this season.πŸ™‚
Not like the season of Barney and his .266 OBP. If only the Cubs had him back?πŸ™‚

Barney again? Huh? Ha, ha, some cant’ help digging up the irrelevant past. I too love this season and am certainly somewhat critical of Lester’s NEED for a personal catcher but have always maintained he is a very good pitcher. So… happy this year? OH YEAH BABY! I can’t imagine how much happier I will be when Lester is demoted to #3 status only because the starting rotation will be that much better. And Ross is replaced with a more potent bat that Maddon can utilize. And for me, it’s about the Cubs getting better and better until they reach the plateau the Cardinals seem to enjoy year in and year out. By no means is my limited critique of Lester and Ross indicative of me NOT being happy. It is possible to be happy and critical of certain players at the same time, as Jasper just documented by the statement of being critical of Castro (and Castro) and not understanding the trade for Haren….yet Jasper is happy….and critical all at once…easy to do for us fans. What is not to understand about acquiring Haren? It was a low risk, low reward (and low reward seems to be adequate at this juncture of the FO plan) move by our very intelligent FO that we all seem to trust. Same type of move for Richard, Rodney and Soriano. The reasoning is the FO office is TRYING without much commitment due to the plans they have for post season roster moves and the big picture, completely understandable…. by all… I would think that includes White and jhosk but do not wish to speak for them. Loooooooooove this season friends!! White, in my opinion may be over critical of Lester with the reference of “spoiled brat”, really White? No need for that, think about it…BTW jhosk, thanks again for the comment. “high maintenance” I believe is the truthful and evident word to use and hard to argue but by no means suggests Lester is a bad pitcher or a spoiled brat. Come on White….I have a feeling deep down you want to retract that comment? Yes? You’re too good and your frustration got the better of you?

That is an excellent observation, White. When Arrieta recorded the final out in his recent `no no,` he calmly walked away from the mound just as if he had completed a routine inning in an ordinary game. No `chest thumping; no unusual display of emotion whatsoever. You nailed it: modesty.

Well I do miss Barney. A fine defensive player. Since everyone knows that he is my granddaughter’s husband they can understand why I miss his being a Cub. I do get to see his Gold Glove when I visit. Bashing him at this point is an exercise in futility. Makes the basher look a bit obsessed.

Finally you can talk baseball, thank goodness for that Golden Glove.
I wonder how many other people miss Barney, I know I don’t, then again, I could be obsessed. LMAO

Hey White can you tell Darwin my daughters miss him tremendously?!πŸ™‚

Joey, don’t know if your daughters have a god father yet, if not, Ross would be an excellent choice.πŸ™‚

Again…???? Why??? What am I missing? Anybody?

Will do.?! Fonzie. By the way, I call my kitty a “spoiled brat” all the time! πŸ˜€ She wakes me at 3 in the morning for breakfast!

Barney… How’s he playing lately? Did I tell you he sucked or was it the fact he can’t stick on a team?

Your boy Castro sucks. We haven`t heard you defend him in a long while. Why is that?

That`s what I thought. You are weak, Petrey10. Starlin`s metrics are some of the sorriest you can find in all of the major leagues. Bring your arguments strong! I`m open to attack, and am indeed inviting it. Trust me.

lol sorry I couldn’t reply to you sooner I guess…. I have more things going on than just to sit here and wait for your replies.
Also on my defending of Castro…. I think he has been handled perfectly by the FO and Maddon. They gave him as many chances as they could and now have some better options in LaStella and Baez. Both of which previously were not available so thats why Castro got those chances. What metrics would you like explained to you? Bc I know you understand/look at 0 of them. I would be glad to try to teach you about them but know its a lost cause. Ill be waiting for your close minded ranting reply.

Actually that was a `reasoned ` reply you gave. I plead guilty to being unnecessarily critical of you last night.

Boy it sure would be nice if all can just acknowledge Barney was a great defender with a Gold Glove to prove it, had some brief major league success which is quite an accomplishment, he was a horrible offensive player that outlived his useful defense, Castro’s star burned out a lot sooner than we hoped, he is bad defensively, a player without a position, lacks concentration on the field and won’t be long for this team….we can all move on? And not miss this current, remarkable season that is in front of us? Not be concerned about a player behind us or a player that is insignificant to this team’s success? How about we agree on anticipating a battle for the play offs against the odds as well as anticipate how much better the Cubs will be next year due to the seasoning these young players are getting NOW? Barney? Castro? Really? NEITHER player is worth our breath….anymore….

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