#Cubs lineup vs D-backs and Schwarber update

Jon Lester starts Friday as the Cubs open a weekend series against the Diamondbacks at Wrigley Field. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Jackson RF

Coghlan LF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Baez 2B

Ross C

Lester P

Russell SS

The Cubs got good news regarding rookie Kyle Schwarber. He has a mild right rib cage strain, and the plan is to have him rest for three to four days, and then resume activities. Schwarber felt some discomfort during batting practice prior to Wednesday’s game. Manager Joe Maddon said Schwarber wanted to play on Friday.

“We’ll  let it chill down,” Maddon said.

The Cubs are considering whether to add another catcher from the Minor Leagues as backup.

*On Friday, Javier Baez started at second base. Maddon said he will likely use Tommy La Stella most of the time against right-handed pitchers. How will he determine who starts between La Stella, Baez and Starlin Castro?

“It’s just picking the best matchup for that pitcher that game,” Maddon said.

— Carrie Muskat


This line up begs for Lester to bring his “A” game. Jackson can be a sleeper offensive contributor but no certainty of that, Baez appears to be swinging for the fences (Target Field’s fences….) and Ross is….well, I’ll leave it at Lester needing his “A” game. Boy, Montero’s bat inserted in this line up changes the entire offensive outlook for the day.


Stunning….Ross….stunning. Just stunning. What a great effort by our offense, including Ross! He actually not only made contact but he drove in somebody. Stunning. And needed as Lester certainly did not bring his “A” game but contributed to a team effort none the less.

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Come on Joey give it a rest. Your sounding very immature.

I am not even sure how to reply to you and your “Joey” anymore. I ask and ask about it but am always left out of the loop. I can only think you are having some kind of episode? Whatever Jasper, have fun buddy….I may never get it….but no longer care.
Ross had a great day as did his teammates, I’ll just enjoy that.

That would be wonderful Joey. Be happy

Hope your German Shepherd is ready for action Fonzie! 😀

Why don’t we all get back to talking about how exciting this season is for our Cubs!! I’ll throw this in too. Arrieta has thrown a lot of pitches the last two games. Need to be careful.

You are right on both counts TomTex. 😀 Just get tired of uncalled for attacks from one certain poster. Time to fight back. Arrieta is a gem and you are right that we need to not over-use him. Want him to be well rested and ready for the play-offs. This has been a huge season for the Cubs hasn’t it! All the puzzle pieces falling into place!

White…thanks, I guess? Still not sure what Jasper’s problem with my name is and why he calls me Joey but he has proven time and time again to be somewhat strange, I suppose? And determined to not talk baseball as much as anybody else when it suits his purpose. Oh well, carrying on like Tomntexas points out, I am ALWAYS happy to see our team do well even when production comes from the rare source of Ross’ bat. Two games in a row he has contributed with his bat. Good for him and more importantly for the team. It sure will be much needed should Ross discover a few more gallons left in the tank and continue to put the ball in play. I must say that last comment from Jasper is rather telling about his mind? A strange mind indeed. The kind of talk he does not want in Carries chat room yet he himself contributes THAT kind of talk. Certainly one conflicted individual.

Arietta is awesome. His pitch count is climbing as it should this time of year.

Glad to see that Ryno and his family were guests of the Cubs today. Might not mean anything, just a good thing to see.

Agreed Tomntexas. I hope Ryno returns “home” and contributes in some fashion to what may be a long run of successful Cubs teams.

Joey, almost four years of Epstein/Hoyer where do you see Sandberg fitting in?

His name is FONZIE. Sandberg was an outstanding manager/coach in Iowa. His knowledge of infield defense would be valuable to the Cubs.

really? Minus Castro the Cubs are doing pretty well with the coaching they have.
Even Joey will realize the importance of someone like Ross is to the catching.
I can see putting Sandberg under McLeod in scouting somewhere but I don’t see him as a major piece in Management. But you never know?

His name is FONZIE. Russell – 12 errors.Bryant – 16 errors. Castro – 23 errors. Monterey – 10 errors. Rizzo – 4 errors. Sandberg coached Barney. Barney – 1 error in 141 games. Sandberg would be a great infield coach and they could use his help.

Why do you keep bringing up Barney and German Shepards? Barney was a one year wonder and very good that one year. Don’t understand the German Shepard thing?
Maybe Joey can explain?

Hey White, Hitler will be Hitler. I agree Sandberg was an outstanding minor league manager for our Cubs teams and certainly imparted some of his class, wisdom and other pearls regarding respecting the game and people. Hitler won’t understand this. To call Barney a one year wonder is revealing the trouble his brain has understanding what a VERY GOOD defender can bring to a team. Ironic because he seems to value Ross’ defense very much yet Ross is so much worse than Barney was at offense and so one dimensional as well. Ross will either make contact and most times not, can’t beat out grounders for hits, can’t pitch run, can’t hit .200 and is a last resort for a pinch hitter. His value as catching is concerned? His only value is to Lester, I’ll take Montero’s value and his offense and a grand slam any day. More than likely Hitler is just getting his jollies teasing you White. One year? Sure Barney did indeed have a one WONDERFUL year. So wonderful in fact very smart baseball people awarded him a gold glove. But a one year wonder? I don’t think so. Barney did not have a great career, let’s face it. But he had a few good years to go along with that one wonderful year. I believe Sandberg on or off the field can help these young Cubs, Hitler can see him only as a scout? Well, that’s Hitler for ya’, he can’t see much at all…Maybe Davey Martinez gets a managerial job and Sandberg becomes Maddon’s bench coach? Long shot, but maybe..

What players are still in the system that Sandberg managed Joey?

Hi Fonzie, Thank you for your honest and kind assessment of Barney’s career to date. Who knows what the future holds for him! 😀 I do believe Sandberg had a huge impact on his stellar defense and that. he would be of great use to the Cubs. I did point out that there have been quite a few errors made by our infield, not just Castro. We are winning in spite of these errors. Cool. But might as well work toward an even tighter defense as it will be needed in the playoffs. Ross’s average as of today – 189. Yes it is interesting that he isn’t being booed as Barney was, and Barney’s average was never that low. Oh well, the proverbial water under the bridge. I have to say that in all my 80 years I have never ever been treated so badly as a certain poster treats me. In fact, I am grateful for all the kind and loving people in my life. Carrie has requested that we ignore these attacks which is hard to do but will make every effort to do so. Perhaps you will even be called by your right name one day! LOL 😀 We are ALL Cubs fans who should respect each other as such. What a thrill to see Montero’s grand slam today! Fun to see him come out of the dugout and take a bow. Oh yeah, I love German Shepards.

It was a great day indeed white. Despite Hitler’s commentary regarding any remaining players from Sandberg’s minor league managing years. I mean what the hell is going on in Hitler’s mind? What does any remaining players from Sandberg’s minor league managing career have to do with him being an outstanding minor league field manager? He wasn’t the GM and controlled who stays and who goes. Hitler is losing it. Sandberg’s outstanding minor league seasons is made even more remarkable due to the fact he DIDN’T have many young studs (worth keeping around) such as Theo brought in. Sandberg’s last year at Iowa was 2011. FOUR years ago and Hitler expects people from THAT Hendry regime to still be around?Geez, Hitler needs to move on no? Grasping at straws to suit his agenda. Take a look at some of Sandberg’s rosters during his minor league managing days. Remarkable he managed to have such winning teams.

Well Fonzie I flunked the test. Can’t remember any other players in Iowa. And I don’t think it matters who was there so long ago. What does matter is that Sandberg has a lot to offer any team that hires him. By the way, I just chuckled when Herrera stepped out of the dugout to take a bow after his home run! 😀 If Montero could do it so could he. Priceless.

Yeah, Maddon was funny about that during the post game interview. I really enjoy Maddon’s comments, he is always giving the opponent their due respect and accolades whether a win or a loss. He seems un-rattled by any reporter’s question and is very engaging with them. Past managers were respectful as well but some came across as a little to ego driven, if you know what I mean? Maddon offers a fresh perspective during his interviews. With all due respect to the HOF Sandberg…In hindsight I am very glad he did not become the Cubs’ manager possibly altering the hiring of Maddon. Maddon is a good fit for the right team at the right time. Much to be said about Theo Epstein’s willingness to sign him at the cost of firing a current and well respected Renteria,

LMAO @ Joey

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