#Cubs Hendricks closes homestand vs D-backs

Kyle Hendricks closes the Cubs homestand Sunday, starting against the D-backs at Wrigley Field. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Jackson RF

Coghlan LF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Montero C

Baez 2B

Hendricks P

Russell SS

*On Saturday, the Cubs posted their 16th shutout of the season. They totaled 11 in 2014. The last time the Cubs had at least 16 shutouts was 1972, when the team totaled 19.

*Looking ahead, the Cubs hit the road for their longest trip of of the season. They will play three games in St. Louis, four in Philadelphia, and four in three days in Pittsburgh. Here are the pitching matchups vs. the Cardinals:

Monday: RHP Dan Haren (8-9, 3.89) vs. RHP Lance Lynn (11-8, 2.80)
Tuesday: RHP Jason Hammel (7-6, 3.55) vs. RHP Michael Wacha (15-4, 2.69)
Wednesday: LHP Jon Lester (9-10, 3.59) vs. RHP Carlos Martinez (13-7, 3.04)


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Kind of bummed out on the pitching match ups against the Cards. Going to the game tomorrow. Hope Haren can go 5 without giving up more than 2 HR’s.

Aloha Jasper, I hope you have a great time and that Haren will throw his first “quality start,” for the Cubs tomorrow. They need it badly from him and I hate to say anything in advance but if he does not do well tomorrow, I would pull him from the starting rotation and send him on his way, let Wada or Richard take over his spot. They could also bring back Olt if he has not been scooped up by someone else. Kudo’s to Hendricks today, he did much better, though he did not get the win. Cahill was doing pretty well before he gave up the hr to Welly and the walk in the ninth. I think I was more frustrated with Strop, as he just launches away sometimes without thinking, right down the middle and hr. I am just not confident he will get the job done when he comes in. Anyhow, this was an important game for many reasons, one being their mental health after starting this home stand 1-2 against the Reds, they are now 4-2 going into the series against the Cardinals. You all take care now. Mahalo!

K. G., I will be with Cardinal fans wearing my Bryant t shirt. I’ll be waving at you and expecting a Cub win.

Aloha Jasper! I will be watching tomorrow and looking for a “sea of red with a blue dot” in the middle! Enjoy a Coke for us (trying to remember if Wrigley is still Pepsi, last time I was at the park was about 4-5yrs ago)! Mahalo!

Aloha Jasper- correction, I said Wrigley. I meant St. Louis. Have not been there in years! Do they still have that fireworks store, I think it was called Molly Browns off of Interstate 44? You be safe now around all them “red birds!” Mahalo!

K. G., it’s still there. I have the song go Cubs go on my phone. Look for a guy dancing with his phone in the air when they win.

Aloha Jasper- I will definitely be looking for the guy jumping up in the air with music playing! Boy, the way the Pirates are playing and just beat the Cardinals, they want to be in first place! I hope this team can take 2 out of 3 in St. Louis! Mahalo! PS: my grandfather on my mother’s side is from the Midwest, Illinois. He had a friend years ago start a little diner-restaurant in Normal called Steak N Shake. It was a high-light for us coming from the islands to enjoy a steak burger and one of their home-made shakes. I think there are SnS in the St. Louis area if I am not mistaken? Maybe you and friends can go there after the game and talk shop, like how their time is up and the “reign” of the Cub is about to begin!

Aloha Folks, well we know Jasper enjoyed himself at the game! Hope offense is there Tomorrow. I have to give Haren props, he pitched today like he did in years past and hitting was timely too. Good job to the whole team! Mahalo!

Right. Pitching in general, except for Jake. When Rondon was announced in the ninth Saturday with just a two-run lead, I shouted, “No, no!” at my computer screen. Same thing I used to shout, many years ago, from the left-field bleachers at Wrigley no matter who the alleged closer was. Still think we’ll make it to that one-game play-in.

Hey Bruce, we are only (as of now) 2.5 games behind the Pirates…let’s go get ’em!
Do you like how Maddon is pulling his #3, 4 & 5 pitchers early? I do. I think Maddon has a very good sense of what he can get from Hendricks, Hammel and Haren. This guy is really making some smart moves with the entire pitching staff. Sure we get burned once in a while but he seems to be limiting those occasions. This will be the longest and maybe toughest road trip of the season. Could make or break our season. But Maddon is really giving us reason to be confident. Good luck getting some games to watch.

Hi, Fonzie. Good observation about Maddon and the short leash. I see all the games — no blackouts — on my computer via mlb.tv, thanks to my foreign address. But every once in a while, the Cubs turn up on TV here. Better picture, bigger screen. Item: Years ago I came up from Brazil for my then-annual Wrigley homestand and then followed the left-field bleacher gang to St. Louis for a series at old Busch Stadium. Lots of fun.

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