#Cubs Arrieta starts vs Phillies

Jake Arrieta aims at his 19th win when the Cubs open a four-game series in Philadelphia against the Phillies. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Jackson RF

Bryant LF

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Baez 3B

Ross C

Arrieta P

Russell SS

In Arrieta’s last seven starts, he’s 7-0 with a 0.36 ERA (2 ER / 50 1/3 IP). A win Thursday would make Arrieta the first Cubs pitcher to win eight straight starts since Milt Pappas won 11 in a row in 1972.

Arrieta also is riding a string of 15 quality starts, dating back to June 21. During that stretch he is 12-1 with a 0.99 ERA. A 16th straight quality start on Thursday would make him the first Cubs pitcher in the last 100 years to accomplish the feat.

Arrieta’s last loss came to the Phillies on July 25 when Cole Hamels threw a no-hitter at Wrigley Field.

Over the last 21 games, the Cubs bullpen has posted an ERA of 5.89. That’s the third worst bullpen ERA in MLB in that stretch.


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Light rain in Philadelphia – hope it is light enough to have a game! Looks like Wednesday will be the really stormy day. Hope Arrieta can keep us out if the bullpen as long as possible!

I don’t know White, light rain..injury..delays…could be a wasted start for Aririeta….I would hate to see him start and the game becomes unofficial. Is there a 3-4 hour window of certainty do you know? One thing, I do anticipate with more excitement the play of Baez. Maddon must love the versatility of some of these young players.

Where is Bonifacio?

Aloha Folks- Well, jhosk said there was a great chance that this game could be delayed or postponed. This rain delays are getting old, unless they were out my way! Hope you all are doing well. Mahalo!

Hi k.g. I feel your pain on both counts. Don’t have any rain to send you from Oregon. We too are bone dry. Delay of game is so frustrating. It must be even harder on the players just sitting there waiting and waiting and losing their uumff. Hope they can get the game in!

Aloha White- Yes. I remember getting “amped” up for games then the inclement weather sets in and you have to wait. Hard to stay warm sometimes and loose and it is especially bad for that day’s starting pitcher which in this case is Arrieta! So, I hope the rain lets up soon so he can do his job, for which he is really good! Hope you and your family are doing well. Take care now. Mahalo! PS: This weekend our senior citizen organization that comes out Japantown, SF is holding its 5th annual car show. I think I will be helping to make the Teriyaki Burgers, which are a “fan” favorite!

The Pirates lost to the Brewers in extras tonight. Is all good from our perch. Am not complaining that the Redlegs abused the Redbirds earlier.

What happened to Emilio Bonifacio?

The Cubs liked their other options better

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