#Cubs Minor League report: Myrtle Beach loses Game 1

Duane Underwood gave up four runs over six innings in Myrtle Beach’s 4-2 loss to Winston-Salem in the first game of the Carolina League Southern Division playoffs. Gleyber Torres hit a solo homer in the eighth but it wasn’t enough. Jeffrey Baez had two hits. Underwood scattered seven hits and struck out three over six innings. Game 2 of the best of three series will be held Thursday.


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I don’t think they would have gotten much more had the bleachers been ready to go by Opening Day. Remember, April and May have plenty of cold, wet, and/or windy games which could keep away the walk-ups or the “hey, wanna go to the Cubs game tomorrow night?” crowd. Also, the general expectations for the Cubs going into this season were “we think they’re on their way, but probably not quite there yet.” Both of those factors combined with the fact that the were coming off of a few bad seasons in a row, means I don’t think the Cubs were going to draw 35,000+ for April & May games. Now next year could be different and maybe the Cubs could project that possibility into their payroll for 2016. I expect them to target David Price and others like Grienke and Cueto as a Plan B (and you thought the “Big 3” of last year were going to get paid big bucks!), so I would expect them to scrape together every cent they have and also account for any future bucks they may make as well!

Well said Doug regarding the early season, cold weather attendance not really adding much to this season’s total revenue as it took getting into the season to establish this team as an exciting, playoff contending team. But, as you said…next year’s expectations for the team will be much greater and the early season attendance may spike regardless of the cold weather. How about Price AND Grienke? Blow the doors off the safe and go for the gold in 2016? Too much??? We have to squeeze a closer in there too, don’t you think?

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