#Cubs vs Phillies ppd; will play two on Friday

Jake Arrieta’s pursuit of his Major League-leading 19th win will have to wait a day. Thursday’s game between the Cubs and Phillies was postponed because of rain, and will be made up Friday as a single admission doubleheader at Citizens Bank Park, starting at 4:05 p.m. CT ET.

Arrieta (18-6, 2.03) will start the first game for the Cubs against lefty Adam Morgan (5-5, 4.42 ERA). Kyle Hendricks (6-6, 4.08 ERA) will face the Phillies’ Alex Asher (0-2, 10.61 ERA) in the second game.

Arrieta leads the Major Leagues with 18 wins and is the first Cubs pitcher to reach 18 in a season since Carlos Zambrano went 18-13 in 2007. The last Cubs pitcher with more was Jon Lieber, who went 20-6 in 2001.

Arrieta is 12-1 with a 0.99 ERA and 108 strikeouts in his last 15 starts, all quality starts, dating to June 21 in Minnesota. That one loss was against the Phillies on July 25 when Cole Hamels threw a no-hitter at Wrigley Field.

Arrieta’s 2.03 ERA and .194 opponent batting average are second to the Dodgers’ Zack Greinke (1.68 and .192) in the Major Leagues, and the Cubs right-hander ranks fourth in the NL with 197 strikeouts. He needs three strikeouts to become the first Cubs pitcher to reach 200 Ks in a season since Jeff Samardzija fanned 214 in 2013.

The Cubs tweaked their rotation for the remainder of the Phillies series. Dan Haren (9-9, 3.73 ERA) will start on Saturday and Sunday’s starter now is to be determined, and may be a “bullpen” day, manager Joe Maddon said. That would line up Jon Lester and Jason Hammel for Tuesday’s doubleheader against the Pirates.

— Carrie Muskat


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The rubber is hitting the road and Maddon is amping up his strategy. Love it. Two double headers within 5 days….testing this clubs’ mettle for sure. I would feel a little better if the FO improved the bullpen at the trade deadline. The late inning BP guys need to step up and get it done. I think it is our weak link.

Hi fonzie, I hope Arrieta can take us to late innings – another no-hitter? 😀 After that have a “Holy(bleep) Batman and hope for the best! 😀

Hello White, Arietta’s performance will be crucial for the double header in which the Cubs SHOULD sweep. No more risk of jinxing a team by saying things such as they should sweep a DH vs. an inferior team. The Clubs are one of the best teams in baseball. We need to take this DH today and cannot afford to snatch another defeat from the jaws of victory as we did in St. Louis. These are not the Cardinals we are playing. If Arietta falls short of his standard, quality start (I’m sure Phillies’ fans are saying he is DUE for a stinker??) we may be in trouble with the BP today. Hopefully the night off has helped the entire BP.

Joey what makes you think the Cubs SHOULD sweep? Remember the Phillies swept them at Wrigley? I really doubt the Phillies just roll over and let the Cubs win. Hoping for a sweep myself, but I am sure the Phillies are still a Major League Team.

Hey ASSper BAGgs…you talkin’ to me? You hate baiting narcissist. What team are YOU looking at?? Arietta in game one for one reason and the opponent’s starting pitcher in game two has an era of 10.61 for another reason. Sure anything can happen in a baseball game but if you don’t think the Cubs SHOULD sweep this DH (as opposed to just HOPING they do so, we all HOPE for victories every time they play but some times do not expect them) based on just the above, not to mention our pretty damn good offense then you are more addled than I first thought. So what if the Phillies swept the Cubs in the PAST (you keep living in it, it suits you.) TODAY is a DH with one of the best pitchers in baseball vs. a struggling team and that struggling team is throwing a struggling pitcher in game 2. Why not think the Cubs SHOULD sweep? Simple enough for you ASSper BAGgs? Never did I mention the Phils will roll over and allow ANY opponent to win. DUH. The Phils are still a major league team? Really? Of course they CAN beat the Cubs today but that is the case with ANY team that is “still a major league team” there is always a chance of victory (Kershaw? Grienk? Ring a bell?)…doesn’t mean they are expected to do so. Who reading this does not expect the Cubs to sweep today and would be surprised if they don’t? What a ridiculous question you pose ASSper BAGgs, but typical from a hate baiter such as yourself. No regards, FONZIE.

Huge test Joey, the Cubs will need all the help they can get, especially from the bullpen. This is the time of year they need those experienced VETS like Ross Coughlan and Denorfia.

Aloha Jasper, White and fonzie, I hope the extra day’s rest was a plus for the team and the bp which is hurting. But as I mentioned on another post, managers many times will get creative and I would not be surprised is Maddon uses a starter in some relief appearances. Maybe that happens towards the last week or so this season and most definitely in the playoffs. I think Maddon knows which folks he cannot call upon at this time unless they team has a huge lead. Let us hope they can take two today, they need it! Mahalo!

I want that too, k.g., meaning we win both games of the twin bill. The pitching matchups favor our side as the two Phillies` starters are inexperienced and each is attempting to `find his way.`{There is a single admission for both games and anyone with tickets for last night`s postponed game will be able to utilize them for today`s double dip, of course.} Did you notice that Kyle Schwarber achieved the `golden sombrero` in the last contest vs. the Redbirds? As we suggested recently, the league will try to find holes in his swing and expose those weaknesses, and that is happening. It`s up to Kyle to make the adjustments. As you know, it`s something that transpires continuously between hurlers and batters during the course of a long season. As you must know, the sports news in Philadelphia is dominated by the firing of Phillie GM Reuben Amaro, Jr.

One more thing about doubleheaders. It`s difficult for any one team to win both games. Most twin bills are split. You can look it up. I`m just suggesting we have a very good opportunity to buck that trend today. The games are meaningful to the Cubs; not so for the Phils. But then again, last night`s Pirates/Brewers game was meaningful to Pittsburgh, and not Milwaukee. Yet the Pirates lost at home, no less. In fact, I`ve heard it said the lowly Brewers have defeated the `penant contending` Pirates seven straight games. Go figure. Is it safe to say baseball games are unpredictable?

I agree jhosk, I too think the Cubs SHOULD win the DH today and we buck that trend of splitting. Will be sorely disapointed if we don’t win 2 today. Winning two will help make up for losing the last game in St. Louis. Have a good day jhosk.

I believe that the Cubs have exceeded all pre season expectations, does that mean they should take the rest of the season off? Of course not!!
Sometimes fans forget how far they have come. Then instead of enjoying, their expectations are far more than the team can meet.
Then come the critical comments, example: Ross should never have been signed, right joey? Or the bullpen sucks? Why are they using Strope? Then people start speaking of their cats.
The Cubs have had a great, exciting season. Everything now is I ring on the cake. Then add that Ross and Strope are parts of the team that have them this far.

Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve. That’s what is so exciting about every game! How can we possibly know until the last pitch is thrown. Who got up today not feeling 100 percent? Who got up feeling full of strength and optimism? Who got up today and ate too much so they will be slow and sluggish? Who got up this morning worrying about a sick family member? Who lost sleep last night due to a crying baby? So many variables to consider. I was born in Philadelphia and remember that we were allowed to touch the Liberty Bell for good luck. Can’t do that anymore as they have encased the bell for protection.So I’ll just knock on wood today and hope for 2 wins.

White, Cubs SHOULD take two today. Are we not the much better team? Would we not have thought the Cubs SHOULD have won if they played the game last night? And then today’s only game would have been Hendricks vs. the Phils pitcher with an ERA of 10.61? White, the Cubs are a much better team than the Phils…IT’S OK to think they SHOULD win certain games….GO AHEAD! (And your cat can think so too!!)

Let it go man….

Ok, you’re right petrey10. Thanks.

LMAO. I expect the Cubs to sweep the rest of the season, if they don’t, I can place blame on whoever. Lol Maybe Jack Palance.

Aloha Jasper-Petrey-fonzie-White-jhosk! Thanks for the laugh, Jack Palance, man if he gives the Cubs that look he gave to Crystal in City Slickers, the team just might win every remainder game! Was dealing with a business today in Philly, they hope today the weather holds up but said more rain tomorrow. “Gunbatene Cubbies!” Mahalo!

K.g., glad to see you can discuss the Cubs and have a sense of humor. A little laugh this time of year is good for the stress.
That HR Castro just hit may be huge, depending on how the BP does today. Also see Bryant at 87 RBI’s today so far. It would be awesome to see him get 100 this year.

Aloha Jasper- I have too have a sense of humor and I bet most Cubs fans do too! Yes, that Castro homer could be very big. I worry that Maddon and his starting pitchers feel like they have to 8+ innings to get through a game. I am old school where I like seeing pitchers go 7+ innings and when one does as Hammels & Lester in that last series, it is tough to see the bp give up 8 runs in those two games. What I like about Maddon is that he is a strong and calm coach. He is up front at the beginning of the year that this is a “merit” based system-game. You do not play up to the best of your abilities, I will give you chances and if it does not work out we have to make a change. So the players no upfront, you are not entitled to anything you have not only earn you have to keep it. Finally someone has gotten through to Castro. Having said that Strop needs that talk as well as others in the bp and if they get to the WC, the reality is that some of them are not making that first game’s roster and the same goes for the next series if they advance. Well, let us hope they hold onto this game and come out swinging for #2! Mahalo!

Maddon has the perfect personality for the Managers job. One has to know their weakness’s and I know I could not do it.
With a 4 run lead, there should be no problems in game one here. Strope has had problems, but that last game was against the Cardinals, I am sure he was nervous and understandably so.

There it is, a guaranteed 500 season, just what most of us were hoping for before the season started.
23 games to go and already met expectations. Wonderful season isn’t it?
Bonus time!!!!!

I remember heated discussions this spring about the organization and how big of a disappointment they were and how nothing to show for 3 years of suck…. Well I would like to say now… HOW YOU LIKE THESE APPLES?!? Dcee being the worst culprit…. Told you so… Glad to see the door hit ya attitude right outta here

He wasn’t the only one petrey10. I remember a few, but this is fun and exciting. Cant wait to see what the next 23 games bring, after that, the off season should be pretty exciting also.
Nothing but looking ahead now.🙂

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