#Cubs and Arrieta face Phillies in Game 1

Jake Arrieta will start the first game of Friday’s doubleheader against the Phillies, seeking his 19th win. Here’s the lineup for Game 1:

Fowler CF

Jackson RF

Bryant LF

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Baez 3B

Ross C

Arrieta P

Russell SS

Friday marks Cubs first traditional (non-split admission) doubleheader since a twinbill vs. Arizona, Aug. 3, 2006, at Wrigley Field. The last traditional road doubleheader for the Cubs happened Sept. 20, 2004, in Florida against the Marlins.

The Cubs are 20-10 (.667) against NL East opponents.

Kyle Hendricks will start the second game for the Cubs.


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That was a heckuva grab `the Hulk` made in left field in Game 2. It was the `defensive play of the game.`

jhosk, whaaddaya know! A DH sweep! Some of the looks on Schwarber’s face are priceless. As if he is soaking it all in being in the majors on a special team. He appears to be a great effect on the rest of the club, contageous. Do you think Haren will ride the wave and pitch into at least the seventh on Saturday?

Yes, fonzie; it would be more than satisfying if Dan pitches tonight the way he performed in his last outing. It`s a far less challenging lineup he`ll face tonight than was the case with the Cardinals I`ll be accused of nitpicking, but I do not get why Wood could not have been sent out to start the ninth last night. He threw a clean 8th inning with two punchouts. As a starter most of his career, he is accustomed to throwing multiple innings. It would have prevented Rodney from his `clunker` performance, and guaranteed Rondon will be well rested for an appearance in which the outcome is in the balance. At least permit Travis to pitch to one batter in the ninth; If that batter reaches, fine, bring in a reliever. Yes, Schwarber is a revelation. He`s having the time of his short life, and his teammates have embraced him and his work ethic. I think it`s safe to say the fans have as well.

jhosk and joey, Maddon made comment that the Cubs bullpen will be pitching Sundays game. He mentioned Wood, Edwards and a few others. He may be saving Wood for a couple innings Sunday.

The Phillies` network chose Schwarbs as the

To finish, the Phils` network chose Schwarber as `the Player of the Game` for both his offense and defense.

Pete Mackanin, the Phillies` interim manager, in a post game interview, called Schwarber a `monster.` He intended it as a compliment; trust me. Btw, Mackanin is a Chicago native. (Brother Rice High School)

jhosk I believe Mackanin is 100% correct. It was a fun day for Cubs fans.

Yes, jasper. Tonight has the potential to be fun, also. Am more concerned about Sunday when we do not even know who our starter will be. Are you aware there is another second baseman named Castro in the NL? He`s Daniel, and plays for the Braves, and had a big game last night with a long ball and a stellar defensive play.

Aloha jhosk- what an amazing day! I am preparing for a car show for our senior citizen organization so I was not able to watch any of the double header today but I kept checking in on the scores! I cannot wait tomorrow when I get a breather to watch the two games! I do hope the best for Haren tomorrow, just like his performance against them Redbirds! Mahalo!

Anyone notice the string of Quality Starts the Cubs are putting together?
Hopefully Haren can keep it going.

That sounds like the event where you expect to provide Teriyaki burgers, k.g. Baez took the collar last night; believe he was 0-5. But I saw some positives. He is making contact; I do not believe he fanned even once. {Aside: Pagan made a heckuva grab in centerfield for the Giants yesterday. I just learned today that Brandon Finnegan, whom you and I often discussed in the 2014 postseason, now pitches for Cincy. He was traded in that Cueto deal.}

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