#Cubs Minor League report: Myrtle Beach advances

Victor Caratini hit a three-run double in the first to spark Myrtle Beach to a 4-3 victory over Winston-Salem and win the Southern Division championship series, 2-1. Myrtle Beach now advances to the best of five Carolina League championship series, which starts Sunday at Wilmington. Game 2 will be Monday, and then the series shifts to Myrtle Beach for Game 3 on Wednesday. On Friday, Jonathan Martinez gave up two runs on five hits over six innings for the win. Chesny Young added a RBI single in the seventh. Jorge Soler, on a rehab assignment, went 1-for-2 with a double, scored a run and drew a walk.


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Not at all surprised to see J Martinez pitch the Pelicans into the Championship series.
Martinez was the player the Cubs received in the Barney trade. He has done very well since joining the Cubs Organization.
Chesny Young just keeps hitting. Was kind of surprised that Soler was allowed to play in a Championship game on REHAB assignment. Then again I have no idea the rules when it comes to the Minors and REHAB.

Am pleased to see this. Had the pleasure of seeing a game at Pelicans` Park in August. Chesny Young can rake. The more games M.B plays, the more opportunities Soler has to get ab`s and play defense, and knock off the rust, and the more likely he prepares himself to be part of the Cubs` playoff roster in October.

I am sure that’s the plan jhosk. Maybe Soler can catch playoff fever and take both teams to championships.

Yes, jasper. It would be optimum if that Carolina League championship series is extended to the full five games. Regarding Schwarber, I think you`ll agree he needs a nickname. I`ve seen `the Tank,` and `the Hulk.` There are probably others I have not seen. I`m partial to `the Hulk,` and would love to see that one stick. I think it fits him to a T. I welcome your thoughts and those of others.

When speaking to my wife about Schwarber, I call him The Schwarbster. I am sure something will stick soon.

jhosk, have you heard of anybody calling him “Hoss”? As in the character from the Bonanza TV series played by Dan Blocker? I see a resemblance and like that nickname for him. I forget where I first heard it but now more and more friends and co-workers are calling him “Hoss”.

I do see where you are coming from with `Hoss.` fonzie. Schwarbs bears a strong resemblance to that son of Ben Cartwright. `Bonanza` was an iconic television series, and those actors who portrayed those characters are a major reason why. I love that the Redlegs took down the `mighty` Cardinals twice today. One was the completion of last night`s game which was suspended due to rain. Speaking of rain, our Cubs`game tonight is delayed , if not worse, because of rain in the `City of Brotherly Love.` I see that Travis Wood is now listed as our starter, and not Dan Haren. That`s probably because the skipper is concerned the game could commence, and then be stopped, and possibly not be resumed until another day. Had Haren started, his effort could be wasted, and he could not pitch until who knows when. If Wood starts, and his effort is wasted, the damage is not as severe. This is `smart` strategy on the part of Joe Maddon. The Phillie broadcasters just informed us the game may not begin for a long while. Did I mention Cubs` fans should be thrilled the Cardinals lost two games today? Let`s hope the Pirates lose too, if indeed their game is not prevented from being played due to rain.

I cant see Schwarber wearing that hat Hoss used to wear and hitting a baseball. Thanks for the Reds update jhosk, Hope they get it out of their system before the Cubs face them again.

Aloha Jasper & jhosk, sometimes I think of the “Beast” from the X-Men or the “Thing” from the Fantastic Four when I think of Schwarber. Well, I see the “Beast-Thing” has done it again…home-run!!! Mahalo!

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