#Cubs Minor League report: Pelicans win Game 1

Victor Caratini hit a RBI single with one out in the 10th to lead Myrtle Beach to a 3-2 victory over Wilmington in the first game of the best-of-five Mills Cup championship series Sunday night. Jorge Soler hit a RBI double and then scored on a single by Mark Zagunis in the sixth. Starter Jen-Ho Tseng gave up one run on three hits over six innings. Game 2 will be played Monday.


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Caratini knocked in two runs, Skulina pitched 5 innings of 1 hit ball and the Pelicans won another Playoff game on the road.

Also jasper, according to today`s `USA Today,` (Wednesday), Myrtle Beach also won the second game of that series versus Wilmington Monday 2-0.

Yes jhosk, that’s the game I was speaking of. Now they go home to hopefully, wrap it up.

In today`s first contest in `the Steel City,` the Cubs have a very tall order in that the opposing pitcher is Garrett Cole, one of the best young arms in the game. In that likely WC game in October betwixt the Pirates and Cubs, barring injuries, it`s a `lock` the pitching matchup will be Cole versus Arrieta.

jhosk, I am still looking forward to the Cubs locking up a WC spot.
The rest of the schedule is very tough, 10 games against the Pirates and Cards. 2 More against the Reds, who give the Cubs fits. 1 Makeup game against the Royals.
3 more against the Brewers.
None of the above will be giving the Cubs anything, they will be doing their best to see the Cubs not get that WC spot.
It is test time. They either lock it up or play their last 16 and go home.

Aloha jhosk, the team needs to play good defense and be patient at the plate tonight. Take pitches and get Cole’s pitch count up early in the game, no easy outs as they say! Mahalo!

They got him for a run and his pitch count to 20, however we are seeing a terrible start to the game by Hammel.
Its hard watching games this guy starts.

Aloha Jasper- I was at work but checked the phone and saw that Hammel had a hard start. Too bad because the team came back and tied the game but Montero’s error I think lead to the winning run. Did Grimm pitch Ok? I know because of this bp meltdown Maddon did not want to go to it in the second game and Lester gave him good reason to stick with him for his first complete game! Take care now! Mahalo!

jhosk, not only a tall order facing Cole but a tall order because our starter is not named Arrieta or Lester.

I hear you, fonzie. After those two stellar pitchers, the other starters are unpredictable and therefore unreliable, as is the case with middle relief and closer. To k.g.`s comment, Montero would not have been charged with an error, had Starlin done what he is supposed to do, and gotten in front of the baseball and knocked it down with his body, thus preventing it from going into the outfield, enabling the runner to get to third, and subsequently scoring what turned out to be the winning run on a sac fly. It would have been officially scored a successful steal with no error charged. Instead Starlin behaved as if he was afraid of the baseball inflicting injury on his precious body.

Hi jhosk, yep, Castro had the opportunity to pick up his teammate Montero by simply blocking the ball…not MAKING THE PLAY. Castro had enough time to follow the path of the ball and realize at the last second to change his goal from tagging out the runner to blocking the ball and preventing further advancement. That play pretty much sums up Castro’s on field deficiencies….it’s his thought process that impedes his fielding and certainly and reasonably may get him more bench time especially late in the game as he is certainly NOT a defensive replacement yet should be replaced with a defensive specialist. Putting Bryant back at third and Baez to second may be the prudent thing for Maddon to do during games he chooses to start Castro for his bat. I think Castro’s recent offensive surge may be his saving grace this winter should a team be in need of a young DH that can OCCASIONALLY fill in at SS or 2B but he may be AL bound sooner than later.

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