#Cubs Game 1 lineup vs Pirates

Jason Hammel will start the first game of the Cubs’ doubleheader against the Pirates at PNC Park. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber LF

Coghlan RF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

Montero C

Castro 2B

Hammel P

Russell SS


The Cubs have to win this one for one simple reason: By mistake, I already wrote a “W” in today’s slot on my schedule following the Game 1 win in last Friday’s doubleheader against the Phillies.

Bruce, with our bullpen and lack of quality 3,4 & 5 starters….you may want to use a pencil????

Rizzo’s average is dropping a lot the last couple weeks. They need him, he needs to relax.

Cahill just pitched 3 hitless Innings on Saturday. The guy should be inserted in the Rotation in place of Hammel or Haren, not pitching 3 days later in relief.
Just an opinion.

That was a terribly weak effort Starlin made on that steal attempt by the Pirates in the 8th. As the Pirate broadcasters commented, he `ole`d the throw. They said he should have done everything in his power to prevent the ball from going to the outfield. Instead, he seemed more concerned about his own safety, they remarked. I`ll wager the Cubs` broadcasters did not criticize Starlin in any way on that play. Where`s the objectivity? Walking the leadoff batter as Grimm did is never good.

The problem was the throw, not Castro’s play

I respectfully disagree and the Pirate tv broadcasters did as well, one of which was Steve Blass.

Well, actually, Ron Coomer said Castro had to get off the bag and keep that ball on the infield at any cost. Yes, walking the leadoff guy in the eighth, ugh! My schedule now has an “L” and a blob where I blacked out the errant “W.” Two-and-a-half weeks to go. Let’s hang in there for that play-in game.

I`m pleased to hear what you said about Ron Coomer, Bruce. Be critical of players when it is appropriate, even if it involves players for the organization which is paying your salary.

Ask Steve Stone how that works.

You are absolutely right, Cubs2317. Steve was sacked for the following outrageous transgression: he dared to be `objective,` and `call out` Cubs` players whom it was justified to be critical of. That was many years ago and under a separate regime. Perhaps circumstances can change. I`m wanting that and have been `pushing against the tide,` and will continue to do so. Yes, it`s a challenge, but I embrace challenges. Who knows? Perhaps one day those folks who hold the hammer may actually pay attention, Cubs2317.

I agree with jasper about Cahill looking impressive. If he has started games in the past, he deserves an opportunity to do so with us. Getting back to that 8th inning steal, of course Montero`s throw was a poor one and he deserves to be charged with the error, but Starlin has to get in front of the ball and keep it in front of his body with his body. He did no such thing. We need this second game. Lester needs to step up and our hitters do as well. Don`t need to see a four game losing streak.

As far as the 4 & 5 starters, Maddon might as well throw anybody out there that may be “the hot” one. Right now it is indeed Cahill. But really, once we are past Lester and Arrieta it doesn’t look pretty, nor does the bullpen. The last part of this season has exposed our weaknesses (lack of SP and a little short in the BP) which in a way had to be done in order for Theo to line up his priorities for next season. We were only in this game because Pittsburgh almost coughed it up, other than that it was an all around lackluster performance that we could have won 4-3 (???) if our pitching staff could have held them in check. Nothing wrong with accepting a coughed up gift from an opponent but we still have to contain the opponent’s offense. Hammel set the wrong tone in the first inning. However, it is nice to see our Cubs have yet to lay down or check out, another battle to the end, all good for building a winning team.

Joey, you are correct in my opinion, that game was lost the first two hitters Hammel faced.

joey, I would not say of course
However as rare as it may be, you are correct on this one.
We all expect a FA starter to be signed, two would be awesome. In fact two, could possibly make Lester a 4th starter, what a Pitching rotation that would be.
I like the way Cahill has been Pitching, could he be a factor? Will Turner come back as the Pitcher most experts and scouts thought he would be?
Even signing 1 or 2 FA’s, there will still be questions. Will Hammel be kept for bottom of the rotation insurance?

ASSper BAGgs, you wouldn’t say Fonzie to save your life either so I am not surprised you wouldn’t say of course. OF COURSE I am correct on this one, with that indeed said…Most of the pitching payroll needs to go to the top 4 starters Arrietta, Lester, Price (for example) and (PTBNL for example) thusly reducing the need for paying Hammel to remain on the roster. I could see Hammel competing with Hendricks for the 5th spot, remaining in the actual rotation and not be considered an insurance policy, the loser being in long relief. I would rather see the Cubs staff so vastly improved that it would make more sense to move Hammel and not have a thought about retaining him. Signing two front line pitchers will greatly reduce any remaining questions.

We agree there also joey, not on the Of Course comment, but the fact that as a starter, he would have some trade value.
Of Course you will agree it is nice to see Ross getting hot down the stretch, great game with a couple hits for him.
Great pickup wouldn’t you say?

ASSper BAGgs, He is HOT? THAT is hot to you? What’s that Make Castro? Nuclear? Please, you are exposing the low bar you set for your almighty David Ross. Ross was not a great pickup. For what? Just to maintain the high maintenance Lester? He was a required or mandated acquisition, not a pick up at all. He is soooooo hot down this stretch he has managed to go 2 for 4 in a game and raise his average to an astounding .194. Hell, he keeps batting .500 per game down the “stretch” he may be moved to the clean up spot in the order. He will have to be retained as a uniformed coach (new bench coach for Maddon would make sense if Martinez leaves to manage a team elsewhere) just so he can trot out to the mound once every 5 days to impart some wisdom on Lester…that or the Cubs will have to invest in some pretty hi-tech make up artist from Hollywood to make Montero’s face look like Ross’s every 5th day. Mission Impossible 6….Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt takes on the daring assignment of getting Jon Lester to pitch like the stud the Cubs need by disguising himself as David Ross. Should Hunt decide to take on this mission, ASSper BAGgs can LHAO as usual. Me realizing Ross’ limited value on the field is not the same thing as lauding his acquisition, especially with the majority of Lester’s contract outliving Ross’. Ross should become a coach ASAP, in uniform in order to justify signing Lester and justifying signing Ross as well. His wisdom and leadership far exceeds his physical contributions to the team, limited to every 5th day.

joey I can understand the fact that Ross getting torrid hot at this tome of season, well, makes you look bad.
But you know Ross was not signed just to catch Lester, but as a tutor for the young Catchers in the system as well.
Cannot wait to see that bat of Ross the rest of the season when needed. Brilliant signing.

Ross has to be a positive influence in the clubhouse. He was interviewed on the MLB Network several weeks ago, and his sense of humor and wit became readily apparent. I am confident he keeps his teammates `loose` and that`s always a good thing.

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