Final #Cubs 8, Cards 3 wrap up

Starlin Castro hit two home runs and drove in six runs to spark the Cubs to an 8-3 victory over the Cardinals on Friday. The six RBIs matches Castro’s career high, which he set when he made his debut on May 7, 2010. But the fireworks came postgame. Manager Joe Maddon was upset after the Cardinals’ Matt Belisle hit Anthony Rizzo with a pitch. Chicago starter Dan Haren had hit Matt Holliday with a pitch in the fifth, and Haren warned Rizzo about possible retaliation.

“I’m really disappointed in what the Cardinals did right there,” Maddon said. “Absolutely. We did not hit their guy on purpose at all. That was an absolute mistake. There was no malicious intent whatsoever on Dan Haren’s part. None. So to become this vigilante group that wants to get their own pound and flesh, that’s absolutely insane, and ridiculous and wrong.

“Furthermore,” Maddon said, “we don’t start stuff but we will stop stuff; we will end stuff. That’s their call. That was their moment right there.”

Maddon didn’t stop there. He was upset at how the Cardinals were set up defensively in the eighth. The Cubs had an 8-3 lead and runners at first and second, and the Cardinals were playing behind the runners.

“The next time they do it, we’re going to run,” Maddon said. “I want everybody to know that. I never read that particular book that the Cardinals wrote way back in the day. I was a big Branch Rickey fan, but I never read this book that the Cardinals had written regarding how to play baseball.”

This was Belisle’s second appearance since he went on the disabled list in June, and he said he had problems with his command in his last outing, and also on Friday.

“I have to pitch inside [to Rizzo],” Belisle said. “I think I yanked that ball in Cincinnati, too [in his last outing], against a lefty, and it’s something that I have to make sure I can throw strikes in there. I was mostly away, and I have to pitch in. It’s part of my game, and part of being successful up here.”

Maddon didn’t accept that Belisle might have had trouble with his command.

“That is ridiculous,” Maddon said. “I don’t want to hear that. I don’t want to hear about pitching inside. I don’t want to hear any of that crap. The pitch that Danny hit [Holliday] with was absolutely a mistake. … It was awful. We hated it. We all hated it in the dugout. I’m happy that he’s fine, absolutely. But you don’t [retaliate] under those circumstances. We don’t start stuff, but we will finish stuff.”

Haren came up in the Cardinals system, pitching there in 2003-04, and said they do “police things like that.”

“There was just always the thing of protecting the big guys,” Haren said. “When I was there it was [Albert] Pujols, [Scott] Rolen, guys like that. I think a lot of times it’s used as a tactic to maybe try to not get teams to pitch inside.”

— Carrie Muskat


Maybe I’m slow, but what does Maddon mean about playing behind the runners? What’s the problem with it?

They werent holding the runners on base asuming they wouldnt steal with a 5 run lead. Maddon is saying next time they do that the cubs are just going to take the free base.

Cards were upset that we were still stealing…. His argument was that way rondon would not have to warm up which is valid

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When Joe says “We don`t start stuff, but we will stop stuff, or end stuff,” how exactly does that happen? Sounds to me as if it means our pitchers are going to throw at their hitters. I see the Cardinals not backing down and replying in kind, and all of that leading to an escalation of tensions. I see the umpires stopping it with ejections and the league office subsequently imposing fines. But for Joe Maddon to suggest his team is going to stop it, is a hollow threat, in my mind. I hope Joe is right and I`m mistaken, but this could get ugly in a hurry. Is a pity because Holliday getting beaned was unintentional, as was that Pirate infielder`s season-ending injury yesterday.

Aloha jhosk and folks, I too am hoping that what Joe said is “just talk,” I am for hard gritty play. The Cubs are in a race and so they have to stay the course. At the same time you can play without agitating and provoking teams, you want to stay away from getting a reputation like an AJ Pierzynski, if you know what I mean. I also think because of the youth of this team, there will be times that things happen and I am sure Joe communicates that to not only the team but other teams as well. I mean look at some of the lineups: Schwarber-Bryant-Baez-Russell-Soler..You could potentially have up to 5 rookies playing at the same time and they have had 3 for a good portion of this year. As they play more and mature I think we will see cleaner moves, etc… The incident with Kang is unfortunate, as he was a big part of their lineup and well-loved in Pitt and amongst all of my friends of Korean descent! So, I hope he gets better soon and that the Pirates are not holding any grudges against Coghlan/Cubs. Tomorrow will be interesting as Wood is getting the start against Wacha. I hope the bats come out again and the defense solid. Mahalo!

Agree with all you stated K.g. I don’t see the Cubs trying to make enemies and I am sure Haren did not hit Holiday on the head on purpose.
Rizzo has been hit 28 to 30 times this year, nothing until today has been done. I hate to see it, but there does come a time you have to do what you have to do.

Aloha Jasper & jhosk- yes I can see where Joe is coming from. I am saddened by this as well because I have had a lot of respect for the Cardinals organization over the years. As well as Matheny who played for the wife’s Giants. You can tell that Haren who is known for his command, meaning he is always around the strike zone, did not hit Matt on purpose, the ball got away from him. Very unfortunate. It would have been very stand up of them and an example of maturity not to do anything at all but go out and play hard, maybe use that incident to rally them. I hope today and Sunday will have calmer heads on both sides, I do not want to see the young Cubs engage in this at all, just go out there and play hard. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, jasper and k.g. I just now saw a replay of Maddon`s comments immediately after yesterday`s game, and have a little different take on the matter from when I typed the above comment last night. Joe `called out` the Cardinals for `overreacting` in an `insane` manner. What Joe said could defuse the situation, or not. It surely sounds as if the Cubs are not going to initiate anything today, and Joe is wanting the Cardinals not to, as well. But if the Cardinals do, it`s war. It all gives us another reason to find Saturday`s and Sunday`s games compelling, as if one was needed. Btw, I`d like to see any comments the Cardinals` manager made after yesterday`s game. What was his take on yesterday`s incidents and what he sees going forward? If anyone knows, please share. Perhaps it would be easier to settle this matter by having the two managers box or wrestle on the field (perhaps in the area of 2B?) before today`s game commences. Both are former catchers, but I reckon Metheney outweighs Joe by several pounds, and I think he`s taller than Joe too. Not sure about their `reaches.` (Smiling) What do y`all think? Also, did anyone observe one of the Sopranos in the Redbirds` dugout yesterday? Joe said he did not, but he has far more places to set his gaze. He could have missed that. (again smiling)

I don’t understand why everyone thinks Belisle hit Rizzo on purpose. He explained that he was trying to throw inside and that it just went too far inside. Rizzo has been hit so many times . why pick this hit to be called retaliation? Because they were expecting retaliation? And, in fact, maybe it wasn’t retaliation at all! Just a pitch gone
astray. Hope today’s game does not mirror yesterday.s furor.

I see your point, White. The problem is Belisle`s pitch actually traveled behind Anthony. Whenever one sees that, it almost always means the pitcher is deliberately throwing at the batter. {Btw, did you see the question I posed to you yesterday regarding Lester`s season? I`m waiting for KenlyCub`s reply also. If you hear from him, would you let him know. He`s been conspicuously absent of late, I`ve noticed, and I miss his intelligent take on matters.}

If necessary, I`d love to see one of our Cubs` challenge Yadier Molina. Mind you, only if necessary. For years Molina has taken upon himself to `police` any baseball field the Cardinals and he are involved with. Yesterday you observed him get between Rizzo and Belisle after Anthony was hit. He`s been doing that kind of thing for years. That`s fine, but for once, I`d like to see someone `stand up` to him. Molina sees himself as a `macho man` enforcer. Anthony is capable of doing what I`m suggesting, and Schwarber is as well. They are just two who come to mind. Have you noticed there has been a major `culture change` around the Cubs? That`s unmistakably Joe Maddon`s influence on display. He did the same thing with the Rays. {Did I mention I`d love to see one of our players confront Yadier Molina if the circumstance presents itself?}

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