#Cubs lineup vs Cards: Soler is back

The Cubs’ Travis Wood will start Saturday vs. the Cardinals in the second game of this three-game showdown between the Central Division rivals. Here’s the lineup:

Jackson CF

Soler RF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Baez SS

Denorfia LF

Ross C

Wood P

As far as manager Joe Maddon is concerned, it’s time to move on after Friday’s game in which the Cubs feel Anthony Rizzo was intentionally hit by a pitch. Rizzo himself said he was mad at first, but admitted it’s part of the game.

Note: Both Addison Russell and Dexter Fowler are fine. They’re just getting a breather.


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Carrie, fans, a question: Who decides who’s on the playoff roster? Maddon? Front office? Both? Thanks.

Yes, both. It’ll be discussion between Maddon and front office

Aloha Carrie, I am assuming a 25-man roster and depending on what Maddon and the FO figure out, assuming this team gets one of the W.C. spots, that roster would be different then say the next level if they get past the 1-game series. Look forward to your reporting when more info becomes available. Mahalo!

Since no one else has volunteered, Bruce, and I`ve given them plenty of time, I would certainly think Maddon and Theo and Jeb would come to an agreement on the playoff roster. It`s my understanding they meet regularly, if not each day. Also, I believe if Maddon feels strongly about an individual player one way or another, the FO will defer to him. But keep in mind, Petrey10 has concluded I`m an ignorant old man with a thick skull who does not know what he`s talking about. Therefore, it`s up to you to take me seriously or not. You and everyone else has that option with all my comments. Peace!

I think there’s been more than one conclude that but hey thx for the typical lack luster post.

In other words, Bruce, the manager has the hammer. If that is not the case, it should be. Please substitute `Jed` for Jeb.

What an outstanding play by Addison to dramatically end the game! There is an excellent probability we will be tied with Pittsburgh by the end of the day as the Pirates have to face Kershaw tonight at Chavez Ravine.

Russell’s stop and face-down flip to Baez, wow! Thanks for the note on the playoff roster. Today’s game, including that heart-seizure ninth, should give Maddon and the bosses some clearer ideas about which pitchers will continue with the team in October.

Aloha jhosk, Bruce , Petrey I was not able to see today’s game had to work. I will watch the reply but it looks like the team went into the ninth with 5-1 lead, correct? If so, which pitcher(s) fell apart? This concerns me because no lead right now is big enough as this bp just gives it away. I hope Joe can have a stern and candid conversation with all of them. Mahalo!

Aloha, meant to say I will watch the replay, these tiny phones! Mahalo!

Rondon started the ninth, k.g. But unfortunately he hit the first batter he faced, and was automatically `tossed` by the home plate umpire, because both teams had been warned prior to that, that anyone who hit a batter would be ejected. Also the rule states that the manager will be tossed in such a circumstance. Therefore, Martinez replaced Maddon as skipper. Rosscup came in and met with consternation. He faced three batters and each reached. One of the knocks he surrendered was a two run dinger to Carpenter to right field. Made the score 5-3. Then Strop was brought in. Keep in mind, there were still no outs. He fanned Peralta on a pitch which was really a `cookie,` a hanging breaking ball cement mixer. Peralta took the pitch; trust me we lucked out there, k.g. That was a gift that Peralta did not swing. Strop surrendered a sac fly to Molina to make the score 5-4. Then someone struck that ground ball to Addison`s left which was hit very hard and appeared to be destined for left centerfield, but the ss dived and miraculously came up with the ball, and hurriedly tossed to second baseman Baez for the force at second. What a `game saver.`

Aloha jhosk, thanks for that update, I will watch the replay. By the way, you mention lefties out of the pen, I wonder why Wada is not utilized more? With all the woes, why not try him out, I do not think it would hurt and gives them another option. Tomorrow is another big game. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, Bruce, I surely agree that was a tension-filled ninth. Rosscup failed to retire any of the three batters he faced, but he was ever so close. I recall him getting two strikes on each one, and often in impressive fashion, but he could not finish off each batter. Each reached. We`ve got to get this guy right, because he`s all we`ve got when it comes to a southpaw reliever who we need as a `specialist.` One of his issues is his `attitude` or approach. He`s not `mean` enough. He needs that confidence that he`s going to retire each batter he faces which you`ve seen in specialists over the years. Can Rosscup get there? Who knows? We are not going to be seeing reinforcements at this late stage. We need Rosscup to `get right.` I`ll be watching tonight`s Pirates game versus the Dodgers, Bruce. I told you I see almost every Pirates` game on Root Sports Network .If the Pirates lose, as I expect they will, we`ll be tied with them.

I forgot about Wada, k.g. That could work. I was impressed with Rodney today. If I recall correctly, he pitched the eighth and was effective. As I remarked to my friend, Petrey10, recently, we need `all hands on deck.` I do not care who you are or how much you may have failed or succeeded as a Cubs player this 2015 season, we need you to `step up` right now. It`s actually possible, if not probable, that we could win this division. Haven`t the dreaded Cardinals looked awfully vulnerable these past two games? I take special pleasure in observing Yadier Molina struggle. He takes himself far too seriously. And to think he is going to be `an enforcer` in our building? I don`t think so. Joe Maddon will make sure that does not happen. When I commented earlier that Joe Maddon has changed the culture of the Cubs, it meant we are no longer anyone`s patsy. The days of the Cubs being `dominated ` or `taken for granted` by other clubs, is OVER. Trust me.

Aloha jhosk- good for Rodney. You are right these folks need to step and earn their pay-check, this is a merit based job-sport. I know it is not easy but some of these folks almost seem “scared” to get the call. We do not need “cocky” folks with a lot of attitude we need confident folks that let their pitches do the “talking.” By the way, thought you would find this interesting, after my father retired from collegiate coaching he still worked with many friends and their programs. One of the programs he worked with a lot was Santa Clara University in the SF Bay Area. Well, one of his “students,” that he worked with is Jared Hughes (who later transferred to Long Beach State) is a tall right handed pitcher out the Pirates bullpen. He is having a nice season. I know my father said he has a few more students out there but mentioned him because his team is going head to head with the NorthSiders! I also think it ironic that earlier in this season, the Giants had a Travis Ishikawa bobble-head day and now he is back on the Pirates! Ishikawa is very well liked out this way. I am amazed the Pirates used Aramis R. so much at first, it hurt their defense, Travis is much better at first but Hurdle is probably thinking about Aramis’ bat. Give them Pirates credit, they played well against one of the best pitchers in the game tonight. Tomorrow is another big game! Mahalo!

Actually the Pirates did not lose Saturday the way I expected. Another example of baseball being unpredictable. I`m done predicting these games. Who would have thought we Cubs` fans would be where we are this late in the season even in August? We`re still one game behind the Pirates, but lurking. The Cardinals are concerned, and for good reason. I like our position, and you should too. We have Lester going tomorrow. Make that today, Sunday.

Yes, k.g. That`s interesting about Jared Hughes and your father having tutored him, and also what you related about Travis Ishikawa. I`ll be certain to pay more attention to each when I view Pirates` games. I did not see the first half of Saturday`s Cubs` game. Looking at the box score, it`s not apparent to me why Wood was replaced by Cahill in the third inning. I have the impression Travis was not pitching terribly. Why was he removed? If anyone knows, please explain. Btw, you have to like what Cahill has given us since he came aboard.

Aloha jhosk- I think Wood was pulled only because he had done 3innings in relief earlier in the week (meaning a few days before today’s start). Yes, I think Cahill has been a bright spot and he looked upset that he hit Wong. I hope no one gets hit tomorrow, Lester goes out and pitches well and that the offense provides him some runs and defense like Russell today! Mahalo!

Yes, I`m afraid Maddon is going to come under scrutiny going forward. It was Joe who warned the Cardinals that they were `out of line` for throwing at Rizzo, and that the Cubs would stop such conduct. But in yesterday`s game, it was our Cubs` pitchers who hit more than one Redbird. I know it`s not hard to make the case that those pitches were not intentional. But in this climate, emotions are elevated, and incidents become suspect. I was especially upset with Rondon when he could not even retire one batter before he was summarily tossed. I`ll take from heat for what I`m going to say, but you know I like to speak my mind. I do not think Hector is `the sharpest knife in the drawer.` All these hit batters are not good for Maddon`s `look` after the aggressive stand he assumed after Friday`s contest. He suggested himself after yesterday`s contest that `Cardinal Nation` is going to be furious with him.

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