#Cubs vs Cards: Lester starts series finale

Jon Lester closes the Cubs series against the Cardinals on Sunday at Wrigley Field. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber LF

Coghlan RF

Rizzo 1B

Bryant 3B

La Stella 2B

Russell SS

Ross C

Lester P

Hitting notes: Starlin Castro is hitting .394 (28-for-71) with five homers and 15 RBI in his last 23 games since Aug. 23. … Tommy La Stella is hitting .467 (7-for-15) with four doubles and six RBI in his last eight games. …In his last 30 games since Aug. 19, Kris Bryant has hit .353 (41-for-116) with 10 doubles, a triple, nine home runs and 29 RBI.

*Looking ahead to Cubs vs Brewers:

Monday: RHP Jason Hammel (8-6, 3.73) vs. RHP Wily Peralta (5-9, 4.41)
Tuesday: RHP Jake Arrieta (19-6, 1.96) vs. TBD
Wednesday: RHP Kyle Hendricks (7-6, 4.22) vs. RHP Zach Davies (1-2, 6.00)


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Clearly it’s a matchup play to get more left handed bats in the lineup…. Castro probably the first bat to see PH duties I would guess

Aloha bare & Petrey- good point. As you see right now, Lester is giving up the long ball early and the team has no hits so I am sure at some point if this continues, Maddon will make the adjustments as the offense needs to get going. Mahalo.

Terrible send with rizzo at 3rd and heywards arm…. Dumb…

Aloha Petrey, that is a great point as you have to know you opponent’s strength. Watching Heywards arm with Atlanta, you would assume the 3rd base coach would have taken that into account. Well 2-3 is great, now onto the next series! Mahalo!

That is a good observation petrey10. Really bad decision. It is good to realize those decisions are few and far between if not even more rare. But when a decision like that is made it certainly stands out in the most inopportune time.

That play early in the game when Molina administered the late hit to Addison was a dirty play. I know Molina was `all apologetic` immediately afterward, but as Joe Maddon said in his comments after the contest, “there is no reason to apologize for anything which takes place on a baseball field.” Joe referenced Yadier`s action as `egregious.` He obviously is not okay with it. Joe has to be `pc.` We do not. It was a dirty play. Sunday`s game for multiple reasons makes it even more compelling that we meet the Redbirds in the postseason. I want more than ever for a Cubs player to challenge Yadier Molina on the baseball field. Saturday Joe said he did not see Tony Soprano in the Cardinals` dugout. Perhaps it`s because he was disguised as ` macho man` Molina. (Smiling) And what was Martinez doing apologizing to the plate umpire at one point? If you had not `shown up` that same umpire earlier before 40,000, you would feel no need for that. You are a `p*ssy, just as your batterymate is.

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