#Cubs open series vs. Brewers

Jason Hammel starts Monday night for the Cubs in the series opener against the Brewers. Hammel has never lost a decision to the Brewers in his MLB career, going 7-0 with a 2.13 ERA in 10 career starts. This year, he’s 2-0 with a 2.59 ERA in four starts.

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber LF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Montero C

Russell SS

Hammel P

Coghlan RF


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Very interesting with Coghlan adding some punch at the bottom. Gotta give Joe Maddon credit for always thinking even if at times there a few backfires and few if that many. Family at the game tonight, hoping we get an early and big lead.

Hey Fonzie, can’t be perfect all the time like last night. Rizzo should not have run but that’s in the past now. Would like to see the Cubs win big tonight. Enjoy the game with your family! Match up on paper favors our Cubs.

Thanks Tomntexas. Best to put some things in the past. i won’t be at the game, just my family as I am working this evening. Letting a friend enjoy my ticket. I like the paper match up, hope we are running on all offensive cylinders.

Don` be surprised if Jim Hickey joins the Cubs as pitching coach at some point during Maddon`s tenure. He was Joe`s pitching coach in Tampa, and they had excellent chemistry. Hickey is still there, and is another one of those coaches who never played at the major league level. {That fact is NOT a disadvantage; see Joe Maddon.} Also, I think I once read Hickey is a Chicago native.

I think Bosio has done an amazing job the last few years, Especially with Arietta, Strope, Rondon, Grimm, heck even Cahill has looked very good as a Cub.

Aloha Jasper & jhosk, see both of your arguments. What I am about to say I am not putting on Bosio alone, injuries hurt in the case of Ramirez, multiple additions at various parts of the season (Soriano, Richard, Medina, Haren, Hunter, Rodney..), folks going up and down between AAA to the show, folks like Wood taken out of the starting lineup and put into the bp. What I am saying is that this has not been an easy year for the pitching coach. The additions have not worked out except for Richard and possibly Rodney. I wonder since the decision was made to skip Haren’s start this Friday for Lester (please no long balls on Friday), why not insert Wada and see how he does, I do not think it hurts at this point. I see many similarities with the 2014 Giants and this 2015 Cubs team, mainly that towards the end of the season, they both had one bonafide starter: MadBum for the Giants and Arrieta for the Cubs. And still the Giants went all the way but they did have a better bp then the current Cubs do. So, managing one’s bp is going to be crucial for Joe and crew. If Lester runs into trouble early on Friday, maybe you can go to a Haren or Wood like the Giants went to Petit for long middle relief. Anyhow, I am hoping for the best! Take care now. Mahalo!

Don’t be surprised if your wrong… Bosio is an amazing pitching coach. If boz leaves then sure they would look at him but not until then.

This is a very good attention getter. Bosio is a very good Pitching Coach. Plus, he has now been with the Cubs through how many Managers?
Looking at how he has done with Arietta, does anyone see a reason why he cant do that with others?

Please tell us you intended to type `you`re` and not `your.` The boz you refer to, is he related to Boz Scaags? I ask because I`m a big fan of Boz Scaags.

jhosk, what makes you think that? Because they had excellent chemistry? Excellent chemistry has a beginning at some point, that point may have come for Bosio and Maddon too, now THEY have excellent chemistry? Maybe is all I am saying. I think petrey10 is correct, should Bosio vacate the position for another position or for another organization it would then seem logical that the Cubs pursue Hickey should Maddon suggest it. But let me ask you this, your suggestion that Hickey may at one point in Maddon’s tenure become the Cubs pitching coach is not you saying Bosio is either bad or inferior to Hickey? or is it? Do you think Bosio has done/is doing a very good job? I certainly do. Thank you jhosk.

I guess I like to `push folks` buttons` from time to time, fonzie. You`ll have to admit I`m successful at times. It`s hard to evaluate a pitching coach from our perspective. When Arrieta has a `break out` year, do you credit the pitching coach? If so, to which degree? If a Travis Wood struggles as a starter, do you blame the pitching coach for those struggles? To what degree? When a Dan Haren joins the club, and has just one quality start out of eight tries or whatever it is, is it because the pitching coach can`t help Dan or figure out why he`s not effective? See my point? How does one evaluate all that?

I do see your point, at least you acknowledge as I do it is difficult for us fans to evaluate the jobs of coaches such as the pitching and hitting coaches as their “exploits” are not visible on the field compared to how a third base coach operates or the manager himself. Their style and decisions are more evident to us. That is why under the circumstances as this year has it, the majority of our pitching has been successful. Especially the sometimes overly criticized BP (yours truly included) which is rather young. So If I am to err it will be on the side of Bosio who in my estimation has done a remarkable job over the years with youthful pitchers and reclamation projects. Wood is somewhat of an enigma as he at one time had much promise as a starter. I can see your point in his case but even the best of pitching coaches may be unable to turn a sow’s ear…. There may have been a few more sow’s ears added to the staff later this season just for the sake of quantity with little to no expectations on Bosio to work his magic. That’s how I see it. Bosio is just one of several if not many people that have done an admirable job. Do you see my point about chemistry needing to have a start somewhere, sometime, between people? Who knows…in 10years after a few Cubs’ World Series trophies on the shelf Maddon may move on to another organization and court Bosio as his pitching coach because of the chemistry they shared during their Cubs’ days.Take care jhosk.

In Woods case, it may have been Maddon moving him to the Bullpen to find his way. At any rate Wood has been doing very well since.

I hear you, Jasper; but also keep in mind Maddon commented yesterday that `the pitching component` is the one area that separates us from the Cardinals.

Maddon meant the Cubs pitching talent, not the coaching.

Thank you!

Read carefully what I typed, Petrey10. I suggested Hickey could be reunited with Joe Maddon at some point in the manager`s tenure. Since this is just the first year of Maddon`s five year contract, that could mean 2018 or later, or sooner. Critical reading is an acquired skill.

so is learning stats but hey you can’t acquire that skill because you think you somehow know more…. seems pretty ignorant and thick skulled to me….

Be careful, sir. We were all warned yesterday that the blog could be `shut down` if contributors continue to engage in personal attacks. You are choosing to jeopardize the privilege others have of enjoying the opportunity to express their views here. Or is that your goal?

What article was Carries post under jhosk? I completely missed it, on the road again. Going to see the Nationals and Orioles tonight.

Jhosk if that’s what it takes to get your useless blabber off the blog…. I’m all for it.

Also, Jasper, the organization viewed Renteria as a decent manager; but when it saw the opportunity to acquire an even better one, what did it do?

That’s a good point, However did Maddon state that meaning the Pitching coach or the Pitching talent?
K.g. would like to see Wada get a start, I would love to see Cahill get a start before the season is over, would like to see that start against the Pirates or Reds.

Aloha Jasper- Forgot about Cahill in terms of a possible start too. He has been a positive since being called up. It would be neat to see if he and Wada could have a start and do well. Even though the “magic” number is 4 as a coach you have to be thinking ahead as if the season will go longer. Thus the need to settle on your starting pitching. Including today’s game, there are only 12 games left, so not much time if you want to give both a Cahill & Wada 1-2 starts before the end of the regular season. Take care now. Mahalo!

The reason I would select Cahill is: his age and past success. I am sure he has worked with Bosio and has looked really good as a Cub thus far.
It would be nice to see Wada get another chance, but with his injuries holding him back the last couple years and reaching his mid 30’s, I am afraid that chance might come with another team.
I know you understand this is not an attack on Wada K. g, it would be nice to see him put a decent year up before retiring.

Aloha Jasper- no offense taken. I had such hope for Wada and Hendricks this year after what we saw in the second half of last year. I think the only way the Cubs offer Wada an opportunity to come back to the team is if it is an incentive laden contract, like 500K plus if you go so many innings, start so many games. Will be interesting if he gets a chance or not. I see Cahill as the Giants Petit of last year, coming in for long relief but he could work out as a starter too and as you say, is younger. Mahalo!

Yes, Jasper. See `Final # Cubs 5, Cardinals 4.` Carrie`s admonition can be found there. Btw, enjoy that game tonight. You are very fortunate to have the opportunity to view major league games.

K.g., I know you admired Sandy Koufax, as did I. In fact, he`s the best pitcher I`ve ever seen. Today marks exactly 50 years since he refused to pitch the first game of the 1965 World Series because it fell on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. And he was not particularly devout. The truth is he never pitch a game on Yom Kippur. I reckon Cubs` fans will find the following interesting: In 1961, he pitched a night game versus the Cubs; the Day of Atonement had concluded at sundown of that day. He beat the Cubs and did so by throwing 205 pitches across 13 innings. Isn`t that amazing? Can you envision anyone doing that today? Not Matt Harvey, for sure.

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