#Cubs Arrieta goes for 20th win

Jake Arrieta takes the mound Tuesday night in his bid to become the Major League’s first 20-game  winner. The right-hander has posted 17 straight quality starts, and is 13-1 with a 1.01 ERA in that stretch. He has a 0.95 ERA since the All-Star break, which is the second lowest ERA after the break in ML history.

The Cubs and Arrieta face the Brewers at Wrigley Field. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber LF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Coghlan RF

Montero C

Baez SS

Arrieta P


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Game day with Arrieta pitching – – – Sit back, relax, enjoy – – – Watch a master in charge! 😀

Are you suggesting Lester is not a master, White? (Smiling) Did you tell KenlyCub I`m waiting to hear from him?

Aloha White & jhosk, hope for a cool and calm performance from Jake. Also jhosk, you mention announcers a lot, something that bugged me in Jake’s last performance was in the 6th inning they were talking about his 20th win before it happened. I wanted so badly to ask them to be quiet. Well you know,what happened, things got bad quickly but thank goodness the team rallied. I hope they will have more discernment tonight. Take care. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. Those broadcasters can be verbose at inopportune times, and jinx us. They need to learn that every now and then `silence is golden.` Did you see my comment on another thread re: Sandy Koufax? He`s 79 now and as reclusive as ever, but I admire the man as much as any athlete I can name. I`ve seen you praise him often.

Hi jhosk. I would never sit back, relax and enjoy when Lester pitches.(Wink, wink). 😀 Haven’t heard from KenlyCub. I miss his input! Hope he reads this and comes back!

P.S. jhosk, I watched a Blue Jays game yesterday – Price pitching. You might want to go to the sight. The hit was a come-backer that could have killed him. He got his glove up a split second before it hit him full face. The stadium was one big gasp! He came up smiling!

I did see highlights of that contest on `Quick Pitch` today, White, but overlooked that `close call.` Cubs` fans are salivating over the possibility he could be part of our rotation in 2016. If the FO does not pursue him in a serious way, it will be disappointing.

Pardon the intrusion jhosk but I can’t help but agree with you SO MUCH regarding the Cubs’ 2016 pursuit of Price. If ever the timing was right to break the bank for a pitcher that would so dramatically increase a thriving ball club’s chances at multiple WS appearances it is this coming off season. Always a gamble signing pitchers long term for mega bucks but Price? Worth the risk for sure. Also, I would like to commend you on the use of the word “verbose”, nice.

Joey, I think most of us are expecting Management to go after Price, who else do you see them going after to bolster the rotation?

Price is definitely the top guy we HAVE to get…..
But if the front office wants to bolster the 4-5 spot…. I think you got to trade Hammel. To save the money. I would love to see Mike Leake in the 4 spot and Hendricks the 5th. I don’t know if its a huge upgrade but I do foresee Hammel under producing in the future. The last two years his 2nd half has been bad. Brett Anderson would be an interesting guy in the 4-5 spot also… the history of injuries scare me but he is a quality pitcher that would be an upgrade in the 4-5 spot when healthy.
There is also the possibly to trade for some talent. It will be interesting to see how willing the FO is in giving up some positional talent to acquire an upgrade in SP. McKinney, Almora, Vogelbach, Jimenez and Castro are guys that should have some value and are tradable in the right deal.

petrey10, we are on the same page with much you put out there.
Price would be the one to go after.
Hammel with another full year of team control would have to have some value, especially for a team in the rebuilding process or a 4th or 5th starter.
With the talent on the current team and others on the way, you bring up a great question: How long will they hang on to guys like Almora and Vogelbach?
Castro has made huge strides of late, he has really increased his value.
Myself, I would not be interested in Brett Anderson.
Your thoughts on Cahill would be appreciated. Turner there is still hope for, at least in my opinion.
Its obvious the Cubs will not be getting a top Draft Pick next year, the current team looks good for years to come, especially after adding another starter or two. Maybe some of these guys could be traded to other teams for their top Draft Picks and keep the system stocked.
Like Edwards and McKinney. That was an awesome trade.

Aloha Petrey, interesting you bring up Leake. I thought he was a good pick up for the Giants in making a run for their post-season. He has had a couple of rough outings but I think in the right setting he could do well. Look at Arrieta, he was in the 5+ ERA range in Baltimore then gets traded to our NorthSiders. Working with Bosio he has ERA a little over 2.00! I think there is potential for Leake in this rotation, I wonder if the FO could get him for a fair price with incentives for say a 2-3yr contract? I also agree with you about Hammel, it is sad but true his second half has not been strong and he looks like he is laboring at times; I had high hopes for him. Well, I hope he can finish out the season strong. Mahalo.

Jasper… You can’t trade draft picks in MLB … You would be trading for $$$ or prospects
Cahill? Meh I’m fine with him in long relief or spot start but not starting rotation…. Not an upgrade long term
If you don’t like Anderson idk how you could like Turner. Both are injury prone. But Anderson when healthy has been well above league average. He is a solid pitcher and would be great in 4-5 spot

LOL petrey10, thought you would give me more credit than that. Trade for Draft Picks already drafted by other teams.
Guess I should have added that?

It was just an amazing game. All around great to watch. It’s so refreshing to really see all of the players work so well together. Not saying that they didn’t before but within now and next year? Mmmmm we’ll be unstoppable. Plus I seriously hope Schwarber doesn’t leave anytime soon, he’s my favorite so far.

Why would Schwarber leave, Isabel? He`s a rookie who just joined the club in the middle of the season. He should be a `keeper` for many years. Keep in mind this team we defeated tonight, the Brewers, is a bottom feeder, just as the Pirates` opponent tonight, the Rockies, are. Be impressed when the Cubs defeat outstanding clubs like the Pirates and Cardinals. {Also keep in mind Arrieta started for the Cubs tonight. He`s pitching at such a high level that he is very likely to dominate any team he faces, whether it`s a bottom feeder or an elite club.

Yeah you’re right, just a thought. But I’m pretty sure that in years to come all this team will have is young players, I’m sure we all know and see that. And as in who to win topic, I think that every team should be taken seriously as they play. Because no matter what it’s a whole game and say if they lost against the Brewers, then that would have made us look bad. And maybe if they aren’t as great this year then that means each time we play them it should be like “practice” type of thing.

Aloha jhosk, yes meant to comment. You reminded me that today is Yom Kippur. I recently heard some SF radio announcers talking about how it most have been tough to be Juan Marichal during the years the Dodgers had Drysdale, Podres and Koufax. I am speaking about the Cy Young award. Boy, there was some great pitching during that period you were blessed to start watching this game: Robin Roberts, Warren Spahn, Bob Gibson, Hoyt Wilhelm, Whitey Ford all those above! But Koufax and those 5 straight seasons are argueably the best ever pitched in the game. I wish him well. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. It`s interesting you mention Bob Gibson, because I heard Joe Maddon`s comments after tonight`s game and, at one point, Joe said Bob Gibson was his favorite pitcher. {Keep in mind, Maddon grew up an avid Cardinals` fan.}

Yes, k.g. Sandy Koufax played golf at a course just 20 miles from where I`m domiciled two weeks ago. Sandy remains close friends with Dick Tracewski who was a teammate on those Dodgers` teams back in the sixties, and Sandy visits Dick from time to time here in Pa. {Tracewski lives nearby to myself.} Recall I mentioned that Sandy refused to pitch that very first game of the 1965 W.S. versus the Twins in respect to his Jewish religion and the occasion of Yom Kippur. Instead Drysdale started that game in his place. Drysdale was off that day and was shelled to the tune of 8 runs or so. When manager Walter Alston approached the mound to take the ball from Drysdale and remove him from the game, Don said to Walter, “I`ll bet you wish I was Jewish today.”

Good bye Yogi Berra. Yogi was a special person, personality and true Ambassador of the game. I am sure he will be missed by many.

Aloha Jasper- wow. Yes, he was a great Ambassador of the game. We need more folks like him that carry themselves with dignity and class both on and off the field. RIP Yogi. Mahalo.

There are so many things we can cite about Yogi, k.g. Here`s just one: he took part in twenty-one World Series as a player, manager, or coach. Do you reckon that can be said about any other individual?

Yes, Jasper, Yogi was `an American original,` for sure. One of the things we learned about Yogi today and which I had not realized prior, is that the man took part in `D Day,` in World War II. Given you are an Army vet, I thought you could appreciate that more than most. Were you aware of Yogi`s military service?

Thank you jhosk, I was aware and have read about every book there is on Yogi.

Great game again last night…. I really really hope the organization isn’t running Arrieta into the ground. 125 pitches last night? I know he is in great shape but so was Prior…. I really would like to see them be a little more conservative on this pitch count. But again congrats to Arrieta hopefully that gives him a leg up in the CY Young race.

Aloha petrey- I was thinking that probably come his next start he will exit early if all is going well but that is against the Pirates. Also, nothing against Dusty Baker but he was not very good at managing his bullpens (SF Giants & Cubs). I think Maddon and Bosio are more competent in that area, though I know they have had the pressure put upon themselves because of a bp that has not been able to perform. Let us hope going forward that Grimm, Strop, Rondon and the rest can hold the line. Mahalo.

Agreed petrey10, good thoughts and I thought the same thing. I bet if it wasn’t his shot at his 20th win Maddon may have pulled him at 100 pitches or so. But can you imagine if the BP blew his 20th? Hopefully all works out well for the in shape Arrietta, it was a great way to keep the crowd and Arrieta around for the finish of the complete game. Maybe next season we will have an improved and more confident BP which will allow for some more conservative pitch counts in general.

I was just looking at La Stella’s STATS. He is a very good ball player when healthy. He has played 3B and 2B this year. If they gave him some OF time in ST next year and he can handle it, he could be the Zobrist on the Cubs.
That would make Coughlan and Alcantara available in a trade. Also with Contreras on the move, he could move Ross into a Coaching roll next June or July.
I don’t see the Cubs resigning Fowler, maybe Jackson for CF Insurance until McKinney or Almora are ready?
Cub fans, this is a very good team.

Thanks for praising La Stella, Jasper. As you may recall, I observed him for two seasons at the college level when he played for the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers in Conway, S.C., very near to Myrtle Beach. He played just two years for Coastal because he transferred there from St. Johns. Did I entertain the notion that he could one day play in the majors? I did not. I can assure you I would have paid more attention to his game had I known one day he would play for the Cubs. I like that he has a knack for getting on base and making contact and taking free passes and not fanning all that much. In fact the FO likes that about him too, because Jed Hoyer said as much when Tommy was first acquired. {You can look it up.}

Have heard it said that the highest number of times Yogi fanned in any given season was 38. Keep in mind Mike Trout struck out 184 times in 2014, and Bob Nightengale told us back in February that the most times Pete Rose fanned in any season was 74. Just 38 times for a home run hitter is a remarkable number. Another reason why Yogi was `the Man.` And one of my favorite Yogi gems is as follows: “Go to all your friends` funerals, because if you do not, they will not attend yours.”

Aloha jhosk- I think I shared with you about my father explaining to me how hard it was for hitters back in the “Golden Age” of this game because the pitcher’s mound was almost twice as high as it is today. So my father who would put on clinics in addition to coaching would show folks the advantage that pitchers had with that additional height. So, as you say for Yogi to strikeout only 38 times in a season is remarkable. And for whatever one thinks about Rose, his approach at the plate was awesome. I remember his tremendous season at the age of 40 during that strike-shortened season. Thought that was too bad. Anyhow, Yogi was the man and will be sorely missed. We need more of his type that knew how to play hard-disciplined ball but also knew how to laugh with others and at one’s own self. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., from everything I`ve heard about Yogi, he was gracious and gentle soul. No one can recall seeing him in a `foul` mood. Yesterday they showed footage of Don Newcombe speaking of how he dreaded facing Yogi, and how it was a challenge to retire him. Newcombe said he did not mind pitching to Mantle, but Berra was another matter. Speaking of punch outs, doesn`t Bryant lead the league in that category? I reckon he`s in that 184 neighborhood right now. Shows you one can be very productive despite the high strike out rate. The dingers and rbi are impressive. Trout ,of course, won the MVP in 2014 in spite of his alarming punch out rate. As Pete Rose remarked in February, 184 is Dave Kingman and Adam Dunn territory.

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