Day 2 at the zoo with the #Cubs

On Tuesday, there was a penguin, flamingo, snow leopards and some other animals at Wrigley Field for the Cubs players and their families. On Wednesday, the Cubs players got to meet Bibi, a 2 1/2 year old cheetah. Cubs pitcher Travis Wood was giving Joe Maddon some grieve for not having animals in the clubhouse this year. The Columbus Zoo was behind the animal project.

“This time of the year, things tend to get a little bit up tight and I don’t want that at all — there’s no reason to be,” Maddon said. “These little sojourns from the normal moment I think are good for everybody.”



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Since we are bringing the zoo to Wrigley let’s give animal nicknames to our players. Fowler can be the Panther – he runs so fast. Arrieta can be the Lion – King if the mound! Rizzo can be the Elephant – he has the skin that bounces balls right off him when at bat! Bryant can be the Owl – wise for his rookie year. And so on.

White…the off day yesterday had you thinking way too hard…. BUT, I’ll play….the Owl should be reserved for Maddon, not Bryant. Let Bryant learn a few more things before anointing him as being wise…Castro can be a squirrel. Like a squirrel crossing a street Castro too does not know when to run to first, turning doubles into singles as he did the other day on a high fly ball down the left field line. He stood and watched figuring it to be foul, then had a revelation it might be fair so he ran to first, then another revelation he might make it to second, then yet another revelation after rounding first that he’d gone to far, wouldn’t make it safely to second anymore so he turned around (as a squirrel will do) and ran back the other direction (coming close to being in a run down). Hence, squirrel.
I like Castro, but that play exemplified the issues he has with THINKING. Whether batting/running or fielding. If he can somehow concentrate better on the game at hand and every situation he faces I think he can excel. It’s right there in front of him, I hope the kid grabs it.

Hi Fonzie – Funny – I was going to call Castro a squirrel too, but for a different reason! We feed our squirrels sunflower seeds and Castro is famous for planting his seeds at the plate and at SS. 😀

OK then White…Squirrel it is!

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