#Cubs Castro visits patients at Lurie’s

Starlin Castro spent his off day visiting patients at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. He took time to make some individual room visits for some children who were in isolation and could not come down to see him. Castro brought Cubs hats and teddy bears, signed autographs, and took photos. SCLCH92405


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That is so cool of Castro. So glad he is handling his “demotion” with such grace. Not letting it interfere with being a good person. I think in the long run it will help him regain some concentration and purpose allowing him to get to a higher level of play. It may or may not be with the Cubs, depends on WHEN he puts it all together, hitting, fielding and thinking. That hat is pretty cool too.

Amen! It`s always admirable when players donate their time to community causes. Umpire `Cowboy Joe West` was involved in a 17 second `staredown` yesterday with Giants` ace Madison Bumgarner for which the umpire should be ashamed. I do not think fans came to the contest to see the umpire. And isn`t MLB trying to find ways to shorten games, not extend them the way Joe West did yesterday? I reckon I read early in the season that Joe West has been an arbiter at the major league level since 1975, and he plans to retire soon. MLB should be more than eager to show Joe the door, and say to him, “Thanks for coming!”

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