#Cubs lineup vs Pirates

Jason Hammel gets the start Saturday as the Cubs face the Pirates in the second game of their three-game  series. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Jackson LF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Soler RF

Ross C

Hammel P

Russell SS

In case you missed it, the Cubs did clinch a postseason berth late Friday thanks to the Giants losing to the A’s. The Giants now are mathematically eliminated.


Giants aren’t eliminated from playoff contention. They can still get in if they can catch LA.

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That may be a mathematical possibility, Nick, but you and I know that ain`t going to happen. Similarly, the Cubs are not going to overtake the Pirates in the standings. That is why I`m perplexed with why Arrieta is going to start versus Pittsburgh Sunday. That game is a meaningless one from the Cubs` standpoint. We are `tipping our hand,` if you like, by permitting the Pirates to familiarize themselves with Jake. As everyone knows, it is highly probable Arrieta will face the Pirates October 7th in PNC Park in Pittsburgh in a `loser go home` contest. We are advantaging the Pirates and damaging our own fortunes, and risking injury to our prized pitcher by sending him to the hill Sunday, in that meaningless game. Someone please tell me where I`m wrong here.

Aloha jhosk- I can see your point. Had the Cubs beaten the Pirates on both Friday and Saturday, one could understand Arrieta pitching on Sunday. I do not like the way the team has played these past 3 games. As I said, the fact that it took a SF lost to get them in. They need to fight, be hungry. I think tomorrow is an important game but as you said maybe someone else starts instead and Jake can start against KC or the Brewers/Reds. You do not want him to get “rusty” as they say. I understand that “next” year is the all-important year for this team but I would play this year as if they have a chance, nothing to lose. Look at what is in front of you now, 2015 with a shot to go a long way so play like you are in it. Take are now. Mahalo!

Also, Jake has already thrown far more innings in 2015 than anytime in his life prior. He is pitching at a higher level than any contemporary on the planet. If anyone deserves to `miss a turn,` if not two, and rest, and prepare himself for the `postseason.` it`s Jake. You Cubs` fans should want that for him.

Gents no matter how they made the WC game, they obviously played well enough to earn it. Maddons has rewarded them with relax mode.
When the time comes they will be ready

Aloha Jasper, that is true. I am a little old school, maybe it is my father. I think rest is good bit practice is good too. Just do not want for them to become complacent. Today is a hit game. Mahalo!

With Maddon at the helm, complacency is not an option.

Aloha Jasper- I expect that Maddon would not allow them slide backwards. The Cardinals lost today so the Pirates smell blood in the water. This is a statement game and they need to pick this one up and not roll over to them. I do not care if Arrieta is pitching or not, at this point it is not about him getting his 21st win but rather the team going out and playing good ball: pitching-defense-offense. Mahalo!

Aloha Jasper, not sure where you but out here in the West, MLB said because of my location I was “blacked-out?” Never had that happen as Chicago and Pittsburgh are not in my “market.” Well, thank goodness for updates and audio. Mahalo!

Still on the road K.g., didn’t see much of the game. Did see Bryant get his 99th RBI and Arietta strike out a few for the 90th win.
90, who would have predicted that in the Spring?
What a fun season!!!!!!

Did y`all notice that Papelbon and Harper, two teammates, were involved in an altercation in the Nationals` dugout yesterday? We recently commented that Papelbon is a `head case.` But as a friend pointed out last might after seeing that, Harper is a `head case` also. Their fighting is `poetic justice. Two fools going head to head. The pity is that they embarrassed their organization and fans, and disrespected the game. Aren`t y`all pleased the Cubs did not pursue Jonathon Papelbon as its closer earlier this season?

You may remember jhosk, I was never an advocate for Papelbon.
This should also bring to ones mind, what team chemistry means. It is a important component of success. STATS are great, but team mates have to get along and pull for each other.

Also jhosk, I am betting that Matt Williams is fired very soon. That altercation may have been the icing on the ole cake.

Howdy Jhosk, maybe Jordan Zimmerman will like the idea of pitching with Arreita and for Maddon next season, a far cry from the National’s environment….Zimmerman AND Price would put the Cubs to the top of the pecking order in the NLC, don’t you think? Hoping to witness the Ricketts open the vault for Epstein to go after two stud pitchers to nail down the 2016 rotation. Take care.

Yes, fonzie. I advocated for Zimmermann (and it`s weird, but his name does end with two n`s), for much of this season, but after reflecting on his 2015, am not as high on him as I was prior. In many ways, he would be a good `fit,` but his 2015 Nats` season was not as impressive as the one prior. Is one of the reasons that team `underperformed.` Price is `the real deal.` Isn`t that Toronto Blue Jays` club imposing? No one will be shocked if the Blue Jays reach the WS. That lineup is awesome. Did I mention that Papelbon is a jerk, and Harper is too? I know Bryce`s 2015 offensive numbers are stunning, but would love to see someone other than him win the MVP. Often voters choose a player who actually made an impact on his team`s reaching the postseason, and that`s not Bryce. So there`s hope. Perhaps even one of our Cubs? What do you think, fonzie?

Good points jhosk regarding Zimmermann’s 2015 season…but looking at his stats and the comments I read from his teammates and coaching staff, and 29 years old…I think he is still a solid bet that would fit nicely on the staff. A real competitor with good stuff and ice in his veins (so I read…). Would it not be great if Arrieta won BOTH Cy Yound\g and MVP awards??? I believe he is deserving of both.

Absolutely agree, Jasper. Williams claims he was at the other end of the dugout and did not see what happened, and indeed sent Papelbon back out to the mound afterward. How weak is that? Matt Williams was `out to lunch,` and has been for much of this season. His Nats are the biggest disappointment in the majors in 2015 by a wide margin. Many prognosticators back in the spring predicted the Nats would reach the WS in 2015. Yes, Jasper; Matt Williams is `toast,` and deserves to be.

Yes, fonzie; Jordan`s 2015 stats are still decent, and with Boz working with him, he could excel with us next season. His `FIP` was much lower in 2014, but that is to be expected. Like what you suggested about Jake and the MVP, in addition to Cy Young. Will be watching the Cards/Pirates tonight, and not the Cubs. The former game has more meaning. Can you believe the Redbirds surrendered 7 runs in the ninth yesterday to the lowly Brewers? St Louis is looking more and more vulnerable of late.

I hear ya’ jhosk! One has to wonder if the Cubs would be better off facing the Cardinals in a one and done play off instead of the Pirates and their ace Cole?? Either way we are in!! Have fun this post season jhosk! Oh…Doesn’t a rotation of Arrietta, Price, Lester, Zimmerman & PTBN sound just about right for that run of sustained success we are expecting?

jhosk & joey, wish I could agree on Zimmerman, but why?
If Management signs Price and that’s an if: Don’t they have enough to trade for another starter? Maybe one younger and under team control for a few years.
I also have not given up on Hendricks. He has had a rough year, no doubt. Lots of youngsters have a rough 2nd year, back in the day, they called it the sophomore jinx. I think he deserves another chance.
In reserve for the 6th & 7th spots in the Rotation, there is still Cahill if he comes back to the Cubs and Turner.
I do think most of us know Hammel is toast next year

Joey, what is your problem? Can you post without cursing?
My opinion is Zimmerman is not needed. There is enough talent to trade for another starter.
I don’t know how I confused PTBNL with Hendricks or Kendricks, I have no idea what your talking about when you rant, calm down.

Fonzie5430, I keep deleting your comments because of the swearing. It’s not acceptable

Thank you jhosk. Goodbye and God bless.

jhosk, how did you like that start by Hendricks/PTBNL/Kendricks tonight?
Couple 1st inning walks. but he looked very impressive.

Unfortunately, Jasper, did not get to see the Cubs` game. I was occupied with the Cards/Pirates. The Pirates came up short, and their loss pretty much guarantees we will be facing them October 7th in their building, PNC Park. Let`s hope they play us that night in a similar fashion as they performed versus the Redbirds tonight. The Pirates looked impotent, and their defense committed an error that led to their demise. I think I heard one of the broadcasters say the Pirates lead the league in errors, or is it just the division? Not sure. The point is their defense is suspect. Mark Reynolds hit a long ball. He`s one of those `all or nothing` guys. Reminds one of Dave Kingman. He`ll either crush a long ball, or fan. You`ll recall he took Travis Wood deep in a game early this season which led to a Cubs` defeat, and I recall you commenting on here about how that `pissed you off.` It did me as well. That was a time when Travis was still starting. Let`s hope Travis does not need to face Reynolds October 7th. As for Hendricks, you revealed that you have not given up on him. I`m with you. I like Hendricks and want him to succeed. I like that he`s a former Ivy Leaguer (wasn`t it Yale?). Very few Ivy Leaguers make it to the majors; trust me. It`s all about pitching, as Joe Maddon said recently. We`ll win that game October 7th if we pitch better than Pittsburgh. The same thing is true if we get to advance. Offense is nice, but pitching trumps offense. The Blue Jays have an impressive offensive club, but it`s my opinion that if Arrieta could oppose them the way he`s pitching these days, he would shut them down, just as he has every other club he`s faced.

It was Dartmouth, not Yale. And it`s very unlikely Wood will have the opportunity to face Reynolds October 7th, but let`s hope it is a possibility after that night, as it will mean the Cubs advanced.

jhosk, I really don’t know what schools the players come from, wish I could discuss that with you, but just not into college ball.
Hendricks looked very good tonight. Cahill continues to impress out of the BP. I really wish they would give him a start before the Playoffs, just in case he might be able to fill that #3 or #4 spot.
As you say Pitching will be key if they win that WC game.
It has and is a very exciting season.

I hear you, Jasper. I like what Cahill has given us too. That is an excellent point you make when you suggest he deserves a start. We may need him in that role down the road if we advance. I did some research and yes, the Pirates do lead the NL in errors; in fact they are ever so close to leading the entire majors in that ignominious category. Only Oakland has committed more, and just by one. And I trust you are aware that the Cubs lead all the major leagues in strike outs, and by a wide margin. The Cubs in 2015 have fanned north of 1,400 times; no other major league team has more than 1,300.

The K’s are ok jhosk, when you look at the OBP’s. They also take a lot of walks, foul off a lot of pitches. That’s just makes the opposing pitcher elevate their pitch counts by the 5th & 6th inning.
Plus those two & three run homers make Earl Weaver smile.

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