#Cubs secure 1st playoff berth since ’08

The Cubs are back in the playoffs. Despite losing to the Pirates earlier Friday, the Cubs secured a postseason berth because of the Giants’ loss to the Athletics. That game ended about midnight Friday, and that’s when the party started. Some of the Cubs players stayed awake and posted messages on Twitter:

Jason Motte: “This is what you work all offseason, spring training and season for. #PostseasonBaseball here we come!!! #GoCubsGo”

Dexter Fowler: “I’ve never been happier for the @Athletics! #playoffbound”

If the season ended today, the Cubs would play the Pirates in the National League Wild Card game on Oct. 7 at PNC Park. Does home field advantage matter?

“It’s not, in my mind,” Chicago catcher David Ross said Friday. “That’s my personal opinion. We play good at their place.
We’ve played pretty strong in Pittsburgh.”

This is the first time the Cubs have reached the playoffs since 2008.

— Carrie Muskat


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What a great bathroom trip. Thanks for 24/7 coverage, Carrie!

YESSSSSSS!!! #GoCubsGo !!!!!!
Even if it’s one & done this is a great experience for the rookies & the team! Of course, getting beyond the one & done would be pretty sweet. #LetsGo !

Absolutely! Come on. Nobody expected this at the beginning of the season. Yes, of course, there are some weak spots. But we’re in! On to the next step. This is great. (P.S. My Mom took me to my first Wrigley game in 1949 — Cubs vs. Boston Braves — and I walked or took the bus to hundreds more after that one.)

Aloha Bruce! I must admit I thought you were closer to my age as I saw my first game as a child at Wrigley in the 80’s! That is cool that you saw a game in 1949! That means you watched Phil Cavarretta play, correct? Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., I`ve known Bruce is even older than myself, as I recollect him telling us what he paid for a bleacher seat at Wrigley back in the day when he was a kid. It may have been Bruce`s very first post on here. I hope Bruce does not mind repeating that very inexpensive figure. It`s always a pleasure to read Bruce from Brazil`s comments.

David Ross states that it`s immaterial where the Cubs play that Wild Card game. More importantly, I have a hunch it does not matter to Jake Arrieta that the contest could be played on the road. When Jake pitches, he`s capable of dominating any team in any park, including Yellowstone.

Hi, guys. Bleacher ticket 60 cents! Yes, I once saw Cavarretta hit a grand slam. There was no batter’s eye. For some reason, practically all bleacher fans wore white shirts. Some folks sat in the shade under the center field scoreboard and bet on every play: ball or strike, hit or out. On the other hand, there were times when the team was so bad, management simply closed the upper deck to avoid paying ushers, cleaning costs and so on. Let’s go, Cubbies!

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