Clap along to #Cubs Castro’s lively music

Starlin Castro began the season with a different walk-up song. He also started this year as the Cubs shortstop. Now, he’s got the crowd at Wrigley Field, his teammates and coaches all clapping along to “Ando En La Versace” by Omega. And he’s playing well, too.

Castro hit a two-run double Sunday night in the Cubs’ 4-0 victory over the Pirates, and is batting .398 in his last 30 games. That’s an improvement from the .236 he was batting on Aug. 7 when manager Joe Maddon benched him.

“I’ve just been confident and kept my head up and my mind strong,” Castro said Sunday. “I’ve been through a lot of bad things that make me think too much sometimes. I never put my head down. I know my talent, I can trust my talent. I always have confidence that good things are coming up.”

He’s gotten starts now at second base as rookie Addison Russell has taken over at shortstop. And now Castro and the Cubs are headed to the postseason, having secured one of the Wild Card spots.

As soon as he heads to the plate, his walk-up music starts. And everyone in Wrigley Field, from the ushers to bullpen catcher Chad Noble, starts to clap.

“It’s awesome,” Castro said.

Castro had actually wanted to mix it up and use a different song.

“[They] told me, ‘That’s the song the fans love,'” Castro said. “Now, it’s the most emotional thing I’ve ever been through.”

And it’s not just the Cubs who like it.

“Today, the catcher told me, ‘I want to clap, too,'” Castro said of Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli. “He said, ‘Every time you come and hit, I almost take my glove off and start clapping.'”

— Carrie Muskat


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