#Cubs Hendricks to start vs Royals

Kyle Hendricks gets the start and Anthony Rizzo gets a day off on Monday when the Cubs play host to the Royals in a make-up Interleague game at Wrigley Field. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Coghlan LF

Bryant 1B

La Stella 3B

Castro 2B

Montero C

Soler RF

Russell SS

Hendricks P


Bryant at 1B? Gotta love the kid’s versatility. He does look like he belongs there with his good height. Come on 100th RBI!!! Tonight will do just fine.

I am hoping for that 100th RBI as well joey. Would love to see Rizzo get 5 more as well.
First time I have heard of Bryant playing 1B, it will be interesting to see his 1B footwork.

Was nice that the Cubs won tonight`s game with a walk-off dinger, but the truth is this was a `meaningless` game, as will be all the regular season games going forward. If a Cubs` player slugs a game winning long ball October 7th versus the Pirates in Pittsburgh, that will be a `meaningful` home run and `meaningful` victory. It will mean we get to play the Redbirds in the NLDS.

Its has a lot to do with momentum, that Denorfia walk off keeps it going.

Aloha jhosk- I have a different take: The Cubs can still overtake the Pirates or could tie with them. In the event of a tie, the Cubs get to host that Wild Card game because they won the regular season series between them and Pittsburgh. I know it is a lot to ask, to make up 3.5 games but stranger things have happened. I felt it helped the Giants last year not to have a “rest,” as they went from winning the Wild Card in Pittsburgh to having to starting the series against the Nationals in D.C., then onto a tough series with the Cardinals. I think this could work out for the Cubbies too. As I said, I play these last games as if we are still in it and have something to gain. Kudos to Hendricks today who pitched one heck of a game against a very good Royals team and for the bp keeping them in the game so that a Denorfia could have a walk-off! Keep this moment up guys! Tomorrow is another big game! Mahalo!

Awesome positive post K.g.
Its fun to be a realistic confident fan. I feel like everything the rest of this year is just icing on the cake for sustained success the next 5 to 7 years or more.

Jasper, I agree with the momentum. Playing well down the stretch is important. Joe Maddon will keep the Cubs focused. This season has been exciting. Couldn’t be a better time for Hendricks to get hot either.

Just seen a interview video clip of Hendricks after last nights game. He said he struggled the first couple innings, then found that groove he’s been looking for. He looked pretty dominate against the AL Champs.
Hendricks was in that groove when promoted in 2014. I think starting the season at Wrigley, in the cold of April threw Hendricks for a loop this year. Hopefully he is better prepared for that temperature change next April.

A win against the Royals is great… They are the best team in the AL. That’s a feather in the the cubs hat. Playing the rest of the year is about getting/staying healthy and confidence

That’s 100% correct petrey10, I also just read a recent article on Castro along with listening to video with Maddon discussing Castro:
Nothing but positive INFO involving his confidence. It may turn out you were the only one correct about Castro, I know I pretty much gave up on him early AUG, maybe before that.

MLB is reporting Yadier Molina is not expected to play for the remainder of the regular season. Sounds as if he is not healing as rapidly as expected, and is a cloud over when and if he`ll be available in the postseason. If we are fortunate enough to play the Cards again this season, I`ve stated that we want to do so when the team is at full strength. But that does not seem possible. Wainwright is due back soon, we`re told, but how effective is he likely to be? Also rookie Piscotty was carted off the PNC Park outfield last night after colliding with a teammate.



I intended to type MLB Network in the above, and not MLB. As for scoring runners from third with less than two outs, as of last weekend the Cubs were dead last in the NL in that category with a .236 average. The manager has stated it`s a big problem with his team. Do ya think?

jhosk, I do think and agree. Just my opinion or maybe personality, but it seems some are pointing out any negative they can find, instead of being happy and excited about: 91 wins with 5 games left and the Cubs going to the WC game.
That is awesome and exciting. Not only that, but look at this team for years to come.
Then look at what was accomplished with the year, from the numbers 3, 4, 5, spot in the rotation. Its crazy where they are at now.

I hear you, Jasper. You see the vessel as half full, and I see it as half empty. I`m a pessimist and you are the optimist. But if the Cubs win that WC game, I`ll be an optimistic pessimist.

I will show my pessimistic side during the off season jhosk.
Even though I know, this Management know what they are doing, I still question some moves. A perfect example was the Lester FA signing, I was dead against it. Nobody worth that kind of money. ( my opinion)
Should they sign Price, I will feel the same way. Zimmerman, I just hope not.

I really wish you and everyone else could look past the contracts …. It’s market price … Do you expect to get value deals on the big names ???? Bc you shouldn’t …. Lester signing was needed and not many other options… You can’t build s contender in one offseason so it was a good deal. We are going to need to overpay again for price. I’m fine for doing so bc then our top 3 pitchers can rival the Dodgers …. We gotta pay to play …. Suck it up and deal with it

Hard to do petrey10, I realize its not my money. I realize signing Lester improved this team dramatically. I realize that if Price or another FA is signed its going to be huge money.
I doubt that I will ever be over to get over it, but wish everyone else the best.

I want to play and beat Pittsburgh in the WC bc 5 games against the cards should be easier than 5 with pirates

Aloha Petrey- I have been thinking about this too. Even though the Cubs won the regular season series against the Pirates, I think they are more trouble for this young team. The Pirates remind me a little of the 2003 Marlins, meaning that team never felt they were out of it, they were pesky at the plate, took a lot of pitches, played small-ball, good starting pitching and defense. So, I am with you, I would love to see this team beat them Pirates in the WC, then at some point the Cardinals. So, as I still feel that the Cubs can catch them, even tie them then the WC game comes to Wrigley, I find myself hoping the Cardinals take the double-header from Pittsburgh tomorrow! I think the Cubs will have to pay to get a Price on their team and think by getting just him, meaning 1 starter in the off-season, if they get a Price I think they can then look at the bp and either trading away some folks, letting some go and picking up a couple of strong arms, one could be a closer. I know what I am about to say will not get taken cared of all this year because it comes with maturity and mentoring but I do hope the RISP stat, runners on 3rd/2nd with 1 or less outs can strengthen now because even with good staring pitching, average-good defense, they need to hit and score runs to advance in the post-season. Today was a big game and Haren came through along with the offense early. Tomorrow is an opportunity for Lester to tune things up going as well as the rest of the team. Mahalo!

I also believe that if the Cubs when that WC game, they will go on to face the Mets or Dodgers.
The Cardinals are beat up very bad, just need to find away to contain Carpenter.

Jasper that’s impossible.. Pirates then cards… End of story

Whats impossible petrey10?
I was saying that if the Cubs win the WC game, they will take either the Pirates or Cards then go onto the Mets or Dodgers.

Do you think it prudent for the Cubs to pursue Zimmermann this winter, k.g.? I`m thinking along the lines of someone to replace Hammel in the rotation; Jason is a weak link, if you like.

Hammel as the 4 is actually pretty good… It’s the 3 spot that hurts us

I believe Hammel is good in the 4 spot during the first part of the season. The last two years tells the story the 2nd half.

Aloha jhosk, it is too bad about Hammel. I know this season is still going but let’s say the FO gets Price, well maybe you work with your Arrieta-Price-Lester trio and see if Hendricks, Wada, Turner, Edwards, Richard can fill the other spots, thus allowing the FO to beef up that bullpen! Mahalo!

Agree 100% K.g. Good post.
I know I keep saying this, but the Cubs now have talent to trade. If they sign Price, Management can trade for another starter should they choose to do so.
They could go after Gray of Oakland, Kluber of Cleveland, Miller of Atlanta, Ross of San Diego, even one of the Mets many starters.
Or as you say, if Price is signed, Arietta, Price and Lester look very good. Give Hendricks that 4th spot and another chance and there are many to compete for the 5th spot.
I do think Wada is a FA after this season, they may have to resign him. Don’t forget Cahill, he might be a shocker.

When I suggest Zimmermann, it`s after Price. David Price has to be the priority. Then perhaps Zimmermann? Then you have 1-4 in the rotation covered. I know It`s a lot to assume, or take for granted. But hey, it`s the nature of the beast. It`s not our money. It`s easy for us observers to sit on the sidelines and speculate about.

Aloha jasper and jhosk, I like many of those you mention, outside of this organization. I agree with the statement that the FO go hard after Price. Then possibly put together a trade for another starter. Yes to the Mets in regard to the amount of pitchers they have. Wada would have to be resigned and at a competitive price if hr wants to return that of course assumes they want him back. Good win tonight. Mahalo!

Some of those names you suggest, Jasper, may indeed be better options than Jordan Zimmermann. I especially like Kluber, and one of the Mets` starters if he`s known as `Thor.`

Upon further review, I like Sonny Gray even more than Kluber. And his contract appears to be one which makes him more likely to be moved. The Cubs received some very good news today when a federal judge dismissed two `Rooftop` lawsuits brought by businesses on Sheffield Avenue.

Aloha jhosk, yes I like Gray too. I feel for the A’s because they can never hold onto their folks. But if it can benefit the Cubs, I hope for another Shark for Russell-McKinney trade! I saw him pitch and he is very good and I think with the right tutoring can only get better. He like Arrieta, has many tools (pitches). He also has a frame like Tim Lincecum (smaller) but to Gray’s credit has put-kept on weight-muscle. Remember, Lincecum went through a time changing up his diet and lost a lot of weight. Many attribute that with some of his difficulties. Again, if this FO could work something to get Gray, that would be amazing! Tomorrow is an important start for Hammel, he really needs to go out there and show that he can stay focused, throw strikes and give the team innings. I dare say it now but I think he in that “gray-area” in terms of who is picked for the post-season roster. I hope for the best. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., I recall you relating at some point this season you attended a game which Gray started. He`s younger than Kluber too. As you suggest, it is going to be more than interesting to see which players are chosen for the postseason roster. There was an item in today`s `USA Today` about players who are part of major league rosters and are `exclusively` base stealers. They almost never are asked to bat. Ours is Berry. Is it Quinton? Will he be given a roster spot? Don`t know. Is why we will be eagerly watching.

Make that one lawsuit brought by two businesses, but I`m sure you `get` my meaning. The organization has to be ecstatic as it `closes a chapter.`

I have not seen this news jhosk, been looking for it. I know the Ricketts bought 2 or more of the roof top buildings, but winning the lawsuit against the others is huge.

I receive `Chicago Tribune` alerts, jasper. Is where I read about it. The judge who ruled in the Cubs` favor is Virginia Kendall. The Rickettses own six rooftop businesses, all acquired this year. Edward McCarthy owns both businesses involved with this lawsuit.

Thank you jhosk. I finally found it, but not in the details you mentioned. The info is much appreciated and hope that Edward McCarthy considers selling soon.

There is at least one other rooftop business in which the Rickettses do not have a stake, jasper. It`s `Murphy`s Rooftop` at Sheffield/Waveland Avenues. Those owners did not bring any lawsuit, and I have the impression they are not likely to, but I could be mistaken. The MLB Network is televising today`s Cubs/Reds contest. Cubs are up 5-3 as I type.

Hello? Is anyone home? What does this b.s. have to do with the Cubs? While I have you here, do you think the Cubs can win that Wild Card game versus the Pirates next Wednesday? Have you noted there are some regular posters on here who appear to have a `defeatist` attitude, and have expressed that they will be okay if the Cubs lose that game? I`m not one of them, nail salon Temecula; trust me. I`m beginning to believe I`m the optimist, and these others are pessimists. They take for granted that the Cubs are going to be improved next season and beyond and will probably win the division and excel in 2016. But that is not guaranteed. What if that does not happen in 2016? The Cards and Pirates will be improved in 2016 also, if not other clubs in the same division. I say `seize the moment,` and win this game October 7th. This contest is just `the appetizer.` The `true` postseason begins after this `Russian Roulette` contest. Are you with me, nail salon Temecula? I`m wanting to hear from you, and perhaps some of those regular posters who have low expectations for the Cubs` chances October 7th will be listening for your response, as well. I know Joe Maddon expects to win that game. He`s an optimist, like myself. Victory is the only option. {And btw, it does not matter if the game is played at Wrigley or PNC Park. Jake Arrieta can shut down teams in any venue. Gerrit Cole is impressive, but Jake is better.} Smiling

jhosk, if victory is the only option, what happens if they lose?
I expect the Cubs to win, because they are that good. However if they don’t, this has been one great season.
I expect Arietta to have good game, but if he don’t, he has had a great season. I think even Sandy Koufax lost a game or two after he became great.
I am sure the Cardinals and Pirates will try to improve over the winter. The Pirates may have a position or two to improve.
The Cubs however had many 1st year players, that should only get better. Add a FA or two to that, it may make them much better.

My bad. For some reason, I get spam comments here, and didn’t delete that one. It’s gone now

Jasper, it`s all about attitude. I recall MatB asking me a question back in November after Joe Maddon was newly brought aboard, and most of us were praising the hire. MatB was skeptical and asked, and I paraphrase, “What if Maddon is unsuccessful and the team underperforms under his tutelage?” I replied that `failure is not an option with Joe Maddon.` That attitude applies to the approaching WC game. I commented to you, Jasper, earlier this week that you are the optimist, and I`m a pessimist. Will you permit me to retract that assertion, Jasper, because I think I got it backwards?

Aloha jhosk & jasper- just to lighten things up: I was talking with some A’s fans yesterday as they were chatting how they liked the Pirates, where they are at. Of course I said they are a very good team but feel that the Cardinals and Cubs have better coaching-management (Maddon/Matheny). We were talking about players and of course Sonny Gray comes up. One of the guys says, I tell you what would be a fair trade for Sonny…Bryant and Russell! We all had a good laugh! They do not want to lose Sonny and of course still feel the sting of losing Addison. Anyhow, tonight starts a big series and I hope the Reds can do some magic as well! I am taking my nephew (that I hope to groom in a multi-positional player) to the Giants game as this is the night that they give out the Willie Mac award. Normally it is the wife and I but she has graciously offered to stay home and let him go with me. So, I will be checking the scoreboard often to see how them Cubbies are doing! Mahalo!

I don’t think Gray is out of the question. You could start with Baez or Castro. Then add Vogelbach, maybe Almora and a Pitcher like Black.
The Cubs would miss none of the above and acquire another #1 starter.

Well jhosk, maybe your correct. lol
I find it difficult talking baseball/Cubs in any chat room, not being able to look at who your talking too. But talking Cubs, this is all I have. So you K.g., Doug, petrey10 and even Carrie are stuck with me.
I was not trying to be a wise guy, I was really hoping you would dwell on the questions and give a response.
I do not think they will lose that WC game, however there is that possibility. If losing is not an option and they do lose, then what?

Then we`ll go back to your observation that the club overachieved in 2015, Jasper, which is certainly true. Just don`t want to think right now about not moving on after Wednesday. To k.g., I see the Giants honored Tim Hudson yesterday on the occasion of his pitching his last major league game. He had a nice career, and appears to be a decent fellow. Enjoy that game with the nephew. He`s a very fortunate young man to have a knowledgeable baseball man at his side to call attention to the nuances of the game.

With jhosk on that one K.g., hope you & your nephew have a good day at the ballpark.
Understood jhosk, it would be awful to see the Cubs lose Wednesday.

Aloha jhosk-jasper, thank you both. My nephew had not been to a Giants game, so he was thrilled. Matt Duffy, the Giants sensational rookie, was awarded the Willie Mac Award, it was very cool. I wish the Reds could have held on but that is all right. The Cubs just need to keep playing good ball. Oyasuminasai (Good Night)! Mahalo!

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