#Cubs Schwarber leads off for 2nd time

Jon Lester gets the start Wednesday night for the Cubs as they face the Reds in Cincinnati. Here’s the lineup:

Schwarber LF

Jackson CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Soler RF

Russell SS

Ross C

Lester P

This will be the second time this season Kyle Schwarber has led off for the Cubs. He also did so on Aug. 26 in San Francisco, and went 2-for-4 with a stolen base.


So about starlin Castro ….. Lol

He da man!

Aloha folks, I think a lot of credit needs to go to Joe M. Because we have all seen players with talent use it or not. Of course “props” go to the player himself but a manager-coach can have tremendous influence in a positive way on said player so kudos to Joe for that. I hope Castro continues to grow along with the other players under Joe’s tutelage. Mahalo!

We`ll be even more impressed if he gives us something October 7th. That contest will be `meaningful,` and we will be pulling for Starlin and every other Cubs` player to do whatever is necessary to get us to the next round. We do not want to go home. That will be unacceptable after all the hard work this team has exhibited and all the adversity it has endured. Who will step up in that pressure situation? Love games like that one will be. That kind of contest separates the players who `welcome the challenge,` from those who wilt from the pressure of the moment. All that said, pitching will be the key ingredient. We have to score some runs, of course, to support that pitching. I have the sense it is not going to take all that many runs to triumph in that game. We`ll see. It`s why we watch. The Pirates have had an even better season than we have. It will be a pity to see their season end that night, but I`m sure Cubs` fans will find a way to live with it. (Smiling)

A loss to the 2nd best team in baseball in the WC game will be unacceptable?? Not in my opinion. We have surpassed every expectation I had coming into the year. Anything more now is just icing.

So if we win or lose I hope that there are still positive comments out there bc the future is bright and should get brighter next year. Live it up!

My exact feelings. from here on is just bonus or icing on the ole cake.
Go Cubs Go utube link wont post.

Guess it did.

Aloha Folks, agree I said from the beginning if this could be a .500 season, I would be happy. Well, it is much more than that! Of course I hope they win the WC and we will have to wait and see if the season goes on longer. No matter what, we are going to enjoy some great ball for years to come! Mahalo!

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