#Cubs Hammel starts in series finale vs Reds

Jason Hammel gets the start Thursday as the Cubs close their series against the Reds in Cincinnati. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF
Jackson RF
Castro 2B
Rizzo 1B
Denorfia LF
Baez 3B
Schwarber C
Hammel P
Russell SS

*This will be Schwarber’s first start at catcher since Aug. 31, and it’s fitting that he does it in Cincinnati. He grew up in MIddletown, Ohio, and was a Johnny Bench fan.

*The Cubs finished September with 19 wins, and have won 19 or more games in consecutive months for the first time since 1977 (21 wins in May, 19 in June). The 19-9 September record this year was the best in the Majors.

*The Cubs have won 93 games, a 20-win improvement from last year. That’s the best in all of baseball this year, and best by a Cubs team since a 21-win increase from ’02 to ’03.

*Looking ahead to the Cubs’ final regular season series against the Brewers in Milwaukee:

Friday: Jake Arrieta (21-6, 1.92) vs. Ariel Pena (2-0, 3.91)
Saturday: Kyle Hendricks (7-7, 4.09) vs. Tyler Wagner (0-1, 11.74)
Sunday: Dan Haren (10-9, 3.67) vs. Jorge Lopez (1-0, 5.40)


Aloha Folks, kudos to Hammel for keeping the Reds at bay. I just hope the bp can hold this lead. Mahalo!

A little scary K.g., not a great win, but a win.
Seems like the Cubs have been scoring runs early, then they just quit for whatever reason. Pile those Runs up guys.

They have done that a lot, pitching has been outstanding lately! No earned runs today. Time to sweep the Brew Crew too!

Hope you don’t mind me adding to that? But lets hope the Reds go on a 3 game winning streak as well.

Aloha jasper, I sure hope the Reds go on an end of the win streak! Mahalo!

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