#Cubs Arrieta goes for 22nd win

Jake Arrieta goes for his 22nd win Friday night when the Cubs open their final regular season series at Miller Park against the Brewers. Arrieta has thrown 19 consecutive quality starts, and he’s 15-1 with a 0.89 ERA in that stretch. He has a 0.80 ERA since the All-Star break, which would be the lowest in Major League history. Manager Joe Maddon said not to expect Arrieta throwing 100 plus pitches in his final regular season start. The right-hander will be on the mound Wednesday when the Cubs play the Pirates in the NL Wild Card game. The site for that game is still to be determined. A Pirates’ win on Friday and Cubs’ loss would clinch home field advantage for the Bucs.

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber RF

Bryant LF

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Montero C

Russell SS

Arrieta P

La Stella 3B


Two games left with Bryant & Rizzo at 99 RBI’s. Been hoping that Bryant would get that 100th, now Rizzo with 4 the last couple games at 99. Be nice to see them go back to back tonight.
Arietta did get that 22nd win and once again looked great in doing so. My wife was telling her mother last night, while we were watching the game, how we met Arietta at Carmines in St Louis on Labor Day. What a very nice, humble person he was. He took time to sign an autograph for her, on a dollar bill with a red sharpie. Even when I was trying to hurry and leave him alone, he looked at me and said, its ok, I don’t mind at all.
I have been a Cubs fan since 1966, when the Braves left Milwaukee. Yes, I remember 1969, 1984, 1989, 2003, 2007 and 2008. Maybe because I was going to school or working those years, the excitement was contained because of other reasons.
2015 has been the most exciting baseball season of my life. The Cubs have locked up the WC and may go further this season, but I find myself looking forward to the off season, wondering and guessing what Management may do to improve this awesome Organization. Looking forward to the AFL, 2016 Spring Training and 2016 season and this season isn’t over.
What a great time to be a Cubs fan and this ole guy is enjoying the whole Organization to the MAX.

Hey Jasper that sounds cool about how humble Arietta is. And how cool also to see Bryant and Rizzo get 100 RBI’s too. I remember my first game at Wrigley around that time. Jenkins vs. Gibson that day. I remember all those years but this one has been exciting. The years ahead as these young players get better. Go cubs!

Tomntexas, those were some great times back in the 60’s & 70’s. My very first game was in 1961 at Milwaukee County Stadium, a doubleheader versus the Pirates. Spahn & Burdette against Bob Friend and unknown. My first game I was able to see those starters, plus Aaron, Mathews and Clemente.
May have been 60 or 62, but for some reason 61 sticks in my head.

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