#Cubs Hendricks starts vs Brewers

The Cubs need to win to keep pace with the Pirates in the battle for home field advantage in the Wild Card game. Pittsburgh has a two-game lead with two games to play, and if the Cubs lose, the Pirates are in. Kyle Hendricks gets the start Saturday. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber RF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Coghlan LF

Russell SS

Ross C

Hendricks P

If the Cubs and Pirates finish in a tie, the Cubs would host the Wild Card game on Wednesday at Wrigley Field; the tiebreaker is head to head season series (Chicago won, 11-8).

This will be Hendricks last regular season start. The right-hander is coming off a solid outing against the Royals in which he threw six shutout innings.

The Cubs pitchers have set a National League record for most strikeouts in a single season with 1,414. The old mark was 1,404, set in by the 2003 Cubs.


Isn`t it also true Cubs` batters in 2015 have fanned 1500 times in 2015? Is that a new record? No other team is close to that figure. The Washington Nationals, I believe, are second to the Cubs with 1301.

K’s could have been a problem without the walks and runs produced by the Rookies. Yes they hold the record for K’s in a season. You have to take into consideration the number of Rookies in the lineup.
Rizzos first full year, he struck out 127 times, but they K’s have decreased each year since.
I am betting Management, and fans are willing to accept the K’s along with the runs this team has produced. I know its ok by me.

As you were, it`s the Baltimore Orioles who are a distant second at 1,369.

Hendricks has looked great towards the end here. What do you think jhosk, is Hendricks the # 3?

I do, Jasper, and let`s hope he has the opportunity to fill that role in the postseason. The home field advantage comes down to the final day. The Pirates looked lifeless versus the Reds tonight. Chapman pitched a four out save, something he rarely does. Didn`t Anthony and Kris each strand 8 baserunners?

Aloha jasper & jhosk, wow two very good outings to end the season, kudo’s to Hendricks! Now the RISP is still hurting and this young team has to learn how to manufacture runs; of course this will come with more maturity. Bryant looked bad on a swinging strike towards the end of the game but he will learn to be more patient and not swing at balls. The other thing that gave me some “gas” was Rodney in the 8th. I think he is trying to hard to throw the “perfect” pitch instead of hitting his target. I also wanted to call Maddon and say, hey coach the Reds are winning 3-1 against the Pirates, so this game against the Brewers has important implications. I was thinking do you pull Rodney but thank goodness for that “ugly” but very effective double-play to end that ending! Well, I am still enjoying this so much and hope for the best tomorrow! And yes jasper, if Hendricks keeps this up, I would pitch him either #2 or #3! Mahalo!

That`s a bold statement, k.g. Means you would entertain the option of choosing Hendricks over Lester. You suggested long ago the Cubs could catch the Pirates in the standings when I did not. It`s remarkable the Cubs have the best road record in the majors. Did not see that coming.

Aloha jhosk, I have enjoyed this year immensely. Yes the Cubs have shown they can play on the road and today is another big game. Having said that, it is no secret that Lester does not have a move to first or hold runners on first and he is a lefty. I think this off-season he should just work on how move to first. I know he can get better. For the play-offs, the Cubs are going to play teams that will run on him. So I do not think it a bad thing to have Hendricks go #2. Just a thought. Mahalo!

meant to say his move to first, these darn phones! Mahalo!

That road record is another reason why there should be no trepidation if the Cubs play that WC game in Pittsburgh.

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