#Cubs Maddon: No blitzes today in finale

Cubs manager Joe Maddon will be scoreboard watching Sunday. Chicago began the day one game behind Pittsburgh in the National League Wild Card standings. If the Pirates win, they secure home field advantage for Wednesday’s Wild Card Game.

Maddon knows all about having Game 162 determine whether or not a team makes the postseason. On Sept. 28, 2011, the last game of the regular season, his Rays faced the Yankees with a postseason berth on the line, and fell behind, 7-0, after five innings. He was worried that he would need the bullpen in a possible one-game playoff against the Red Sox, but could monitor Boston’s score that day.

“That game was concurrent with ours, so you could look at that,” he said of the Red Sox game game against the Orioles, which they lost.

The Rays rallied to win, 8-7, in 12 innings, thanks to Evan Longoria’s walk off home run. Having all of Sunday’s games start at the same time will help, he said.

“It matters to be able to look at the scoreboard and try to figure out what you want to do,” Maddon said.

The Cubs didn’t have any surprises planned for Sunday’s season finale against the Brewers.

“We’re not going to do anything differently,” he said. “There’s not anything new to put in there — there’s no new packages, we’re not bringing a new offense, we’re not going to blitz any more, no 3-4 [formation]. Just go play. Please don’t do anything differently, just go play.”

— Carrie Muskat


Good game today, end the regular season on a 8 game winning streak.
Rizzo gets RBI 100 & 101.
Bryant perfect day at the plate, 3 Walks and a single and a nice play at 3rd.
Wood Makes it to 100 IP.
End season 32 games over 500.

Aloha jasper, yes a very good reminder! I know Rizzo said they wanted to win the division and in essence they did. They end the season with the 3rd best record in all of baseball! If they were in anyone of the other 5 divisions they end in first place! The only thing I think is sad is that because of how things are set up and played out, the second and third best teams in all of baseball have to play one another and one is eliminated. After that one of those two teams plays the team with the best record in baseball and another one of those are eliminated. So in the NL the Dodgers and Mets dodge a huge bullet. I had a Golden State Warriors fan admit to me today that the Warriors were very blessed that San Antonio and the Clippers had to play each other first because that was such a battle that it took a lot of them, meaning who ever had to play the Warriors had a tough task in their current condition. Also, the Cubs as a team end the season right about a .600 team and I said at the beginning what a blessing it would be to be .500 or better. It would be nice for this team to advance past Wednesday’s game to the next series if only to get a taste-experience of what it means to be in the post-season and what it takes to advance. Kudos also to Haren for his second strong start in a row and for the bp holding the line. Well, Pittsburgh here come the Cubs! Gunbatene! Mahalo!

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