It was quite the season for the #Cubs

Facts and figures from the Cubs’ 2015 season:

*Anthony Rizzo became the 43rd 30-100 player in Cubs history, driving in his 100th and 101st runs with a two-run single in the first. Rizzo, who has 30 home runs, is the first Cubs player with a 30/100 season since Alfonso Soriano did in 2012. Rizzo also is just the fourth left-handed hitter to accomplish the feat in franchise history.

*Kris Bryant finished with 26 home runs, 31 doubles, 99 RBI, 86 runs scored and 74 walks. In Major League history, only one other player has reached those numbers in his rookie season and that was Ted Williams in 1939. Manager Joe Maddon wasn’t too upset that Bryant didn’t reach 100 RBIs. Maddon said: “It gives him something to shoot for next year.”

*The Cubs finished with 97 wins, the most since a 97-64 record in 2008. Maddon set a franchise record for most wins in the first year with the Cubs. Jim Frey held the old mark of 96 in 1984.

*Hector Rondon totaled a career-high 30 saves and a 1.67 ERA. He’s the second pitcher in Cubs history to save 30 games and post a 1.67 ERA or lower, joining Hall of Famer Bruce Sutter, who saved 31 games and had a 1.34 ERA in 1977.

*The Cubs pitchers totaled 1,431 strikeouts, setting a National League single-season record. The old mark was 1,404, set by the 2003 Cubs. The Cubs batters also led the Majors in K’s with 1,518, but led the NL in walks (567).

*The Cubs finished 48-33 on the road this season. It’s the first time they’ve won more than 45 games on the road since a franchise-record 49 wins in 1945.


Carrie…Thank you for running and coordinating this great blog. Nobody — except for Maddon, I guess — expected us to go this far this year. To quote Hawk Harrelson, “Don’t stop now, boys!”

Along season playing team ball, yet some accomplished personal highs STAT wise.
Good to see Rizzo break that 100 RBI mark, with Bryant at 99.
Look At Rondons ERA and WHIP. Grimm finished with a 1.99 ERA and I expect him to get even better. Ramirez was missed out of the BP with injuries, a full year out of him would be improvement. Strop went through a mini slump, but look at his final STATS. Wood was amazing out of the BP.
97 wins, but most here complained about some at one time or another. I was not happy with Castro at one point along with others. Strop, Lester, Ross were all subject to ridicule. Heck, even Maddon batting the Pitcher 8th, along with Bryant and Rizzo batting 2nd & 3rd before the arrival of Schwarber.
The ridicule of FA Denorfia, I think he fit in very well.
I guess that’s why it is called a team game, even the bench came through when needed.

Agreed, but please don’t quote Hawk. Just mentioning his name makes things 10 times worse!

Doug, now that was honest, but very funny.

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It was an amazing season and hopefully many more to come.

Has there ever been a year where the top 3 winning records were all in one division? The Cubs had the 3rd best record in baseball and still finished 3rd. – seems almost impossible.

This is the first time in Major League history that the top three teams from a conference have come from the same division. It’s the second time in ML history that three teams from the same division won at least 95 games.

Aloha Carrie, thank you for this info! Had a feeling this was a special situation. Mahalo!

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