3 #Cubs rookies start vs Bucs

The Cubs will have three rookies in the lineup Wednesday night when they face the Pirates in the NL Wild Card Game at PNC Park. Kyle Schwarber will start in right, Kris Bryant in left, and Addison Russell at shortstop. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF
Schwarber RF
Bryant LF
Rizzo 1B
La Stella 3B
Castro 2B
Montero C
Russell SS
Arrieta P

Cubs manager Joe Maddon said on paper, it may not look like a good lineup defensively, but says they can get the job done. Also, it’s the same lineup that was behind Jake Arrieta in his last start against the Brewers.

“Hopefully, we’ll grab a lead and eventually move the defense around game in progress,” Maddon said.


jhosk was correct, Castro, no Coghlan. Nice call.

Aloha jasper, yes. Now this lineup has to produce. Get Cole off of the mound as soon as possible, so the team can work on their bp! Mahalo!

Facing a very good Pitcher tonight, as are the Pirates K.g. I still think elevating the Pitch count and patience will be key. however, if they get the Pitch they are looking for, get it.
Looked like the Astro’s plan last night and it worked to perfection.

Aloha jasper, yes good point because the Astros took Tanaka deep twice. Yes, pitch count needs to be high for Cole. Mahalo!

Lineup looks fine. Game scheduled for TV in Brazil, with clear skies on the horizon. (The last time the Cubs were on television here, a storm blew in and the power went out in the fourth inning!) Let’s go get ’em!

cubs got to score by the 8th inning…. You don’t want to be down and have Melacon (Sp?) coming in. He’s almost unhittable.

Aloha Petrey, that is for sure about having the lead late into this game, do not want to see their closer at all. The good thing is that Cole can be hit, so patience is a virtue at the plate. Mahalo!

SchwArber is amazing ….

Aloha Petrey- yes he is and kudo’s to Fowler who has been on base all 3 times and hit a homer too! Plus they are showing patience and taking pitches, so important against a good pitcher like Cole. Still a lot of ballgame left. I bet you are able to watch the game live! I found out that even though I have MLBTV, for this game I would need a cable tv provider that has TBS and I do not so, will enjoy listening to it using the audio service and Pat Hughes. Go Cubs! Mahalo! PS: For the team to knock out Cole after 5innings and 78 pitches is awesome. They have a very good bullpen so team needs to add on if possible and play great defense.

Aloha Folks- interesting, I heard that Jackson pinch hit for La Stella. Does that mean Jackson in RF and Bryant moving to Third? Mahalo!

Aloha Folks, please forgive me, since I do not have the telecast, my nervous fingers need to do something. Kudo’s to the young folks for stepping up on the defense. After Addison was charged with an error for him to come back and start that double play was awesome, same for Bryant in the 7th making that great stab and starting a double play. And for veteran Fowler to start things off in the leadoff position. Hope this can hold. Mahalo!

That was amazing. Fowler came through, Schwarber knocked in 3. Bryant & Russell with good plays. Arietta had to really fight through 6th & 7th innings, but got the DP’s when needed most.
You could really see Montero get some early strikes pulling in his glove, just an overall great game.

Aloha jasper, I hear ya! So I found out, unless I am at a place with cable and TBS I will be blacked out again! I hope the MLB can get away from channels that do this. I think TBS could have the whole Cubs-Cardinals series on their station. By the way, something I put out there and mentioned it to jhosk too: because Lester has had some issues especially with holding runners on base and it is important in these short series to make statement and early, I would be all right in having Hendricks start the first game in St. Louis. He did well in Milwaukee and has a better move to first. The Cardinals may be banged up but they are still potent and can play small ball, hits-base running-steals. So, I say Hendricks on Friday and Lester on Saturday, then Arrieta at home on Monday. I know it is a stretch but again, these are short series. Great win tonight for the young team! Mahalo!

I hear what your saying K,g. You could be right? Myself, I have to go with Lester. I watched him in St Louis, WS game 4, 2013, I think? He dominated, after seeing that and Lesters last few starts, I think they must go Lester, Hendricks and Arietta.
That could be a sweep. lol

Lester will be starting in St. Louis Friday. Case closed. Let`s hope his inability to throw to the bases to hold runners does not prove to be decisive in the outcome. Some thoughts about tonight`s major victory: Where did Sean Rodriguez learn to box? This guy is a mental case,` for sure. I`m very pleased Miguel Montero is our catcher. I`ve taken him for granted for the better part of the season, and should not have. Jake Arrieta is on a historic run. He is doing things no one in the history of the game has accomplished. Does he not have a 31 inning consecutive scoreless streak as I type? I commented to White Wednesday that Jake was the `main` reason I was confident we would win tonight. That was dishonest of me. I should have said that was the `entire` reason I felt confident, because that was the truth. `The Hulk` continues to impress. I love this guy. Bryant made some impressive defensive plays, and Starlin`s `turn` on that critical double play was awesome. To k.g., you need to have access to cable tv so you can see these games `live.` Friday`s game versus the Redbirds will also be televised by TBS. A loyal fan with your demonstrated devotion deserves nothing less. I`m prepared to make you an offer you can`t refuse: I`m willing to help you pay for that service.

Aloha jhosk- that is very kind of you. I will be all right. I watched some of the “game” late today as the MLB network was able to let us watch it as a rerun. This next series against the Cardinals unfortunately is on TBS so I will be “checking” in the neighborhood for a connection. The wife and I were so happy in our downsizing to let go of the cable with the new technology available to us, I thought as a present MLBTV would be the ultimate and for the most part it has been great. I think you are right about Jake’s scoreless innings from the end of the regular season going into the post season. I am with you about Montero as he really grows on you. We have spoken about a veteran presence and he is part of that and has done his job well. And for Schwarber who had cooled off in the last month of the season to get that knock was tremendous as well as Fowler leading off and getting the job done. Again, thank you for your offer, will be all right going into Friday. Now to get some rest before the next series starts! Mahalo!

After the thriller win tonight, I thought back to ST and the start of the season.
Remember Boras trying to force the issue for Bryant starting the season with the club?
Remember Management sending him down, then most experts jumping in with: if you miss the playoffs, by a couple games, you will regret it. Or, if you lose the Division by a game, then lose the WC game, your going to regret it?
This Management knows what they are doing!

Aloha jasper, yes I remember that argument. It got me thinking because the “amount” of “days” that Bryant would be held down in AAA was not the same amount in terms of “games.” I remember talking to a gentleman who was a pitcher and got to play I believe in the minors and still keeps close to the game, he said to me at the time, this is the system that they have and all teams have to work around it, not just the Cubs but that a Boras type will always say that because he is losing out on a year of commissions by not getting him into contract sooner, meaning away from Cubs control. In regard to Lester, he had a rough August with an era over 5 and a 2-2 record of the month. In September he went 3-2 with a much better era of 2.36. I think experience is what gives him the start on Friday because as you say, he has been there before. I am hoping that Lester shows up. In 2015, Lester gave up 25 hits in 116 ab’s, not bad. The players that had the best success against him are Carpenter (.285, 4-14), Heyward (.400, 6-15), Holliday (.500, 3-6) and Molina (.300, 3-10). So he has his work cut out for him and thus I am sure Maddon will be talking with him, Ross and the defense about runners on base, strategy and so forth. Heyward and Wong are threats on the bases and pesky hitters so Lester has to be mindful of them, no walks! Those two combined have 5 stolen bases against him during the regular season. Compare that in relation to the Pittsburgh Pirates who had 3 stolen bases total against Lester all season. Of course he pitched less against the Pirates but still my point is that the Cardinals will run on him and now seeing the Cubs advance and make plays defensively, Matheny will do what it takes to get the upper hand. Lackey has been stingy too with Cubs of 2015: 19hits/79ab’s. The best Cub hitters against him are Coghlan (.300, 3-9), Soler (.500, 3-6), then Fowler and Russell both at .286 and 2-7. Unknowns for Lackey are Schwarber-Baez-Jackson. And also in defense of Maddon and picking Lester for Friday, Hendricks only pitched once against the Cardinals, early in the season in May and only for a total of 5innings. Well, again a great game. I just have to find a way to watch the game on Friday! Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes! We won! A Taiwanese friend who used to live in Brazil called me during the game from San Francisco to make sure I was watching. Cubs around the world!

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