#Cubs pre Wild Card game notes

The Cubs and Pirates meet Wednesday night in the Wild Card Game at PNC Park. First pitch is scheduled for 7:08 p.m. CT. Here are some pre-game notes to prepare you for the contest, provided by MLB Network researchers:

*This will be the 2,442nd meeting all-time between the Cubs and Pirates dating back to 1887, but it’ll be the first time they’ve ever met in the postseason.

*The Cubs finished the regular season with an eight-game winning streak and 0.61 ERA.

*The Cubs went 11-8 vs. the Pirates this season, including 6-4 at PNC Park.

*This is the Pirates’ third straight postseason appearance, and they are hosting the Wild Card game for the third straight year.

*The Cubs have lost nine straight postseason games, tied for the sixth-longest skid in postseason history. The only longer
active postseason drought belongs to the Twins (12). The last time the Cubs won a postseason game was Game 4 of the 2003 NLCS. Aramis Ramirez, now on the Pirates, hit two home runs for the Cubs in an 8-3 win over the Marlins in that game, including a grand slam. If he’s in the lineup on Wednesday, Ramirez would be playing against the Cubs in what will likely be his final game.

*The Cubs went an MLB-best 48-33 (.593) on the road this season. That’s the most road wins by a Cubs teamm since winning a franchise-record 49 road games in 1945. The Pirates were 53-28 (.654) at PNC Park this season, third best home record in the Majors behind the Cardinals and Dodgers.

*The Cubs won 24 more games this season than a year ago, the biggest improvement from 2014 in all of baseball.

*The Pirates (3.21) and Cubs (3.36) ranked second and third in MLB in ERA this year. Plus, the Pirates 2.67 bullpen ERA was the best in the Majors.


Okay folks – This should be National Nail Biters Anomynous Day! 😀 At the risk of being deleted or insulted I predict that we are going to win this one.

I love that attitude, White. I feel similarly, mainly because of our starting pitcher. I suggested earlier this week that `this is the Cubs biggest game of the year.` Was that ever an understatement! It is by far the biggest game for the Cubs in the past seven years, if not longer. And don`t you love that Jake has been having fun with Pirates` fans on `Twitter,` White? Those fans have suggested the crowd noise tonight will `unnerve` Jake. Arrieta, in turn, has pleaded with the Pittsburgh fans to make PNC Park as noisy as possible. Jake`s exact words to them follow: “Bring out all the reinforcements. I need it loud.’ “Whatever helps keep your hope alive, just know, it doesn`t matter.”

jhosk, This is going to be a really FUN game! As Arrieta said, the noisier the better. While he always looks so serious it is nice to see his sense of humor is alive and well! Now I have to figure out how to pass the hours before the game! At the risk of being deleted or insulted I might have to do some dusting or cooking. And that is not baseball related! Go Cubs!

Why not break out your hula hoop, that should pass the time?

Pedro Gomez commented today that both Bryce Harper and Mike Trout are the major leaguers with the highest `WAR` metric. Each has a score close to 10. Someone wondered if there were a `WAR` for managers, what would Joe Maddon`s be? Someone suggested 15, and another said 30. Rarefied air, indeed!

That was a rude comment, jasper. Show some class. You are better than that. Do you have an opinion about what the manager`s `WAR` should be?

Jason Stark commented on Arrieta`s mound demeanor last weekend. Said Jake seems to be saying to each batter, `I`m not afraid of you, but you should be afraid of me.`

jhosk, A while back when the zoo was visiting Wrigley I named Arrieta the Lion, King of the mound. Let’s just say “Nobody crosses the Lion”! Wink, wink!😀

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