#Cubs Wild Card Game roster

The Cubs announced the 25-man roster for Wednesday’s Wild Card Game against the Pirates. Here you go:

28-Kyle Hendricks, RHP
33-Clayton Richard, LHP
34-Jon Lester, LHP
37-Travis Wood, LHP
46-Pedro Strop, RHP
49-Jake Arrieta, RHP
52-Justin Grimm, RHP
53-Trevor Cahill, RHP
56-Hector Rondon, RHP
57-Fernando Rodney, RHP

3-David Ross
5-Quintin Berry
8-Chris Coghlan
9-Javier Baez
11-Tommy La Stella
12-Kyle Schwarber
13-Starlin Castro
15-Chris Denorfia
17-Kris Bryant
22-Addison Russell
24-Dexter Fowler
27-Austin Jackson
44-Anthony Rizzo
47-Miguel Montero
68-Jorge Soler


What happened to Jason Hammel and/or Dan Haren?

jay99nau, don’t think they need 5 starters for a one game playoff. This is just a WC Roster.

Guessing Maddons lineup would be almost impossible, but it would be fun to give it a shot.
Fowler of course, the SH. CF
Schwarber, power, OBP and patience at the plate. LF
Here is where it gets interesting. Put the RH hitting Bryant here or continue with LH Rizzo?
Bryant, guessing Maddon may want to break up the string of LH hitters, making Cole adjust back & forth a bit. 3B
Rizzo, 1B
Montero, C
Coghlan, RF
Russell, SS
Arietta, P
La Stella, 2B

Of course there will be other opinions, I would put Russell the only other position RH hitter before Arietta, breaking up the string of LH hitters.

With that many LH hitters, would hate to see Cole get in a rhythm. Like to see him have to adjust back & forth a bit.

I know this will be way off, but interesting guessing none the less.

Castro is playing for sure and I would put Jackson ahead of Schwarber

Bat Castro 9th. Limit double plays.
Sit LA Stella.
Play left handed outfielders until you get a 3 run lead. Then go for defence 0f denforia and Jackson

What Ross says does make sense. Castro’s first year he had a few Bunt hits, his 2nd year less and have not seen any from him for some time.
That tool could come in handy this game, but if he is not going to use that tool, 9th would be a very good spot for him.

No Castro, not happening. He is the hottest bat and generally makes contact.

Maybe Castro, I don’t see Jackson in the lineup. I think Maddon will put as many LH bats against Cole as he can.

Aloha jasper, good point as hot as Jackson has been, Fowler and others that can hit from the left side seem to be where Maddon is going for the lineup. I will say this, on my comment the other night sharing the stats with you about Cubs batters vs Cole, I said the unknown is Baez because he has no ab’s against Cole. Well, I forgot about Jackson. So, they could be inserted if needed as Cole has not seen them but of course they are from the right side. Mahalo!

K.g., if they can get Cole outta there by the 5th or 6th, I think we will see a lot of changes in the lineup.
At least that’s my hope.

I see Castro as a given at 2B, since Anthony and he are the only Cubs batting well over .300 this season vs. Cole. What about that rumor that La Stella could start at third, and Kris in left and `the Hulk` in right? Has that been nixed?

jhosk, you could be very correct, started to go that way myself. My thoughts were that would leave the LH bat of Coghlan out of the lineup.
As you say, Castro has faired better than Coghlan, so you may be right on.

Aloha jasper, I am sure you saw my comment down below to Carrie. I am so sad that I cannot watch this game live. I was following the score on an app on my phone when it was 1-0. Got home it, Schwarber just hit a hr, then 3-0. Get inside turn on the tv-roku device and pick the MLBTV station and it says, because of your location you are “blacked-out.” I do not have TBS so thankfully I can listen to the game and hear Pat & Ron. I am glad to see the team taking pitches like you and I discussed. Top of the 4th, Cole is already at 65 pitches thrown. I hope they can keep this up and back up Arrieta with more offense and defense. Mahalo! PS: hope you, jhosk, White, Bruce, Tom, Kenly, Doug, Petrey, DelawareCub, Isabelle are all able to watch the game live!

They need James Russell on the team!!!


Anyone know why no Jason Hammel or Dan Haren?

I think the obvious reason was stated? Do you have an argument or debate on that reason, or just looking for attention?

No I finally did see it, but I guess it just surprises me that Jason Hammel might be more valuable than Justin Grimm. Hammel did win 10 games and Haren is retiring.

So are they allowed to re do the roster for the next series if they were to beat Pittsburgh?

Yes. Teams can make roster changes in between series and the Wild Card Game is considered a series. Lester and Hendricks are on the roster for the Wild Card Game in case it goes 15 innings and they run out of relievers or if there’s a long rain delay early in the game or if Arrieta gets hurt or something weird happens and he gets ejected early. Leaving Hammel and Haren off allows the Cubs to add an extra bench player or two and gives them a little more flexibility in the bullpen. For example, Berry would probably not be on the playoff roster had the Cubs won the division. However, since they are playing in a win-or-go-home game tonight, a game that is expected to be a low-scoring affair, having a guy who can come in the late innings as a pinch runner and shake things up a bit could be the difference between winning 2-1 in 9 innings and losing 2-1 in extras!

Yes, teams can change their rosters before each postseason series.

Aloha Carrie- question: I am in the SF Bay Area, got home from work, looking at the score was excited to get in and turned on the tv to the MLB channel and when I tried to bring up the game it said that my area was “blacked-out,” unfortunately I do not get TBS so am curious why MLB blacked it out for us. Mahalo

I don’t know. The TV restrictions are always puzzling

Grimm is a reliever, jay99nau, and it`s far more likely his services would be needed rather than those of a starter like Hammel or Haren. But, as I`ve suggested earlier in the week, it`s best for Cubs` fans if Jake can pitch a complete game, without the need for bullpen help. Once we get by this game, you can be sure the pen will have plenty of opportunities. And yes, the roster can and will be `redone` for the next series with the dreaded Redbirds.

exactly jhosk, Grimm has been very good out of the pen this year with a 1.99 ERA.
jay99nau, is that northern AZ University?

Yes Jasper, that is Northern Arizona University alumnus 1999

How did you enjoy that game last night jay99nau? Your thoughts on the game?

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