#Cubs set NLDS rotation

Jon Lester will start Game 1 of the Cubs’ NLDS against the Cardinals on Friday at Busch Stadium and Kyle Hendricks will start Game 2 on Saturday. Cubs manager Joe Maddon announced the postseason rotation on Thursday. On Monday, 22-game winner Jake Arrieta would start Game 3, which will be played at Wrigley Field on Monday.

Jason Hammel will be in the bullpen during the NLDS but could start Game 4 if needed.

This is Hendricks’ first full season in the Major Leagues, and Maddon said they picked the right-hander because he’s been sharp in his final regular season outings.

“The fact that he could put the ball on the ground matters a lot, too, keep the ball out of the air,” Maddon said. “He’s just been very sharp, so we just chose to do that, and then, of course, we’re not going to skip Jake [for Game 3]. And then it’s going to get back to the idea of if we don’t use Jason Hammel before that, you probably will see him in Game 4, but if we need him sooner than that, you’ll see him sooner than that, and then we’ll have to make an adjustment for Game 4.”

— Carrie Muskat


Aloha Folks, I like this. Hendricks going on Saturday right after Lester. I am sure he will be very observant tomorrow, so he knows what he can expect the very next day. What a great season even the team did not advance. But now the young guys get a taste of the post season, which can only help and encourage them! Gunbatene Cubbies. Mahalo!

Jake Arrieta said he approached Wednesday`s night`s game with the mindset “I want to finish what I start.” I`m asking Jon Lester to take an identical approach Friday. I suggest it`s not too much to ask Jon to give us another `complete` game. I want to see the bullpen take the posture of spectators, just like the rest of us were for the WC game and will be Friday. It worked beautifully Wednesday. It can again. And did you notice David Price was unsuccessful in his start versus the Rangers today? He was pedestrian. You may have seen the stat that David has started six postseason games in his career and has six losses to show for it. I suggest Cubs` fans and the FO may want to think about all that before David Price is given `the keys to the kingdom,` if you follow my drift. Did I mention it would be prudent if Jon Lester throws a `complete` game versus the Redbirds Friday?

Aloha jhosk! Yes, I hope for Lester to go out there with the same mindset as Arrieta did, tomorrow night. And he better be very careful of Heyward and Wong who like to run on him. So no bb’s to those guys, if they get on base they have to earn it. Yes, I see that Price has the Kershaw and James Shields syndrome when it comes to the post season. I think they could offer him a contract that has performance contingencies in it. I would also think that he would want to play for Maddon again, especially after what he and others have witnessed this season! By the way, was talking with my father yesterday. I think I shared with you that he was one of the coaches in the Alaskan League when it first started up to compete with the Cape Cod League out East. Well one of my father’s pupils was Reid Ryan. I think he said he worked with him two straight years. We were talking about the Astros and their great turn around this season and the pitching they have and then my father said, well you know Reid is now with the Astros. I did not know this. I see they just won their second game of the post season against the Royals. My wife joked, do you think they would offer you a job? As a Cubs fan, it would be hard to work for another team but the experience would be valuable. But I think I would fear being “hacked” as I think you pointed out that the Cardinals may have done something to the Astros earlier in the season. Anyhow, I hope for a great game tomorrow. Take care now! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. that`s interesting you mention the Alaskan League. Not sure what Reid Ryan`s role with the Astros is. I do know George Springer plays right field and he`s a force. Springer was a teammate of Mike Olt at UConn. Just heard Yadier Molina will be in the Cardinals lineup Friday catching Lackey, and that Wainwright will be coming out of bullpen, and can pitch back to back days. Wacha will pitch Game 2 and Lynn Game 3. One of my favorite all time pitchers was Tom Seaver, and I recall him once ruminating about pitching in Alaska as a young man. Don`t know if it was the same Alaskan League you referenced, but could be. Your father would know. Did you notice all four postseason games to this point have been won by the `road` team?

That info I gave above re: the Cardinals` rotation is bogus. Am surprised no one has corrected myself. Lefty Jaime Garcia will start Game 2, Wacha Game 3, and Lynn Game 4, if necessary. Wacha was 2-3 with a 7.78 ERA the final month, and that`s why the 17 game-winner was bumped to Game 3. Schwarber will probably not be in our Game 3 lineup because the Redbirds will start a southpaw, and that distresses me. Did I ever mention I like Kyle Schwarber a lot? And hasn`t he adapted well to the outfield?

Aloha jhosk, Reid Ryan is Houston’s president of operations I believe. He would tell my father, it is a little tough when you have a dad in his 40’s that still throws harder than you (in your 20’s), in the mid 90’s. But that is what happens when ones father’s first name is Nolan. Tonight Lester needs to be nails, keep the ball low and throw first pitches for strikes. Wear the redbirds down. Take care now. Mahalo!

Impressive viewership for that first game. 8.5 million! Chicago Cubs, America’s team!
Would be great to see the Rangers beat Toronto again today. Would like to see Rizzo and Bryant catch fire today. Go Cubs!

Yes, tomntex. That figure you cite represents a 48% improvement over the 5.6 million viewers who observed the Giants/Pirates in the 2014 WC game. Do you expect to see `the Hulk` in the lineup today? I am wanting that. And I think you`ll agree our bullpen needs to `step up` in this postseason. That`s easily my biggest concern. Is why it would be ideal for Lester to give us a `complete` game today. You must have noticed all the other playoff teams in both leagues have stellar pens.

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