#Cubs Hendricks starts vs Cards in Game 2

Kyle Hendricks gets the start Saturday for the Cubs in Game 2 of the NLDS against the Cardinals at Busch Stadium. St. Louis will start lefty Jaime Garcia. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Soler RF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Jackson LF

Montero C

Hendricks P

Russell SS

Hendricks closed out the season giving up three hits over 12 scoreless innings in his last two starts. Hendricks gave up four runs over five innings on May 5 at Busch Stadium in his lone start against St. Louis in 2015. He’s
0-1, 3.97 ERA in four career starts vs. St. Louis.


It is really quiet on the home front today! Is everyone holding their breath? We are the Cubs! We can do this! 😀 We have come this far and now is the time to “push the envelope” !

Aloha White-san, thank you for your optimism! Take care now. Mahalo!

I agree! The Cubs must come out and make a statement if they hope to derail their machine. I will not be watching tonight as I have other plans. Pulling for our Cubbies to win tonight. Need to work up those pitch counts and score early.

2nd Inning frenzie! You think!? 😀😀

There is the small ball we talked about k. g. Go Cubs!

Aloha Kenly! so good to hear from you! Yes, the small ball!!! I have to give Hendricks props too, he did not get the win, made some mistake pitches but going forward he knows what works, alternating between his fastball and changeup. The bp did a great job and Cahill looks more and more impressive and Solers approach at the plate was awesome. I hope Rizzo and Bryant can get it going now. Back to chi-town! Mahalo!

Blood pressure back to normal. Series tied. Back to Wrigley. Go, Cubs, go!

Aloha Bruce, yes we can all breathe a little easier now! Mahalo!

I think we`ve found our set up man in Trevor Cahill. Didn`t he make quick work of those Redbird batters in the eighth? He once played for Kane County. Yes, k.g. is right to comment on Soler`s approach. He`s showing impressive `plate discipline` since returning to the Cubs from his stint with the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. Earlier this season Jorge consistently chased pitches `out of the zone.` He`s not doing that in the postseason, and is content to accept free passes if pitchers refuse to throw him strikes.

Aloha jhosk- Yes, Soler really looks good. I am thinking he was also “chomping at the bit,” to play which is a good thing. He has such power and with discipline will really blossom. I like how he waited back on that breaking ball that he hit out (I was able to watch the replay on MLBTV after the game was over). I have to give Castro kudo’s too with his at bats and Jackson on the bases. One person that I was hard on at the beginning of the year and predicted he would be moved to the bp was Wood. I have to give him props, he came in and gave the team 2 1/3innings when they needed it! And Cahill, amazing his turn around. Now we need Rizzo and Bryant to get it going at the plate. Monday should be a fun game! Mahalo!

Absolutely agree about Travis Wood. His contribution was `big` Saturday. Relieving suits him better than starting. He may have found his niche. Do you expect Soler to start only vs. southpaws going forward? With Wacha starting Monday, I expect Schwarber back in lineup. But it`s possible `the Hulk` could play left, and Jorge could get the start in right. The defense would suffer, so perhaps Coghlan is a better option. Depends on how players have fared versus Wacha in past. Arrieta said he was `exhausted` after that WC game. It may be a challenge to expect him to give us a `complete` game Monday. Now we know why the manager and coaches devoted all that time to bunting drills recently, k.g. .

Cahill, Wood and Rondon have been huge the last month.
Cahill has been so good with the Cubs and still only 28 or 29, I hope he is given a chance as a starter in ST. Looks like Bosio worked some more magic there.

Aloha jhosk- I have to say, “on paper” this match up looks to favor the Cubs. I am sure Wacha knows what he is up against because during the regular season the Cubs went 25-83 for an average of .301! Rizzo 6-11, Castro 5-11, Bryant 3-10, Baez-Fowler-Soler went 2-5. Schwarber has not seen Wacha yet. So as you can see from the above, right and left hitters have done well against him, Coghlan had a tougher time with him going 1-7. So, I could see Maddon starting Soler in Right and if they can get a nice lead, then make a defensive substitution late in game. Now just to throw a “wrench” into the system, because Bryant and Baez have done well against Wacha, do you put Baez at Third to start the game and Bryant in Left, though Bryant played a nice 9th in yesterday’s game. As you can see from all the above, the Cubs-Maddon have a lot of options. They need to be patient at the plate, run up the pitch count against Wacha and bring in the folks from second/third. Sounds easy but executing is going to be key. This is where a good manager like Maddon can say to his team, “even though the metrics seem to favor us against Wacha, he could have one heck of a game and Arrieta could have some struggles.” Again patience with their at bats, smart base running, small ball and great defense along with pitching. By the way, take a look at which team has hit more homers in this series…St. Louis thus far, so the small-ball and base running works and it wears down the other team. Going forward, I am sure Arrieta knows he has to keep his pitches down/away as the ball likes to fly out of Wrigley. Should be a great game on Monday! Mahalo!

I have heard that Manny Ramirez has influenced Soler. Isn`t that why Mr. Epstein brought Manny aboard, i.e. to work with our young players, especially the Spanish speaking ones? Well, it`s working. I think I heard one of the Fox Sports broadcasters comment on that matter yesterday. Is Manny physically in the dugout during these postseason games? Don`t know, but would like to know.

Yes, Manny is in the dugout, yes, he’s in uniform, and he’s helped not only Soler but Starlin Castro

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