Breakfast at Wrigley, #Cubs style

It was breakfast at Wrigley Field when the Cubs players arrived for Sunday’s abbreviated workout. The Cubs, who have not played at home since a makeup game on Sept. 28, were greeted by an omelette station, platters of fruit, and a pig’s head on a table surrounded by different sausages and meats. Of course, there were donuts, including some with white frosting and a blue “W” on top.

“That was great, wasn’t it?” Cubs catcher David Ross said. “That’s the first time I’ve ever had breakfast on the field, that’s for sure — that wasn’t in a McDonald’s wrapper. That was a lot of fun. Juts a beautiful day out there. It’s nice to get out there on the grass and just lay around, watch a little bit of football, eat some breakfast.”

The Bears’ game against the Kansas City Chiefs was on the video scoreboard at Wrigley.

Jason Motte threw a simulated game while his teammates filled their plates with avocados and scrambled eggs prepared by the team’s chefs.

“It was weird at times,” Motte said. “The weirdest part for me was throwing with the turtle or the batting cage there. You’re not used to that. You had to have it — there’s people eating omelettes and hanging out. You can’t have a ball go and break someone’s pancakes.”



Aloha Carrie- just curious what Bryant put in his omelet! In the islands it would be spam or Portuguese sausage with onions (round and green), mushrooms served with two scoops of rice! Hope they all got their protein on today, will need it for tomorrow! Go Cubs Go! Mahalo!

Your dish sounds delicious but Kris’ was much simpler. He seemed to like the donuts more than anything

Has he tried Voodoo donuts? 😀 People stand in long lines here in Oregon for a Voodoo. I wonder if they have a shop in Chicago.

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Aloha Carrie, it is good! But cannot blame Bryant for taking to the donuts, did him well today! Hope he has some more for tomorrow’s breakfast! Mahalo!

Want to note the passing of Dean Chance on Sunday. This fan recalls the colorful pitcher very well. He won the Cy Young Award in 1964 at a time when there was just one for both major leagues. He went 20-9 with a 1.65 ERA. Beginning in 1967, each league named its own Cy Young winner and that continues to this day, of course. Chance once pitched a no-hitter for the Angels and I recall that game very well.

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Free advertising I see?

There is nothing quite like heading out into the great outdoors to really feel connected to nature.

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