#Cubs start 4 rookies & Arrieta in NLDS Game 3

Jake Arrieta takes the mound Monday night when the Cubs face the Cardinals in Game 3 of the NL Division Series. First pitch from Wrigley Field will be 5:07 p.m. CT. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Soler RF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Schwarber LF

Russell SS

Montero C

Arrieta P

*The Cubs will have four rookies in the lineup in Jorge Soler, Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber and Addison Russell.

“The talent level in this room is through the roof and there’s more coming,” Cubs catcher David Ross said. “Everybody around here knows that, and you’ve got a guy [manager Joe Maddon] that is a great leader for a young group. This is a special place to be.”

— Carrie Muskat


Aloha Cubbies, gunbatene! Be patient at the plate, play good defense and keep the pitches low! Mahalo!

Could be Arrieta’s last inning. Molina’s out. Not Strope, please. Long ways to go.

Aloha Tom! Oh my gosh, was the blood pressure up today! I guess not even Arrieta could keep the ball down! For as good as he has been, I do not blame him for having some difficulty against a team that won 100 games! As I said in another one of Carrie’s post, this is way you cannot rely solely on metrics-statistics because on paper the Cubs should have been favored heavily with this match-up of Wacha vs Arrieta. And I said in that post a good manager which Joe is, would say to his team all bets are off, this is the playoffs and the Cardinals are a great team. The bp held up before Rondon gave up those 2 runs which was scary. Have to give kudos to Strop who has not done well against these pesky Cardinals. Also, to all the hitters and Soler. Well, can they carry this into tomorrow, I believe so. But do again, do not under estimate these Cardinals, they are a very good team. Go Cubbies! Mahalo!

Aloha Again Tom, looking to tomorrow, I heard Pat Hughes say it could be Lance Lynn pitching for the Cardinals but they have not said anything yet. If it is him in the regular season the Cubs hit .311 against him, 23-74. Rizzo-Castro-Soler-Coghlan-Fowler all hit well against him. Hammel has kept the Cardinals to a .233 average and 10-43, Molina was the strongest against Hammel but he is questionable to play tomorrow. But again this is the playoffs and anything can happen! Gunbatene Cubbies! Mahalo!

Game over. Cubs win! Just fantastic. On the rare night that Jake wasn’t Superman, the entire rest of the team picked him up. Let’s go get ’em tomorrow.

Aloha Bruce – very true, it was about time that the bats came through and did they ever. Tomorrow could be another high scoring game. I would love for Hammel to have a breakout game and silence the redbirds through 6innings if possible. I am sure Joe is talking with the bullpen about tomorrow. Also, small ball could be important as well, manufacturing runs. The Cardinals did not get to where they are, 100 wins in the season, without good pitching and so the hitters have to be patient again. Hope you get some rest, I was not able to watch the game either. It was blacked out, as long as it is on TBS, MLBTV has it blacked out so I listed to Pat Hughes and Ron C. on the audio portion but will go back and watch the rerun when it is up. Take care now! Mahalo from the other coast!

We should plan on Lackey tomorrow. I thought the Cubs learned something when Bryant was injured diving head first into a base in the middle of the season. We established at that time that a runner does not arrive at a base any faster sliding head first than when he slides feet first. Studies have proved that. I do not like that Addison was injured. It`s a hamstring, I reckon. He may have pulled it running hard to third base before the slide. But, even if that`s the case, it`s not intelligent for our Cubs to slide head first into any base. The risk of injury is too high. The manager and coaches should insist and demand that the Cubs players do not engage in that activity. It`s counterproductive to the team`s success. It`s to the Cubs` advantage that Addison Russell start at ss for Game 4, and that possibility is at risk as I type. Also, that was a legitimate slide Russell made, even though I do not like that he slid head first. What Chase Utley did Sunday when he broke the Mets` shortstop`s leg was not a slide. It was a rolling block and was therefore illegal and a dirty play. He deserves to be suspended and deserves the wrath of the Mets` fans.

Aloha jhosk, thank you for that info, I was wondering what happened to Russell. I hope he will be able to come back, as you said, the team needs him. I just saw that Lackey was posted as the starting pitcher. Well hopefully no cuzzi behind the plate! Mahalo!

Really starting to dislike Umpires. lol

Aloha jasper! Yes, they should be like public officials, seen but not heard. Meaning, do your job and let the two teams play the game. After you and jhosk pointed out cuzzi and what the sports writer Ken R. researched, I am amazed that cuzzi was allowed to be in the playoffs. I think they have a “5-man” ump rotation going, so that should mean he is not behind the plate tomorrow. It will also mean that Lackey does not have an advantage as it should be. Well, tomorrow is an earlier game so I hope to find a way to have the audio portion going on the job! Mahalo!

Aloha again jasper, I just read for today’s game there were 6 umpires, so that means there better not be any “cuzzi” in the backstop tomorrow or we know something is up! Mahalo!

It`s a six man rotation working this Cubs/Cardinals series. There is an umpire down the left field line and another down the right field line. Since Mark Carlson worked first base tonight, means he`ll be behind the plate for Game 4. We will not have to endure Cuzzi behind home plate again, even if the series goes the full five games. As for Lackey, it`s `desperation` time for the Redbirds. Even though he`ll be pitching on three days rest, the Cards feel they must go with him. They`ll worry about Game 5 if and when they get there. The Cubs may have done the same thing with Lester, had they been in a similar predicament. Did I mention it`s very satisfying the Cubs won Game 3?

Don’t forget the articles written on game 1 and Lackey being blamed for doctoring the baseball. He will be under much scrutiny today.
I also read where Maddon brought up the doctoring of the baseball by Lackey to Cussi, twice during the game. Cussi refused to address it or check Lackey, so Maddon let it go as not to be kicked out of the game.
So there will be a lot to watch for this afternoon and maybe Lackey wont be so good after all, cheating has a way of catching up to you.

you gotta get the pitch count up on lackey…. hes a great postseason pitcher. He will come with everything he has but we got to battle and wear him down. I expect the cubs to use 4-6 pitchers today too. Got to keep the cards guessing and play the matchups. Winning today is important but not a deal breaker. Then we comeback with Lester whos already pitched in StL…

Agree, I also believe there will be a lot of Pitchers used this game. Also, hoping that Hammel will shock us with all the rest he has had.
I believe with the media attention that Lackey will be watched very closely. Last night on MLB, ex relief pitcher, ( forgot his name) was explaining: Never has Lackey had that much break or movement on his pitches. You can look at past video and realize that was the best stuff he has ever had.
So its out there, everyone knows and will be watching this afternoon. Was he really that good or was he doctoring his pitches??
Cardinal friend and Cub hater Cuzzi, will not be behind the plate today.

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