#Cubs W



I would prefer Wrigley Field Traditions continue with No human waves, No beach balls, No homer hankies, and No Loud speaker music except for player intros and, only then, if the organ dude can’t perform them. That said, the “WIN” TOWELS are kind of cool and seem altogether fitting home and away.

I can get used to this.
Love the bombs.
Love the team chemistry.
Love taking out the Cardinals.

Aloha jasper and Dan, wow!!! I said at the beginning of the season .500 or better for 2015, anything beyond that is as we say in the islands, gravy! Well, in honor of the team, I will enjoy a plate lunch with two scoops of rice and lots of gravy! jasper be kind to those Cardinals fans you know! I told my father to tell my uncle who is a retired general in the army and longtime Cardinals fan, that this has been a great season, series and his team is a great organization. The Cubs also are a great organization and so are the Pirates, 3 tremendous teams in the same division. Well Cubbies onto the next series, arigatou gozaimasu for the joy an excitement you have brought this fan. Mahalo!

Very nice to all Cardinal fans, no trash talk from me, just smiles.

Congratulations to Cubs fans!!!!
Tremendous job by the players. Really showed heart, came together as a team & battled a tough opponent all the way. Superb work by the FO & organization for putting this group together. Hope it continues (both this post season & for years to come) but I’m just going to enjoy this series’ victory for now! Enjoy that extra helping of gravy k.g.🙂

Aloha Judson! Yes, I will enjoy that extra gravy! By the way, I think I heard that this is the first time in Cubs history where they have won a post season series at Wrigley? I am sure Carrie will chime in. I remember 2003 and they won that series on the road in Atlanta. Take care now! Mahalo!

The Cubs overcame another dreadful home plate umpire in Tuesday`s clinching game, Judson. Mark Carlson was not as bad as Phil Cuzzi was in Friday`s opening game of the series, but he missed plenty of ball/strike calls and was inconsistent as Dennis Eckersley pointed out. It makes one wonder how these two veteran umpires get to keep their jobs all these years and are even assigned to important series like this one by the league office. It can`t be merit based. Let`s hope we do not see Cuzzi and Carlson again anytime soon.

Carrie… the scoreboard in right should be renamed SchwarBoard. Looking forward to many more Schwarber Bombs in the future!

Jeremy Shankster, that is a great idea. lol Love the play on words.

I wish it wasn’t there — would have liked to have seen how far Schwarber’s HR could’ve gone. Legendary

I have another reason why it would be preferable for the Cubs to play the Mets in the NLCS, and not the Dodgers. It will be healthier for any Cubs fans leaving the opponent`s ball park. After last Friday`s game at Chavez Ravine, in which the Dodgers lost to the Mets in the opener of their series, a fan was critically injured after being assaulted. This happened after stadium security has been significantly enhanced since a 2011 beating that left San Francisco Giants` fan Bryan Stow with brain damage. I recall that very well, and you may too.

Aloha jhosk- that is true about what happened to Bryan Stow and I am concerned it could happen again. Anyhow, I do hope that the “fraternity” of umpires will look at this past series and someone have the wherewithal to stand up and say, that there was very bad calling, especially against one team. That is not fair and objective. Well, like you mentioned in another post, I hope that Thursday’s game for the Mets/Dodgers goes 15innings, both teams use their 25 folks on the roster and then comes Saturday! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. I`m especially hoping the Dodgers feel compelled to use Kershaw in relief Thursday. I do not doubt Clayton will be eager to volunteer for such duty, as he`s a warrior the way Hershiser was back in the day, and is willing to do whatever is necessary to help his team advance to the next series.

MLB Network just reported Joe Maddon revealed that Addison Russell will not play in the NLDS. This is a revolting development. This is the result of an ill advised head first slide?

I meant to type NLCS, of course.

After watching tonight`s Mets/Dodgers critical Game 5, I`ve concluded we can vanquish either of these teams. Neither is all that impressive. I`m starting to see why the Vegas bookies have assumed the posture they have. Of course we just need to deal with the Mets. I see lots of holes in their offense, and their pitching is not as stellar as advertised. They are vulnerable. Cubs` fans should look forward to this series, and it`s going to be one with far more `story lines` than a Cubs/Dodgers series could ever dream of providing.

I want to retract what I typed about Mets` pitching. It is very impressive and their strongest suit. Even Matz is very good as a stater, and he`s their number 4. This is the Cubs` biggest hurdle in the series, solving Mets` pitching.

This is the opportunity to get revenge for 1969. Today’s MLB article about the Cubs/Mets history mentioned a September 1969 game against Pirates in which Stargell homered to tie game in 9th. I was in right-field bleachers that day just a few rows from where ball landed. Now is the time to end the doom and gloom that has followed us since. Let’s see the W fly high 8 more times for 2015.

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