No Russell in #Cubs lineup vs Cards for Game 4

Cubs shortstop Addison Russell, who strained his left hamstring when he hit a triple on Monday, was not in Tuesday’s lineup for Game 4 of the National League Division Series. Jason Hammel gets the start at Wrigley Field. First pitch was scheduled for 3:30 p.m. CT.

Russell tripled in the fourth inning of the Cubs’ 8-6 win over the Cardinals, and slid head-first into third base. He was removed from the game for pinch-runner Javier Baez, and was to be re-examined on Tuesday. Baez started at shortstop on Tuesday, giving the Cubs four rookies in the lineup again.

The rest of the Cubs’ batting order Tuesday was the same as in Game 3 with hot rookie Jorge Soler batting second. Soler has reached base safely in all nine plate appearances, and is the first player in Major League history to do that in his first postseason appearances.

In Game 3, the Cubs’ Nos. 1-6 batters each homered, marking the first time in franchise history that occured in the same game.

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF
Soler RF
Bryant 3B
Rizzo 1B
Castro 2B
Schwarber LF
Montero C
Hammel P
Baez SS



You think Maddon is going to have a sit down with Baez today and get his head straight? We don’t need another Alex Gonzalez moment.

Brad Newell, I must stick up for Alex Gonzalez, he was a very good, very sure handed SS. What led up to that error, may have very well caused it.

Sorry but I absolutely disagree…. A fan never lost us the game… Alou could’ve dropped it… Alex Gonzalez gets all and every bit of that blame…

I disagree 100% petrey10 Baker gets all the blame from me. He could have went to the mound and calmed everyone down. You know, like a leader. He didn’t do that. He went back and hid in the dugout. PERIOD

I am sure Madden will do everything he can to help Baez. Yesterday I think Baez must have been shocked when he went in at a moment’s notice. Hope Russell can be back for the next games and is not done for the season.

Did Maddon change his name?

Looks like Maddon had a really good meeting with Baez with a few good donuts thrown in! 😀

This umps strike zone is very small for both teams. Would have liked to see Bryant bunt.

Yes, I am guessing when no one was paying attention, Maddon snuck away. Took a flight to Oregon, stood in a long line. Bought some Voo Doo Donuts, flew back to Chicago un missed and shared with the team.

Aloha folks, on the job cannot see game bury saw Tom’ s comment about small strike zone. At least he sounds fair as Baez and team took Lackey out. I too hope Maddon had a discussion with Baez, in regard to humility and not acting like he has “arrived.” Confidence is good, pride does not help a team. Hope they can hang on today and that Russell will be back. Mahalo!

Oh, these darn phones! Meant to say “but” not bury! Go Cubs! Mahalo!

Not to worry k.g. Typo’s are okay with most of us. 😀

So far so good K.g.

Wow, what a game! Now, whom do we prefer — the Dodgers or the rebuilt after-the-break Mets? (Didn’t we beat Kershaw and Greinke during the regular season?)

Great game! Congrats to all on this site as we move on. This was sweet! Many more to come.

Whichever team it is we know will have to win a Game 5 at Chavez Ravine Thursday, Bruce. It will involve a `can`t miss` pitching matchup of de Grom versus Greinke. I`m hoping that game goes 20 innings so that the winner will be exhausted by the time it has to face the Cubs Saturday in the first game of the 2015 NLCS. That game will be at the home field of either the Dodgers or Mets, and the second game will be played Sunday. One more thing: does anyone know if that bomb hit by Schwarber today came down in Lake Michigan? (smiling)

Aloha jhosk-jasper-Petrey-Tom-White-Brad: First just to sound “selfish,” my father said to me if the Dodgers win, let me know because one of your family members in the LA area can get tickets! So, of course I am thinking once in a lifetime, drive down there or fly and see the team. Now, having said that, LA is roughly 2300 miles from Chicago but New York is only 800 miles away from Chi-Town. So, I am sure NYC is a nicer commute than LA. In regard to playing for me, it is a toss up. Kershaw finally won a post-season game but the Dodgers do not seem to be cohesive-together and their bp is not terribly strong. On the other hand, the Mets are coming together at the right time, their hitting is starting to show some life and they have good pitching. In the four games between the Dodgers/Mets, none have been blowouts except for the Mets win, 13-7 though the Dodgers still scored 7 runs. I guess what I am saying is that this is not the same Mets team that the Cubs swept back at the end of June/beginning of July. Anyhow, I am just happy that they are still in the post season as this is also great experience for the younger guys on the team as well as the veterans that are there too! I have a big event on Saturday as I do the entertainment for the evening, we raise funds for our seniors, senior programs but you can bet that I will check in with all of you and the score! Mahalo!

Great series!!! I want the mets!!

I prefer the Mets also. Keep it in the cool weather, no adjusting back & forth.

Aloha Petrey, you know the Dodgers are banged up, not hitting well, only have Kershaw and Grienke but them Mets are playing inspired ball too, hitting is starting to come around and they have good pitching too. Maybe if anything, meeting up with them to “avenge” the 69′ season, though I must admit I became a fan as a youngster in the 80’s! Take care now. Mahalo!

Thinking of the Mets also . Cubs took all the games in the regular season . What a way to end the NLDS .

True, the Cubs swept the Mets this season, but that was a Mets team that had yet to acquire Cespedes and was without Wright. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the Cubs are the better overall team today and I’d much rather face Harvey, Syndergaard and deGrom in Games 1-3 than Kershaw, Anderson and Greinke. But let’s not take the Mets lightly just because the Cubs went 7-0 against them in the regular season!

More thoughts on Tuesday`s game. That was critical when Richard came into game and struck out the only batter he faced, Heyward. Grimm was `lights out` with that one inning he gave us, fanning all three batters. His best relief job of the entire season. That was a dart Soler delivered from right field nailing the runner at home, and Montero`s tag was special as well. Baez`s three run dinger was huge, of course. He would not have even been in lineup had not Addison pulled his hammy the night prior. I`m thinking Manny Ramirez may be in Javier`s ear these days, just as he`s been in Soler`s and Castro`s. Hammel was disappointing. If we need a fourth starter in the NLCS and beyond, I`m wanting Haren or Wood for that role, not Hammel. And Wood may very well be better suited for relief, as he`s already proved.

Aloha jhosk- it is too bad about Hammel. Thank goodness he contributed at the plate and brought in the first run. I do think he made some good pitches that were not counted as strikes. Having said that, I had wished Wada had the opportunity to pitch-start a game or two late in the season as he could have been another starter, a lefty at that. But Maddon and the FO know a lot more about his situation than I do. Again, Hammel was not bad but maybe as you say a Haren, Wood or even Richard. Cahill labored a little but I am not too worried, he has been used a lot and you knew the Cardinals would come out and give it there all, even if they were hurting some. Maddon has a choice now for Saturday, do you start Arrieta or do you go with Lester? Lester has not pitched poorly on the road. If you start Lester then Arrieta, you ensure that Arrieta can pitch at one of the games when it comes back to Wrigley. I am a firm believer in making a statement so that first game is important especially as you get closer to that event called the WS! Take care now. Mahalo! PS: I hope Russell still can come back for this post-season, his defensive play at SS has been superb!

Got nlcs game 5 tickets and WS game 4…. In my possession… Ready to go

Aloha Petrey, good for you! I hope I get chosen to purchase some tickets. Take care. Mahalo!

It just dawned on me that the Cubs proved Pete Rose wrong. You`ll recall `the Hit King` predicted before the NLDS began that the Cardinals would dispatch our Cubs. I derive much pleasure from seeing that self-absorbed mendacious baseball mind proved mistaken.

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