#Cubs vs Mets in NLCS: Lester vs Harvey

The Cubs swept the Mets in the seven games they faced off during the regular season but that doesn’t matter any more. It’ll be Chicago vs. New York, Cubs vs. Mets in the National League Championship Series, starting Saturday at Citi Field.

New York advanced with a 3-2 victory over the Dodgers Thursday night in Game 5 of the NL Division Series at Dodger Stadium.

Game 1 of the NLCS is scheduled for Saturday at 7 p.m. CT on TBS at Citi Field and will feature lefty Jon Lester against New York’s Matt Harvey. One thing that won’t be on the Cubs’ minds during the trip will be their season sweep over the Mets. New York didn’t have Yoenis Cespedes in the lineup at that time.

“That’s over with,” catcher Miguel Montero said of the regular-season statistics. “You can’t rely on that or say, ‘We swept this series against them,’ or, ‘We did this against those two guys.’ That’s over. I think the Mets are a totally different team. … The Mets have Yoenis Cespedes — they’re totally different. You know they’re all good players.”

— Carrie Muskat


Aloha Folks, this is one reason why I like having veterans around, Montero is exactly right in regard to the Mets. Hopefully the Cubs can be patient with Harvey, get his pitch count up and wait for ones that they can hit. Need for Lester to have a strong outting and backed by good defense! Take care, we are getting close! Mahalo!

Should be fun with a well rested Lester & Arietta.
Looking very forward to this series and my only expectations will be: Compete, play their best and have fun. No matter the outcome, this is the best experience this young team can get.

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My home computer was out for repair, but now it’s back. Planning on watching the weekend games on Brazilian television but listening to the audio feed with Pat, Ron and Len on the internet. I’m not worried about Baez replacing Russell in the lineup. It seems our coaches have taught him to lay off that low and away slider or at least try to hit it the other way. (The Mets-Dodgers game was on TV here. Daniel Murphy was a one-man wrecking crew. Gotta be careful with that guy.)

Aloha Bruce, glad you are back on. jasper is right on about just enjoying this series no matter what the outcome, it is a great experience for this team. And what you said about Murphy is right on, as good as Turner has been all year at 3rd base for the Dodgers, he had a momentary lapse that in the end cost them the game. All he had to do after the shift-play was over was to run back over to 3rd base, instead he fell asleep at the wheel and Murphy took advantage of it. So, I am sure Maddon is saying to the team, be alert at all times! Lester will need to be mindful and watch runners that do get on base. Will be fun! Mahalo!

It doesn’t matter at all. A brand new season. The Cubs have claws. http://bit.ly/1LxcDLN

Going to be a very tough series. This is not the same Mets team that the Cubs took seven out of seven from. One game at a time. Maddon will have the Cubs ready!

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