No Russell for #Cubs in NLCS

Cubs rookie Addison Russell will not be available for the National League Championship Series because of a hamstring injury suffered in Game 3 of the NL Division Series, and Javier Baez will get the start at shortstop. Russell injured his left hamstring when he tripled in the fourth inning, and suffered a moderate strain.

“Addy, right now, will not participate in this next round,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said Thursday before a workout at Wrigley Field. “If everything plays properly and we have an opportunity to play another round, he might be available at that time, but for sure, not this one.”

The Cubs did not want Russell to try and rush back, and possibly re-injure his leg. In four postseason games,

In his first start in Game 4 on Tuesday, Baez hit a three-run home run in the second inning off the Cardinals’ John Lackey. He has played all season at Triple-A Iowa, and missed the month of April to be with family after the death of his sister, Noely. He was sidelined with a broken finger after a head first slide, and played 70 games at Iowa, batting .324 with 13 home runs, 14 doubles and 61 RBIs.

“The thing about Addison is he’s played enough here to know he belongs here and can do this,” Maddon said. “I want to believe that Javy is arriving at that same point. I think the three-run homer in a playoff game like that against one of the best pitchers in the National League should boost your confiddence. The big thing out of him, too, is consistency on defense. We have to catch the ball. Pitching and catching is really important to us. I know he can do that.”

The Cubs will add another player to the NLCS roster, and were considering their options on Thursday. One option could be adding Quintin Berry to give them a speedster off the bench. The decision will be influenced by who the Cubs play in the NLCS as well.

— Carrie Muskat


I feel so sorry for Russell. What a disappointment for the young player. He must have been having visions of helping his team go the final distance to the World Series. A tough pill to swallow. Next year, Russell – next year – be there! 😀

Why would a leg strain make it hard to swallow a pill?

Aloha Folks, have faith. Just maybe if there is another “series” for this team after the current one, he, Addison, might be available! I look forward to you all keeping me posted on Saturday because I have a fundraising event for our senior citizen organization, in which I am the entertainment chair person goes on for most of the day! So, I will check the phone for scores and you folks on Carrie’s board. Mahalo!

Aloha Folks- Well, I guess its onto the Big Apple! Mahalo!

I wonder if you are having a brain strain, jasper. I fail to see what your comment has to do with baseball. Do you think the Cubs can defeat the Metropolitans in the upcoming series? You told us recently it would be okay with you if the Cubs lost to the Pirates in the Wild Card. `Oh Ye of little faith!`

Hold on, White. We have not been told Addison won`t be healthy for the World Series. I had forgotten Javy broke his finger due to a head first slide months ago. Do you think the organization may want to look at all the injuries its players have sustained due to head first slides, which have been proved by studies to be no more advantageous than the feet first variety, and conclude they are not prudent? It`s not at all complicated.

Yes, k.g. We have the opponent most of us wanted. Sorry that option you had of seeing a game at Chavez Ravine is by the boards. Isn`t it astonishing that the leading Vegas bookmaker, Jay Kornegay, has installed the Cubs as favorites to win the WS. That blew my mind.

Also, White, I want to remind you that Michael Conforto matriculated at Oregon State and also played baseball at that august institution. You are going to be seeing him often in the upcoming NLCS. His daddy played linebacker at Penn State, I`ve been told.

Russell is only out for the NLCS. If the Cubs were to advance, it’s not certain he would miss the next round

Hope he can be back! Looking at the weather forecast for the East coast this weekend. Cubs might want to pack their earmuffs! Brrrr!

Weather was one of the reasons I was hoping for the Mets. Keep it in cool weather and out of LA. Players can adjust.
It was very nice to see deGrom throw a 100 pitches, Syndergard used in relief and their closer used for two innings. Does that help the Cubs going into the series, maybe?
On Russell, I would assume from watching him run the bases, he hurt his leg between 2nd & 3rd, I have never heard of a hamstring from a head first slide. Talk about a brain strain.
Having Baez as a backup has already paid off. Players being able to play different positions, makes the team more versatile and Russell’s injury is a solid reason why Management wants players to be versatile.
Of course I hate to see an injury, as a fan, am I going to dwell on it? Nope! Baez is capable, if he gets hurt, there is Castro. They have to win with what they have and as a team, there have not been many injuries.
Not like the Cardinals, that’s for sure.

Actually it was after rounding second when Addy strained his hammy. Just read that today in my local newspaper. Should not have had to wait that long for an answer. Those in the know had to have known this for days. Does it modify my take on the prudence of head-first slides? Absolutely not! It is not intelligent to utilize them, and the organization would be wise to drill that into its players. Jasper, one of your comments reminded me of something that fool Donald Rumsfeld said about our engagement in Iraq, and I paraphrase, “You go to war with the military you have, not the one you may wish to have.” He was commenting on the worst foreign policy decision in U.S. history, a decision he was one of the architects of. And I notice you have not answered my question as to if you think the Cubs can dispatch the Mets.

not going to talk politics with you jhosk, especially on here. We disagree sometimes about Baseball & the Cubs, that’s ok.
I guarantee you we would disagree on every subject related to Politics.

Thanks jhosk. I will look for Conforto!

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