#Cubs add Berry to #NLCS roster

The Cubs set the 25-man NLCS roster in preparation for Saturday’s game against the Mets.

Here is a look at the Chicago Cubs National League Championship Series roster:


28-Kyle Hendricks, RHP

33-Clayton Richard, LHP

34-Jon Lester, LHP

37-Travis Wood, LHP

39-Jason Hammel, RHP

46-Pedro Strop, RHP

49-Jake Arrieta, RHP

52-Justin Grimm, RHP

53-Trevor Cahill, RHP

56-Hector Rondon, RHP

57-Fernando Rodney, RHP


3-David Ross

5-Quintin Berry

8-Chris Coghlan

9-Javier Baez

11-Tommy La Stella

12-Kyle Schwarber

13-Starlin Castro

15-Chris Denorfia

17-Kris Bryant

24-Dexter Fowler

27-Austin Jackson

44-Anthony Rizzo

47-Miguel Montero

68-Jorge Soler


Don`t see Dan Haren`s name. He would be a better option for Number 4 starter than Hammel, in my humble opinion.

Joe Maddon was a guest on ESPN`s `Pardon the Interruption` Thursday, and revealed something to hosts Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon about an early college experience. {For those who may have missed that, I`m going to repeat what the manager said.} Joe said he was very unhappy in just his first week at the institution of higher learning, and phoned home from a pay phone just down the hall from his dorm room. He said Beanie answered (and Joe did identify her as Beanie, not `my mother`), and Joe told her he wanted to come home and go to work as a plumber with his daddy. Joe said Beanie `read the riot act` to him, and made absolutely clear to him that was `not an option.` Case Closed.

Very chilly in New York this morning! 39 degrees. Hot cocoa before game time? 😀

While your thinking of hot cocoa the Organization took a huge hit losing Tim Wilken to the Diamonbacks.
His scouting can be linked to players such as: Donaldson Barney Baez Cashner and others. I am sure he will be missed.

Absolutely hot cocoa or absolutely sorry to lose Wilken? 😀

White you continue to be a trouble maker.

You are the troublemaker, Jasper. Are you gloating about driving fonzie from this blog? You are a small man. Do you have anything intelligent to say about tonight`s game? We`ve been waiting.

Jhosk mind your own business and everything will workout

Aloha jhosk & white, keep us posted now as I have a fundraiser event today, I do the entertainment side of things. I hope our offense is patient against Harvey, run up his pitch count! Also, it is interesting Haren is not on the list, might be due to matchups. This is not the same Mets team that was swept seven games in the regular season. Take care now! Mahalo!

Is that all you`ve got, Jasper? That response is weak, and you are weak.

Speaking of weak, pretty weak performance against Harvey tonight. Schwarber is showing no fear. Need to get a Arietta win and go back to Chicago with a split.

I do not think Scott Boras will look kindly on your suggestion that Harvey`s `pitch count` be elevated, k.g. In fact, I`m confident he will view that with a `jaundiced eye.` If Boras had his druthers, Harvey would have been shut down for the 2015 season long ago. A good example of why that agent is viewed by many observers as a pariah. To White`s comment, yes, we can expect temps to be low at Citi Field tonight, for sure. It`s cold in these parts now, and it`s the middle of the afternoon.

Aloha jhosk, let me just say politely, no comment on Boras! Oh I wish I were home listing to the game, I have four groups to manage on my stage but have told the crew my heart is in NYC right now with them Cubbies! Mahalo!

I hear you, k.g. You deserve to see this game more than most. You are as dedicated to the Cubs and their fortunes as anyone on this blog. I want to add a caveat to what I typed about the unlikelihood of the Mets attempting to steal tonight. That does not apply to Curtis Granderson. He has foot speed and it`s in the Cubs best interest to keep `the Grandy Man` off the bases, not just tonight, but for the entire series. He`s coming off an outstanding series versus the Dodgers, and it`s my opinion that he has been the Mets` MVP in 2015. And where are the other contributors to this blog? You have nothing to add? Your silence is `deafening.`

I was counting on Duda as one of the `holes` in the Mets` offense, as he fanned 12 times or so in the series with the Dodgers. But lo and behold, they are giving Cuddyer the start at first. That`s a disadvantage; but the Mets are providing an advantage to the Cubs in another way, and it should pay off tonight especially. I refer to the fact that the Mets are not a running team, and do not look to steal a lot of bases. With Lester starting tonight, I think y`all see my point. Terry Collins made reference to that fact in today`s `New York Daily News.` Said, “You get on with Jon Lester and you start stealing with guys who aren`t real good at stealing, you run yourself out of innings. So we`ll pick and choose our moments if we get anybody on, and decide how we want to handle it. But we are not a base-stealing team by any means.”
Another thing: there`s a good possibility the Mets will start Steven Matz in Game 2 rather than Syndergaard (Thor). Thor warmed up four times in Game 5 with the Dodgers, and came in and threw a 17- pitch seventh inning. The organization would love to use Thor in Game 2, but are concerned he may not be physically ready to get back on the mound three days after that activity at Chavez Ravine. {Keep in mind the fireballer started Game 2 of the NLDS.}

If Thor indeed does not start Game 2, it means he would be bumped to Game 4, given that deGrom will surely start Game 3. He (deGrom) is the Mets` best pitcher.

jhosk, I do hope fonzie reads this and will rejoin us. 😀😍

great baseball post as usual White. Just a trouble maker.

I say `bring fonzie back.` His comments have been far more compelling than those of Jasper Jiggs. I pleaded with Jasper to comment on tonight`s game before it even began, and he had nothing. Jasper is an `empty suit.` And he`s been demonstrating inappropriate behavior for a period too long to measure. He has been receiving preferential treatment on this blog for a period too long to calculate. How does that happen? Did I mention fonzie is a better option than Jasper Jiggs? Give us a break!

jhosk, is it possible Jasper was not on the net when you were pleading?
I do not know what I have done to you, nor do I care.
If you want to dis me, threaten me, lets keep it off here?
Carrie can give you my e-mail, then we can hash it out man to man. You ok with that?

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