#Cubs lineup for NLCS Game 1

Jon Lester will face the Mets’ Matt Harvey Saturday night in Game 1 of the NL Championship Series. First pitch was scheduled for 7:07 p.m. Chicago time. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber LF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Soler RF

Baez SS

Ross C

Lester P

*Lester has a 1-3 record and 3.86 ERA in six career LCS appearances, including four starts. He was 11-12 with a 3.34 ERA in his first season with the Cubs.

*Javier Baez is starting in place of shortstop Addison Russell, who is not on the Cubs NLCS roster because of a strained left hamstring.

*The Mets belted 102 home runs after the break, tops in the NL, including 22 by Yoenis Cespedes. The Cubs were second in the NL with 94 in the second half, led by young sluggers Anthony Rizzo (15), Kyle Schwarber (15) and Kris Bryant (14).

Chicago put on a power display in Game 3 of the NL Division Series against St. Louis, belting six home runs by six different players. The Cardinals boasted the best pitching staff in the NL, but the Mets enter the NLCS riding power arms in Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergard, and Matt Harvey. This could be fun. Game 1 will be Saturday at Citi Field. If you’re sitting in the outfield sections, bring a glove.

“We have hit home runs, and that’s when we do our best work, I cannot deny that,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said Friday. “We work on other factions of the game — everybody does, it’s not just us. It’s just a matter of execution during the course of the game.

“We’re a high strikeout team, and that really tends to lead you away from good situational hitting in general because of the swing and miss,” Maddon said. “We work on it. You get to this particular moment, and you don’t know at what level the mental acuity will be at whereas a guy may be able to do something he hasn’t done at this point. I believe in that. I do believe in that.”

— Carrie Muskat


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Aloha Cubbies! Gunbatene/Good luck and “go for broke” as we say in the islands! Mahalo!

This is for k.g. You asked us to try to update you. We are in the top of inning 5 and the Cubs are still hitless. It`s 1-0 Mets as a result of Daniel Murphy`s long ball in the second. Harvey is mowing our Cubs down . Anthony was just hit by pitch and represents our first baserunner. Castro drove a ball over the centerfielder`s head and scored Rizzo. The fielder misjudged the ball. Did I mention that Jasper Jiggs is weak and lame?

Third base coach Jones just waved Starlin home from second on a knock by Baez between short and third into left field. It was an ill advised `send` by Jones as Starlin was out by a mile at the plate. Jones is too aggressive in my opinion. You`ll recall a recent regular season game when Jones sent a runner on a throw from the outfield by Heyward and that runner was out at the plate, and it was key to the outcome. That was dumb of Jones and tonight`s decision was dumb also. If I had my druthers, Jones would be replaced as third base coach, but I doubt Maddon will do that anytime soon. Perhaps before next season? It`s 1-1 in bottom 5 and Mets are threatening with a runner on second with one out and Harvey at bat. Btw, tonight`s home plate ump is doing a nice job. Have not seen him miss even one ball/strike call.
Did you know Jasper Jiggs takes pride in attacking women? That makes him a midget and coward in my book. Grandyman just drove in a runner from second with a knock to outfield. It`s 2-1 Mets. Wright just took a well located fast ball by Lester for strike three with Harvey on second. It`s Mets 2-1 at end of five.

Cubs did not score in top 6 though there were two hard hit balls. Mets sixth included two sparkling defensive catches by Baez and Rizzo, Anthony`s being in foul territory, leaning into stands. Unfortunately, that inning also included a bomb by d`Arnaud which is still being tracked by radar. It`s 3-1 Mets at end of six. I have the sense that we are being dominated. Don`t like that vibe. We need something to turn around this trend. Every break seems to go Mets way. I like Dennis Eckersley as an analyst far more that Ron Darling. Darling is too vanilla. Eck was outspoken and candid in the last series.

The Cubs tried to rally in top 7, but La Stella fanned with runners on first and second to end inning. Harvey is stellar. Pitching is the most critical component of any baseball game. Lester has been decent tonight, and Harvey has been better. Outstanding pitching will shut down a stellar offense every day of the week, and twice on Sunday. You saw it yesterday when the Royals` pitcher, Volquez, and his relievers, stopped the potent Blue Jays` bats in their tracks, and made them look impotent in the process.

Mets scored another run in seventh on sac fly to left. It was 4-1 at end of seven. Lester has been removed from game. Grimm is in. `The Hulk` just went yard in 8th. That knocked Harvey out of game. Familia is new pitcher. It`s 4-2 with Bryant at the plate. Bryant walked. Anthony is at bat and represents tying run. Routine grounder to short. Inning over. That dinger by Schwarber traveled 459 feet. Is longest home run of the postseason, according to Ernie Johnson. Am starting to think we need to win Sunday`s game.

Joe Maddon has a head cold, and does not look well tonight. He`s toughing it out. He has a history with the Mets` manager, Terry Collins. Collins is 66 and Joe`s 61. Joe once coached on an Angels` team whose manager was Collins. Collins chose to retain Maddon as coach when Collins was first hired. Maddon is eternally grateful to Terry for that decision as it was critical to the trajectory of Maddon`s career. We are in the ninth now, and Starlin just popped out weakly to outfield. Soler just fanned with a weak swing off a Familia delivery. Montero just singled to right. My man, La Stella, is at the dish. Great play by Daniel Murphy at second to rob Tommy of hit. Ball was hit on screws. It was not our night. Mets win 4-2. Want to mention that Sam Ryan is an excellent interviewer. She worked on sidelines for tonight`s game. She is a regular host on the MLB Network`s `Quick Pitch` during the entire major league season. She interviewed Jake Arrieta after his stellar performance in the WC game versus Pittsburgh. She asked very pertinent questions that night, and he responded with candid answers. Did I mention that tonight was not our night? Did I mention that Jasper Jiggs` conduct has been reprehensible tonight, and has been for a long while. But he gets passes for that behavior. Why is that?

Aloha ,jhosk arigatou gozaimasu, thank you for the great updates, I see Lester had some giving up the long ball. I hope Arrieta paid attention tonight. Mahalo!

The Cubs lost the first game of the NLDS versus the Cardinals if y`all recollect. That was just a five game series, and how did that work out? This is a seven game series. The Mets have to win three more games to prevail. Should we be worried? I say `No.` Make that a resounding `No.` But we have to play offense going forward. We can`t be weak the way most of our batters were tonight, and Jasper Jiggs is most of the time. Do y`all follow me? Let`s do it!

Aloha jhosk, long night for us. Was a great event and fundraiser for our senior citizens/organization. I hope the Cubs bats come alive today. As you say, this is a 7game series, lots of ball left to play. I am sure Lester is looking forward to round number two with these Mets. Had a chance to read more thoroughly your updates, I am sorry to hear about yours and jaspers rift. I value both of your input not just as Cubs fans but fans of the game. I am hopeful for the best. Take care now. Mahalo.

I notice you do not comment on his attacks on White, k.g. Are we to assume you therefore approve?

And driving fonzie away. Are you okay with your man, jasper, doing that, k.g? He should not get away with such conduct, pure and simple. He`s treated with kid gloves on here.

Yeah, slightly outplayed by a good team. Just one point: Jones was right to send Castro home, because the next two hitters, Ross and Lester, were almost sure outs. Why must we “baby” Lester with his “personal catcher?” As Maddon has said so often, this is a team sport. Everyone admires David Ross for his maturity and experience, and he has a very good arm. But Montero is a better hitter. Thoughts? Let’s get even Sunday night and bring it back to Wrigley.

Aloha Bruce, was going finally get some shut-eye after the long night, then saw your comment pop up! I have admired Ross too, I think he will make a good coach someday. Having said that, these are the playoffs and losing 2 out of 9 slots puts one at a disadvantage and is asking a lot more from the other 7. I do not know if we are going to see any changes during this series, perhaps in a second Lester start, if it is a tight ballgame Maddon may ph for him in an earlier inning (4-5-6)? I do think it could be a show of good faith from Maddon to this young team, that this is a team sport and the manager will do what it takes to get over the finish line. You take care now. Mahalo.

That Jon Lester the Cub’s Big Game Pitcher, he’s now O for 2 in the playoffs. His 6 year 155 million contract sure looks to be paying off!!! By the 3rd year of his contract he’ll be like Barry Zito!!!!

Aloha jhosk, I was only looking at this post, so I did not know what was going on because I did not look at other post/subject. As my wife said, I was in event mode and could only check in a few times. I do not condone pestering of anyone and if jasper participated I am sorry to hear that. I hope you two as “veterans” can work things out. Well no rest for the “tired” have to pick up the nephews and go hear Daryl Strawberry at a church, will talk more about this later! Mahalo!

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