#Cubs Hendricks to start Game 3 NLCS

Kyle Hendricks will start Game 3 of the National League Championship Series for the Cubs, and Jason Hammel could start Game 4 but manager Joe Maddon said Sunday he’s also considering having a “bullpen day” when the series shifts to Wrigley Field. One thing the Cubs will not do is have Jon Lester come back on short rest and start Game 4, Maddon said.

“We’re still working on Game 4 but we have Kyle definitely in Game 3,” Maddon said.

Neither Hendricks or Hammel got a decision in their NL Division Series starts. Hammel was pulled after three innings in Game 4, while Hendricks gave up three runs over 4 2/3 innings, and all coming on three solo home runs.

Hammel was available in relief if needed for Game 2 Sunday and also Game 3 on Tuesday at Wrigley Field.

“More than likely, [Hammel] will pitch Game 4 but I still want to talk to him and play it all the way through,” Maddon said.

The only other option would be using Travis Wood, Clayton Richard or Trevor Cahill out of the ‘pen.

“We could go with a bullpen [day] if you chose to,” Maddon said.

Lester started Game 1 on Saturday, and threw 107 pitches over 6 2/3 innings.

“I’m not planning on that right now at all,” Maddon said of having Lester start Wednesday.

*Sunday’s game time temperature was expected to be colder than Saturday’s 48-degree game time temp. Javier Baez, Starlin Castro and Jorge Soler all wore balaclavas over their heads to try and stay warm.

“They were fine,” Maddon said. “Starlin, before the game, told me he’ll be cold when the game is over. He played really well. I talked to him on the bench, when I went out to the mound, and he was fine. He was not worried about it.”

Soler hasn’t done well when the temperature is below 50 degrees.

“It’s going to be less than 50 today, so maybe it’s a good call [Soler isn’t starting],” Maddon said of the rookie, who was not in the starting lineup. “We’ll keep him warm until we need him.”

— Carrie Muskat


That’s more like it, it took Syndergard 21 Pitches to get out of the 1st. That’s theway the Cubs win.

Looks like the Cubs hit a brick wall in New York.

not good guys… got to win the next 3 with our worst pitching…. against DeGrom and Matz, then maybe Harvey?…. don’t like those odds
bats need to wake up with the warmer weather at Wrigley

Aloha Petrey, well just as Murphy and Granderson are to the Mets, Hendricks and Hammel could be for this team. Yes, the batters need to be patient, small-ball at times, and wear their pitching down. Take care. Mahalo.

You`ll recall I commented back in September when the Cubs had already clinched a playoff slot that I felt it was foolish to have Arrieta pitch the final two games he started. They were `meaningless` games and `meaningless` innings. He needed to rest and deserved to rest and prepare for the postseason. And, as I recollect, Jake pitched deep into each of those `meaningless` games. And please do not tell me we were fighting for the home field advantage in the WC game. I also said at the time that it did not matter the venue for that critical wild card game, as Jake could win in any park, including Yellowstone. Observing Jake in his past two starts, especially last night`s, it`s obvious his arm is fatigued. He`s pitched far more innings in 2015 than at any other time in his career. The possible silver lining in this scenario is that the young Mets` starters, with the exception of Matz who has missed time due to injury, are in the same boat. Each of those boys has never pitched as many innings as in 2015 either. Could deGrom, Thor, and the Dark Knight begin to show fatigue also? It`s possible, but would not count on it.

And btw, not one of y`all supported myself when I urged that Jake not pitch in either of those two `meaningless` games at the end of the regular season.

Its not up to us jhosk, that why Management hired the best manager in baseball to make those decisions.

i believe you are mistaken…. I was in great favor of Arrieta getting rest. You should look back and see that I was actually the first to bring it up… so way to pat yourself on the back for nothing.

The wet blanket chimes in once more. No, I do not recall that at all.

Wrigley Field, hometown fans, critical need to win – the stage is set! The Cubs want this win so badly ! I hope they put the New York disaster behind them and play like the champions they are. Also hope Maddon feels better!

Aloha jhosk, not sure if folks did not support you. The team was in the middle of the wc race with a chance for home field. I did think Wada or Richard could have pitched some of those last games. My father also felt too many days off not good for a young team. He used to have his team scrimmage each other

Aloha jhosk, meant to say finish, my father kept his team warm and loose in between games. I hope for the best. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. Would like to know more about Darryl Strawberry. I recollect you said he was scheduled to speak before a group of which you are a member. I`m curious as to if you had the opportunity to ask Mr. Strawberry why he no longer has an interest in baseball, if indeed he ever had such an interest.

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