#Cubs lineup: Coghlan and Montero start

Chris Coghlan, who homered off the Mets’ Noah Syndergaard, will start in right field Sunday  night when the Cubs take on the Mets in Game 2 of the NL Championship Series. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber LF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Coghlan RF

Montero C

Baez SS

Arrieta P

*Kyle Schwarber is looking to become the second rookie to hit five home runs in the postseason. Only Evan Longoria (six home runs in 2008) has more than Schwarber’s four. He’s also looking to become the first Cub to homer in four straight playoff games. Only he and Alex Gonzalez (2003) have homered in three in a row for the Cubs. The last player to homer in four straight postseason games was Evan Longoria (2008)

*Jake Arrieta faced Syndergaard when the Mets rookie made his ML debut in May. Arrieta got the win. The Cubs ace has been better on the road (14-1, 1.49 ERA in 19 starts) this season than at home (10-5, 2.20 ERA in 16 starts). Those numbers include the postseason.


Wow. Another hot cocoa day in New York! Colder than yesterday. Maybe a stack of hot pancakes, earmuffs and long johns. A very comfortable and hopeful feeling with Arrieta on the mound. Let’s win this one and get back to Wrigley!

Aloha White-san, amen to that! Getting back to Wrigley 1-1 would be awesome. Take care. Mahalo!

Playing those boys like a fiddle you are White. Poor me, jasper is so mean, because I cant talk baseball in a Cubs chat room. Poor me, I just come in here to start trouble and get guys to feel sorry for me, stick up for me and give me attention.

44 degrees! This is going to be one hard game to play! Cold hands hitting those fast balls. Ouch. Hope you can see the game tonight k.g. 😀

Temperature should be expected this time of year. Mets have to play in the same temperature. Champions adapt, improvise and overcome.

Aloha White- I figured out a way to get the game, qualified for a free trial of this “sling tv” which streams over the internet. So after the series I will just end the trial but was blessed to get it. Well as my father stresses so much, especially when it comes to the post-season, pitching-pitching-pitching. The Mets staff right now is on fire. They are also playing well defensively and getting timely hitting. Arrieta has had two shaky starts in a row. But Give the Mets credit because they are making things happen (Granderson, Wright, Murphy…). This was my concern between the Dodgers and the Mets, I felt the Mets were surging and their pitching coming together whereas the Dodgers where fading. Now, the series comes back to Chicago and I hope Maddon disciples his team to turn off the “sports-media-news,” and be ready to come out and play great ball on Tuesday. This Cubs team can do it! Take care everyone one. Mahalo!

Left Handed lineup, Coghlan was really hitting the ball out of the three spot when Maddon was batting him there. I don’t understand why he dropped him, that’s when he went into the slump.

Down 4-0. Mets are showing our weaknesses. They really seemed to be pumped up. Unless we come back we’re down 2 games- not good.

Hi k.g. Great news that you can see the games! I say gameS in the plural as we MUST win all of them. New York was a disaster – awful weather, awful loss. Maddon sounded like he should be home in bed recovering from some awful germ! Back home in Chicago – a day to recover, recuperate, and be ready to greet the Cub fans with the best ball they have ever played. The magic of Wrigley!

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