#Cubs Hammel to start NLCS Game 4

Jason Hammel will start Game 4 of the National League Championship Series for the Cubs, manager Joe Maddon announced Monday.

The Mets lead the best of seven NLCS 2-0, with Game 3 scheduled for Tuesday at Wrigley Field. Kyle Hendricks will start for the Cubs while the Mets will counter with Jacob deGrom.

Hammel did not get a decision in Game 4 of the NL Division Series, and was pulled after three innings against the Cardinals. Even though Hammel is penciled in, he will be available in relief if needed.

The Cubs do not want to bring Jon Lester back on short rest. The lefty started Game 1 on Saturday, and threw 107 pitches over 6 2/3 innings.

“We’re going to play it straight as of right now,” Maddon said Monday of the rotation. “To push Jon to that point, I don’t think we want to do that. We refrained from doing that in the previous round and it played out pretty well, so we’ll do it again. We could always change but as of right now, we’re not thinking [about Lester starting] at all.”

This will be Hammel’s fifth postseason start, and first in the LCS. He is 0-1 with a 5.00 ERA in his career, including this season.

— Carrie Muskat


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Eddy Julio Martinez the International prospect that was expected to sign for more that 10 Million earlier this summer, is officially a Cub at 3 Million. The Cubs will have to pay 100% tax on Martinez, so the cost is 6 Million.
Martinez is a 20 y/o Cuban Outfielder with speed. Exciting sign.

Aloha jasper, that is very neat. I hope Hendricks has a great game tomorrow and the bats make a huge statement leading into Wednesday’s game! Mahalo!

K.g., I honestly expected this. The Cubs just don’t have the Starting Pitching to match the Mets. Plus, that guy Murphy is hotter than hot.
The only way the Cubs win, is the Bats. Hopefully Wrigley brings them to life.

Bill Plashske on `Around the Horn` today said that goat of Chicago Cubs` lore was named `Murphy.` Does anyone know if that`s true, or is Bill blowing smoke? Also, Plashke said that our Cubs are `toast` in this series with the Metropolitans. He did not actually utilize the term `toast,` but there is no mistaking his meaning. I`ve concluded Bill has `a nerve` to dismiss our beloved team in such a cavalier manner. His fellow panelist, Bob Ryan, gives the Blue Jays a 5 on a scale of 10 to come back and triumph over the Royals, and gives our Cubs a piddling 1.5 rating to do likewise over the Mets. He has `a nerve,` as well, I suggest.

What are your thoughts jhosk? Forget what people are saying, put your thoughts out there.
Mine remain the same, every post season win is a bonus, to an outstanding season.
I do not think, they have the Pitching. I am surprised they have come this far.
They arrived and went pretty deep in the playoffs a year early, its great experience for next year, when hopefully management fixes the starting Rotation.

Absolutely! The Cubs have no business having reached this level, given the lack of pitching specifically. To say the Cubs have overachieved is inadequate. I can`t find the appropriate words to accurately express their success this season. The third best record of all 30 major league teams; the best road record of all teams. It`s extraordinary. The organization has emphasized stockpiling position players at the expense of pitching. This Mets team is a prime example of how a formidable rotation and decent bullpen can take a club to the heights. Their offense is ordinary, and indeed was below average for much of the season. The addition of Cespedes and return of Wright, and the fact that Murphy is playing `out of his mind,` and Granderson`s steady contributions have been keys. Did I mention that we have not even faced the Mets` best starter yet in this series? That will no longer be true after tomorrow night`s game.

That was a good post jhosk.
I don’t know if you keep up with the Pitchers throughout the farm system, but I think you will be very surprised in a year or two.
I also don’t think the Cubs have sacrificed Pitching for hitters. Example: Was it Apell that was Drafted ahead of Bryant? He has not made the Majors yet. How many Pitchers before Schwarber and where are they?
The Cubs have loaded up on Pitchers the last three Drafts, it just takes longer for them to make it.

Aloha jhosk- I just shut it most of it out, meaning what the msm (mainstream media) says, including anyone “talking sports.” I know that does not sound “open-minded” but I have concluded over the years that many of those “talking-heads” have never played the game or really studied it. Many of those in the media over the years could give a hoot about the “lovable-losers” and did not take the team or organization seriously. Now they want to jump on the “band-wagon” be it positive or negative. Not to sound like a broken record but as I said early on, .500 or better anything above that for 2015 is gravy! So, I am enjoying this postseason; I did not throw anything at the TV on Sunday! But just because this team has arrived early does not mean that you take a laissez-faire approach to this current series. The Cubs have a young team, the amount of rookies starting in the postseason is amazing. Just as the Cubs went through a lot over the season, so did the Mets. The Mets have veterans on their team that help to balance out their young pitching staff for example. They have learned to get buy with a little in the run production in order to win because of their good pitching. In the regular season, 162 games, a team like the young Cubs can get away with certain things like striking out a lot, being aggressive at the plate. But in the postseason quite often it comes down to fundamentals: at-bat approach, taking pitches, running the bases, sac-flies and sac-bunts, creating opportunities and not relying solely on the long-ball because one is going up against teams usually with better pitching. So, the Cubs are going to have to dig very deep and make a statement these next two games with Hendricks and Hammels starting, not just the offense, the defense and pitching. Hendricks and Hammels both need to have good command of their pitches early on, throwing first pitch strikes because the Mets will run up the count like the pesky Marlins did in 2003. Strong performances these next couple of games could really energize the team so that Lester and Arrieta have a second chance. The Mets are not “immortals.” And with this young team I would stress going out there and having fun, being loose but also aware and alert of the surroundings. And to have an attitude as Banks did, “It’s a great day for a ballgame; Let’s play two!” Gunbatene Cubbies! Mahalo!

That is right on K.g., as far as the talking heads you mention.
I don’t think the young Cubs have given up nor taken the laissez-faire approach as you mention.
They have just simply run into some very good pitching, they will either make that adjustment in Chicago or go down doing the best they can.
Also as you say, this has been a great season, I have enjoyed it more than any I remember.
Also, even in the Playoffs, Management is doing their job, looking to improve, as the signing of Martinez indicates.
There is no need to be negative, maybe a little disappointed the last two games. But as Cub fans we have years of winning to look forward too.

Who cares what some blowhard from LA has to say about the Cubs? Most people who appear on that show do it just to hear the sound of their own voice (case in point, Jay Mariotti… who’s also a Grade A douchebag to boot). The only point of that show is to be loud and to make a statement that people will either be for or against. If you want actual well-thought analysis, do not watch that show! And definitely don’t take what is said on that show as the gospel!

It`s interesting too that Murphy will be a `free agent` after this season, and the Mets have absolutely no intention of re-signing him. They have solid plans to plug in a highly regarded prospect in their system at second base. He was identified on the MLB Radio Network today, but his name escapes me at the moment. Murphy is rated as a below average second baseman, and he hit a grand total of 14 homers in the 2015 regular season, but he`s morphed into Rogers Hornsby in this postseason.

Aloha jhosk, when I have a good opportunity to do so, I will share what I learnt from my time with Darryl Strawberry, I think you will find it interesting. Take care now! Mahalo!

I believe that Mets` second base prospect is Dilson Herrera. He`s expected to be the New York 2B next season, and Daniel Murphy will be a distant memory.

Eloquently stated, everyone. We never thought the Cubs would come so far so soon. Who knows — Maybe Maddon can work some more of that mix-and-match magic and take us a little farther? To put things into perspective, I recommend going to You Tube and checking out that historic and touching video of Steve Goodman’s “Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request.” I’d put it on this blog for you, but unfortunately my computer skills in that area are lacking. Até mais — That’s Portuguese for “See ya.”

Aloha jasper, I know I did not do the best job explaining myself as I agree with you that this team, management, organization is not laying down. My point is that even though this team has achieved much more this season than anticipated and are down by two games at the moment, does mean the season is over. I know Maddon does not think this. Now is the time to go out there and enjoy the game, take some calculated risks (ie on the bases), play good alert ball and give the Mets fits! Take care now. Mahalo!

I understood what you were saying K.g. Explained perfectly.

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