#Cubs Hendricks vs Mets, Game 3 NLCS

Kyle Hendricks gets the start Tuesday night at Wrigley Field as the Cubs face the Mets in Game 3 of the NL Championship Series. The forecast will be delightful for October with temps projected in the mid 60s. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Schwarber LF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Castro 2B

Soler RF

Montero C

Hendricks P

Baez SS

Hendricks won both of his career starts against the Mets, posting a 0.69 ERA in those outings. He started Game 2 of the NLDS against the Cardinals, and did not get a decision. He gave up three runs over 4 2/3 innings in taht game, and each of the runs came on solo home runs.

*Jorge Soler is back in the lineup after not playing in Game 2. Soler was starting in right. He’s batting .455 in the postseason.

*Daniel Murphy has homered in each of his last four games, and was batting .357 (10-for-28) with five home runs and eight RBI this postseason. Murphy will look to join Carlos Beltran (2004 Astros) as the only players to homer in five consecutive postseason games. Murphy’s five home runs is a record for a Mets player in a single postseason. He is also tied with Mike Piazza for most career postseason home runs as a Met (five).

Here’s the Mets lineup:

Granderson RF
Wright 3B
Murphy 2B
Cespedes CF
Duda 1B
d’Arnaud C
Conforto LF
Flores SS
deGrom P


The Power of Positive Thinking! The little engine that said “I think I can, I think I can”.And it could! Every Cubs fan – send those can-do thoughts to Wrigley. Get out there and yell the house down! 😀

Can’t make that many mistakes and expect to win. Meat of the order is killing us. Didn’t want to see it happen this way. Hopefully these young players will learn from this. How about some runs! That was a great inning by Strop.

Aloha Tom & White- I hope jasper-jhosk-petrey-doug-bruce and Carrie let me just vent a little: It is hard to watch bad execution of plays in the field: Soler-Bryant-Schwarber. But we all understood this because of their young. This positive part in this is that I know this young team will learn from this it is just hard at the moment to watch it. I think it was fonzie who had said the need for another strong bat-possibly an outfielder- I think he also meant a veteran. I have to give the Mets credit because the veterans are executing very well: Wright-Murphy-Cespedes-Granderson. This is where veterans are so important and they have made this young team pay. If Cespedes weren’t such a ???-mark in regard to how he treats others on a team, I would say the FO should go after one like him. I remember seeing his play like this tonight when he was with the A’s and often he was a “table-setter.” I did not think Hendricks had a bad outing. The relief was not very good and I have to give Montero kudos when catching Cahill. I felt Cahill was off tonight and that wild-pitch was hard to watch. Give Cespedes credit for being alert at 3rd. I know the series is not over yet I am hoping for the best. I think in the off-season the young guys have to work hard on their play-defense, the hitting will come with maturity. This is where I miss Russell because even though his is a rookie and young, he has a level of maturity in his play on the field that is beyond his age. The Cubs are going to have to get pitching and more than I thought: I think fonzie said up to two starters, that maybe on target. Then there is the bullpen. Anyhow, props to the Mets they have outplayed this team in every department. I just hope the Cubs can extend the series a little. Hoping for the best tomorrow. Mahalo!

Well said k.g. They are young and hope this is a learning experience. There is still hope that we don’t roll over in the 4th game. It would be great to see the Cubs come back and win the next two but the Mets will be out to nail it down tomorrow. We’ll see what the Cubs are made of.

Aloha Tom- thank you for reply. I have been getting over a cold/flu then had a big fund raising event over the weekend. I say that because I then re-read my post and I catch mistakes! For example: above I meant to say “because of their youth..” but said “young.” Then in regard to Russell I meant to say even though “he” is a rookie but said “his” instead. So, I again thank you for being kind and getting the gist of what I was saying. I do hope that the team does not roll over either and goes out there and battles tomorrow. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. There are so many things to comment on. I want Addison at ss going forward. I think someone said in the past that Baez was the best defensive ss of the three we have. If indeed that was said, I disagree. I want Addison there for the long term. Cespedes should not have been permitted to steal third. That was on Cahill. He paid absolutely no attention to the runner in that instance. You or I could have been successful with the jump Cespedes had, and I`m close to 70. Cahill got the punch out of that batter, but it proved disastrous when Miguel could not block the pitch and keep the ball in front of him. I blame Cahill again as he had just thrown two pitches prior which could easily have been wild pitches, were it not for Montero`s excellent defense. The Cubs do not have the pitching to compete with these Mets. Our outfield defense was exposed tonight. Both Soler and Schwarber are `works in progress` defensively. It was fortunate `the Hulk` made that catch in the first inning to prevent more damage. He overran the ball and made that play far more difficult than it should have been. Then he was not able to hold on to the ball he initially gloved late in the contest. Soler`s diving for that ball in right was a bad decision, as it permitted the ball to get by him and travel to the wall. He should have been conservative in that circumstance, and played the hop. As you correctly point out, so many of these players are rookies and are `learning on the go.` They`re gaining valuable experience for the time when we expect to be back in this situation in the future. We did not hit enough. Our two runs were the result of solo dingers. That will not get it done. Where were the hits strung together and stolen bases and small ball you so often invoke? Nowhere to be found. It proves once again that elite pitching will shut down offenses, no matter how remarkable those offenses are. We need to find elite pitchers. {This is off the subject , but I am baffled why TBS chose Ron Darling over Dennis Eckersley as analyst for this series. There is no contest betwixt the two if one is looking for `insightful commentary.`}

As Maddon says, veterans make mistakes, too.

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